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When Simplified purchases a home, we purchase the property  AS-IS”, which means the homeowner doesn’t need to fix it or even clean it. We are looking for properties that need work or are significantly undervalued. At zero cost to the homeowner, we can help create the simplest transaction of your career by:

  • Buying otherwise hard to sell properties
  • Settling liens, code violations, or other title issues
  • Helping homeowners with creative solutions and terms
  • Taking care of environmental or structural problems
  • Paying cash, and closing in as little as X days
  • Helping you earn double commissions
  • Sending you short sale referrals
  • Increasing your volume with repeat business
  • Teaching you to spot “gold”, and how to do more business with investors



Download Our Buying Criteria

It’s Important To Note That We Are Not Traditional Buyers. We Are An Established Company That Professionally Purchases And Redevelops Distressed Or Undervalue Homes. That Means We Are Looking For Homes That Need Work, Have Serious Issues, Or Simply A Little Tlc.

When You Download Our Buying Criteria, You’ll Get The Specific Key Indicators We Look For When Buying Property. We’ll Also Share Our Proven Systems For Finding Distressed Property So You Can Start Becoming A Distressed Property Expert.
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Represent Us as a Buyer’s Agent

When You Bring Us The Listing For A Distressed Or Undervalued Home That We End Up Purchasing, You Represent Us As The Buyer’s Agent. This Benefits Both You And The Seller Because We Are Able To Offer Flexible Terms, A Quick Closing, And Cash Without Appraisals Or Repairs. Check Out More Benefits To Sellers By Clicking Here.


    Represent Us as a Seller’s Agent

    After We’ve Established A Relationship And You’ve Represented Us As A Buyer’s Agent, Many Agents Go On To Become Very Active Simplified Team Members And Listing Our Beautiful Finished Renovations. These Properties Have Almost Always Been Completely Remodeled From Nearly Top To Bottom, And Are Homes That Practically Sell Themselves.

    When You Become Well Versed In Our Buying Criteria, We Even Offer Joint Venture Opportunities And Free Training As A Distressed Property Specialist. This Can Add Up An Extremely Beneficial Repeat Relationship That You Can Build A Foundation On As An Agent Very Quickly, As We Are Looking To Complete 50 More Renovations This Year.

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    get our buying criteria


      (Single Family/Duplex/Quads)

      • Houses with deferred maintenance in desirable neighborhoods with good school districts!!!
        A few favorites: Westbury, Sharpstown, Energy Corridor, Katy, Spring, Cypress, Sugarland, Missouri City, Clear Lake, League City, Friendswood, Pasadena and La Porte.
      • Purchase Price = $50k-$400k (we prefer houses that are 2/3 of the median price point…not luxury, high-risk projects)
      • Single family houses, duplexes, quads / fourplexes
      • Location = The submarkets in the inner loop are desirable – 5th Ward, 3rd Ward, 2nd Ward, East End, OST and the University Area.
      • Condition = fixers! We want to turn Crappy to Happy.  We’re okay to do a quick close on a nicer property, but LOVE houses built after 1960 with good bones that are begging to be remodeled.
      • Profit Goal = 15% cash on cash returns on purchase price + improvements.  Nearly every deal we do is at least $35K profit (after ALL expenses: broker commission, cost of money, insurance, closing fees etc.)
      • *Ninja Tip*  We constantly monitor the MLS for day 1 fixer listings…but 95% of these deals turn into bidding wars with razor thin margins – no thank you.  The majority of our great deals come from savvy brokers via less competitive channels, for example: expiring listings, old/forgotten listings, mislabeled sq/ft, buyer couldn’t perform, houses ideal for additions, and existing relationship with owner (to name a few)

      If you have a lead, or deal that you’d like us to review
      please contact our office: 713-322-6553

      Distressed buildings with significant upside including: multi-tenant retail / strip / shopping centers (10k ft – 80k ft) and Class B or C apartments (6-80 units) priced between $500K – $5MM.  More specifically in order of importance:

              • A realistic seller; who understands their asset [in it’s current condition] isn’t worth pro-forma value
              • Priced below replacement cost (typically well under $100/ft).   Up to $6,000,000
              • High vacancy (at least 25-50% ideally)
              • Significantly below market rents
              • Buildings with deferred maintenance / physically obsolete
              • Desirable areas: strong traffic counts / employment
              • Prefer median Household income over $50k
              • Built before 1985

      Retail & Multifamily
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