Tips To Handle Home Inspection When Selling a Home

Tips To Handle House Inspection When Selling a Home

Tips To Handle Home Inspection When Selling a Home

Nakul Kongovi | December 29th, 2016

When selling your home, the last thing you would want is a home inspector to cause troubles or even break a fixture, just because you were not prepared for it. Almost 90% of the home buyers tend to hire professional home inspectors to have a closer look at your home, before deciding to buy it. You can thus speed up the entire  process by analyzing your home and taking the necessary steps, before or even during the inspection.

So what are these hot-spots that you need to consider during the home inspection, so that selling your home becomes easy? Let us look into a few of them.

Thorough Research

As a seller, it is very important that whatever name is suggested by the buyer for your house inspection, do a complete research on that inspector. Always make sure that the person inspecting the house is a certified professional who stays current. Make sure of his qualifications and the type of inspections he has done before, to get an idea on how the entire process will be handled. Because a house inspection is only as good as the inspector is!


Just going through the home inspection report to know what exactly happened during the inspection is not just enough to get the complete picture. You need to be  present in your house while the inspection is going on. Because if you don’t see it, you don’t understand it. As the inspection takes quite a bit of time, sometimes an entire morning or an afternoon, it is important that you make time for it before hand.

When selling a home, you often have to spend a lot of time tending to such issues, to make sure you sell house fast Houston.

“Read” The Report

Once you get the report, do not make the same mistake that the other sellers tend to do. Just glancing at the house inspection report before throwing it somewhere, is the same as not having an inspection done.

When you have a knowledgeable pro inspecting your house, the reports will be straight and easy to understand. In the form of photos with illustrations, these reports will point out the strengths, weaknesses, what’s wrong and what will it need, to be fixed.

Make sure that you go through the report thoroughly as these points will make a huge difference when you are selling your home.

Prep The House

When I say prep your house, I don’t mean that you need to make sure that all the issues such as leaks, cracks or clogged drains have to be fixed. Because you would have taken care of these before hand. But when an inspector visits the house, you need to be completely “prepared”. Do not make the inspector empty your closet to get into the attic. Or do not make the inspector to move certain things out of his way inside the house.

If you have a basement or a shed that is locked, make sure it is accessible when the inspector arrives. You do not go scrambling for the keys when he is waiting outside. Such small things usually tend to annoy the inspector, and this might have an impact on the report as well.

Prep The House

Presale Inspection

As a seller, never leave presale inspection to the buyers. Because when the buyers come for house inspection, you will absolutely have no time to complete the repairs and tend to other issues.

On the other hand, if you get your home inspected, before putting it out on the market, you get more time to get the repairs and other home related issues to be done with. And with some extra time in hand, you can surely bring down the cost as well.

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