Selling an Inherited House in Houston or Selling a House During Probate in Houston

Selling Inherited House With Realty Simplified, LLC

Don’t know the proper way to go about selling an inherited house in Houston? If this is the question bothering you, you must know – this process is not as tough as others will tell you!

We all know, an inappropriate house or property is more or less a ‘black sheep’ in a family. More than the essence of carrying forward your family’s legacy, this type of property proves to be a headache!

Have you inherited such a property and are wondering how to sell your inherited house in Houston? If yes, call us today and get rid of that property on probate. We at Realty Simplified, LLC will assist you in selling your inherited or probated house in Houston. The probate laws in Texas can be complicated. For normal citizens fulfilling all probate, formalities can get worse if they fail to hire a reliable lawyer. If you are thinking about selling your inherited house in Houston, Texas, just give us a call. We are well acquainted with the legal procedures and formalities involved in selling an inherited house, and can help your family in overcoming all the stresses of selling a house during probate in Houston. With our experience and expertise, we can fulfill all the formalities, legal procedures and help you in selling an inherited house in Houston within a couple of days.

Also, at once you decide to sell your inherited house in Houston, you must find out if whether your predecessor made an intestate or testate will! Our team of property experts and legal advisers will help you in the process and get you away from this dilemma.

Planning to Sell Inherited House? Try to Know the Type of Will

According to the probate process or property laws in Houston, Texas, there are two types of will – Testate and Intestate. Both the types have their own set of obligations. Here is how the court attribute both these wills:


In case your predecessor has left a valid will in the presence of his legal advisers (presence of legal advisers or consultants are not mandatory), it will be considered as a ‘Testate’. This type of will is self-explanatory and does not require much to get settled by the court.

Courts recognize this as a binding legal document and distribute everything in the will accordingly. To the max, an Executor or Executrix will be appointed to oversee the probate process of distributed inheritance and property.


In adverse cases, your predecessors might not leave behind a will. In such cases, the legal system (or probate) will take the whole control on the properties after their demise. Post taking control, the court will distribute the entire property according to the legal procedures imposed by the State Laws.

In these cases, you should hire a legal property consultant or property lawyer and draw up documents to locate everyone entitled to the property. Call us to skip all these complications and sell an inherited house within a few steps. Our team specializes in working the ‘Intestate’ wills. Once you find the will to be Intestate, let us know if you want to sell your inherited house and get rid of all the legal obligations and the array of complications associated with it!

Partner with Realty Simplified, LLC – Sell Your House Fast, Houston

Whether you are planning to sell your inherited house all by yourself or by teaming up with others, chances are you will face several issues! Completing the title work from home, hiring an agent for selling an inherited house, paying hefty commissions to estate agents, bearing the closing costs, and settling lawyer fees will surely take you for a toss!

Call us today and just say ‘buy my House in Houston!’; our experts will reach you in no time! Realty Simplified, LLC has extensive experience and has built relationships with title companies to get these transactions completed quickly and help you in selling an inherited house fast in Houston.

We know this type of situation is stressful and emotional for everyone involved. Let us provide compassionate guidance through the sale process and ensure your family the most money!

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