Top 4 Areas You Tend To Overlook When Selling Your Home

Top 4 Areas You Tend To Overlook When Selling Your Home

Nakul Kongovi | December 2nd, 2016

When you are selling your home, only you know about the effort it takes to get everything right, before even listing it out in the market. From taking care of the minor repairs to cleaning each and every corner of the house, it surely is a meticulous task.

With so much hustle and bustle, it so happens that sometimes you tend to overlook a few areas. Such areas, though not significant enough to worry about, can still have a negative effect on your buyers. Let us have a look at some of those areas which you might be overlooking in your Houston home.


Garbage Disposal

A kitchen appliance that all of use everyday, and yet avoid cleaning it on a regular basis. Well, before selling your home, you need to clean it thoroughly. The junk thrown down the disposal everyday leaves a lot of residue that accumulates and causes a clear-cut foul smell eventually. And you wouldn’t want a buyer to wince at that smell when he visits your house right?

You can make use of dishwater soap and water to clean it once everyday. If that does not work, sealing it with baking soda and vinegar will surely do the trick. But do not forget to give it a quick rinse after letting the seal sit for a while.

Washing Machine

 Planning on selling a house with a washer and dryer included, you better make sure that they are clean and working properly. Sometimes chances are that a mildew may develop in the washer if you leave wet clothing in it for too long, and this may even affect its working condition. One of the most simplest ways to clean the washer is to  fill it with hot water, add a bit of detergent and run a complete wash. After finishing, just run another cycle with just the hot water.

If this doesn’t work, cleaning it with vinegar will surely help you get rid of the mildew. Before selling a house, it is important that you make sure the appliances you include are in perfect working conditions. You do not want them to be something a buyer can use against you when buying your home.


Just like your washing machine, if your dishwasher isn’t clean, it will not work properly. Just like mentioned earlier, you can easily clean your dishwasher by using vinegar. Fill a container with warm water and two cups of vinegar. Soak the dishwasher’s arm, grate and filter in the container and let it dry. Wipe down the inside of dishwasher and put the parts back before running a cycle with two cups of vinegar.

When you include such appliances along with your home, they can sometimes turn out to be a disadvantage for you. Thus before including such appliances, check their working condition and fix it, if needed.

Home Air Filter

DO NOT forget to replace your Home Air Filter. It is very important to replace them once in every month. Though some of them allow you to do this once in every three months, it is necessary to change it, especially when selling your home. The air filters are the ones which filter out all the pollutants and the allergens from air, thus allowing you to breathe in clean air and stay healthy.

 When you plan to sell your house fast, it is quite common that you might overlook a few areas. But if you make sure to give attention to some of the smallest details, you can surely avoid such mistakes. On the other hand, if you feel all this is a little bit too much to work on, you can sell your house with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition. Call us or drop a mail to get instant  offers on your home and too know more about how to sell your house fast in Houston.

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