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How Does Realty Simplifed, LLC Work

Selling your house is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. We understand you have a lot of questions and concerns. That’s great! It’s a good sign that you want to understand how working with a home investor company works.

When you work with Realty Simplified LLC, rest assured our entire process is easy, straightforward, and fast. If you are trying to prevent foreclosure or need to move by a hard date, time is of the essence. When selling in these conditions, you have no time to gamble on a realtor or hustle to put the house out on multiple listing services. Crossing your fingers that the house will sell by the date you need, and the price you need doesn’t work. It takes months to even get an offer, much less close and finalize a home sale. On top of the stress, you will have to pay a grasping real estate agent commission and cover steep closing costs out of your pocket.

Instead, why not sell your home, get cash in hand, all in 7 days or less? Realty Simplified,LLC entire process is 3 simple steps:


Call us now or fill out a free offer form to start. In 24 hours or less, our team processes your application and contacts you ASAP. During our initial phone conversation, we will ask for some background information about your house. We quickly understand your needs, pain points and goals for the transaction. In some instances, we are able to give you an offer over the phone. If not, we will schedule a time at your convenience to meet you at the property, and move forward selling your home.


We will make you a NO OBLIGATION, CASH, AS-IS OFFER on your property on site. There is no delay or waiting period. You know exactly how much you will get immediately! You will not pay for repairs, you will not pay realtor commissions, or hold your breath waiting for your house to sell on the market. You’ll know exactly when your house will sell and how much money you will get. Unlike other options, there are no hidden costs and no surprises.


After you accept the offer, we begin the closing process immediately. We can close on YOUR schedule. Whether you want to close in 7 days, or 45 days we are flexible and will do everything to work around your schedule. After closing, you receive the money. You and your family can move on to the next adventure in your life, all done!

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