Why Is Asking Price So Important When Selling a House In Houston?

Why Is Asking Price So Important When Selling a House In Houston?

Nakul Kongovi | December 08th, 2016

These days, selling a house in Houston really does test your patience and tolerance level. The growing number of sellers, fussy buyers and the agents with their money minting minds, are sure to drive you crazy, especially when you want to sell your house in the middle of this chaos.

With so many things to take care of, one of the first things you will think about is the price. How much should you sell your house for? But before you think of answering this question, you need to understand why is the asking price so important while selling your house. Let us see more on how asking price acts as a useful tool to sell your house fast.

It Attracts and Repels Buyers

You can find buyers at every point of the price spectrum in a real estate market. The asking price of your home will either attract these buyers or repels them. At a higher price, you are sure to catch the attention of the high end buyers (you will be repelling the low end buyers), and a pretty low price will attract the low-price buyers.

It is a good thing that certain set of buyers are repelled by the price of your home, as you don’t want to be wasting your time trying to sell your house to buyers with no intention of buying.

It Discloses Information

When selling a house in Houston, the asking price of your house reveals a lot of information to the buyers. For example, if your house is in neighborhood where the average price is $150,000, and your asking price is $80,000, it obviously says that your home needs some repairs, or that you are trying to sell your fast.

On the other hand, if you price your home at $200,000 in the same locality, it might clearly say that your home is far more superior than the other houses.

It Is The Starting Point For Negotiations

 You would be probably know that it is close to impossible to sell your house at exactly the asking price. Whether your house is priced at the higher end or at a lower end, negotiations between the seller and the buyer will always be there. Your asking price is usually that starting point from where the negotiations begin with. Though you wouldn’t want to come down from your asking price, the buyers too work on getting your house for as low price as possible.

Don’t make the mistake of standing firm on your asking price by saying a complete NO to the negotiations, because they are very important while selling your house as the buyer would immediately lose interest on the house when he gets to know that you are not open for negotiations.

Why Is Asking Price So Important When Selling a House In Houston?

Getting cash or your house in Houston is not a simple job, especially when the buyers are fussy and they have tonnes of other options to choose from in the same neighborhood. Thus a perfect asking price will certainly be an added advantage for you to sell your house fast among other highly competitive properties. But this is not the only way to sell! If you are confused about what your asking price should be, or if you want to sell 4 your house fast Houston by skipping all these procedures, you can get cash for your house inn Houston from us. At Realty Simplified LLC, we buy houses Houston, under any condition and we offer you the best price in the market. Get in touch with us to know more about how selling a house in Houston can be very easy!

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    5 Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Sell Your House

    5 Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Sell Your House

    Nakul Kongovi |November 24th, 2016

    So, seems like we have a bit of a situation here. Selling your house has been very difficult. It just won’t sell! You listed the house, put a decent enough price two months ago, and though the price was comparable to the other houses on sale in the area, offers have not come in. Your agent suggested lowering the price a bit so that potential buyers come in. Not a single offer yet.

    As a seller, when such things happen, it gets really annoying and frustrating. But don’t worry, your house is not going to sit in the market forever. The reason that it is still not sold is that you have not taken care of a few things. Let us know more about those reasons responsible for you facing difficulty while selling your house.

    You are Over Confident

    One advantage of being in a seller’s market is that your house will certainly be sold for a very good price, irrespective of its condition. But the story is not the same everyday. At certain times, the homeowners and the agents get so overconfident about this fact that, they tend to ease out a bit, or neglect the house which is on sale.

    You are over confident

    No matter what the state of the market is, DO NOT stop giving attention to your home. Staging it, taking care of its curb appeal regularly, looking out for other minor repairs in the house, are some of the things you need to keep in mind when selling your house.

    Your House Is In No Condition For Sale

    Sometimes, buyers just don’t feel like buying your home, just because it does not have that appeal. It can be the bright pink bedroom walls, the broken bathroom tiles, untidy storage room, or anything else that gives a bad vibe to the buyer. You may not notice them, or sometimes you may ignore these small things. But keep in mind that such factors are the ones which really have an impact on the buyer.

    Your House Is In No Condition For Sale

    A little bit of time and money is all it takes to fix such things which might be driving away the buyers. If you are not sure about what exactly you need to do, visit a few other houses on sale in your neighbourhood. You will surely get an idea of what you are up against.

     There Is a Problem With the Documents

    One of the main reason, a house won’t sell is because there is some problem with the documents of the house. Usually when a buyer sees that your documents are not perfect, it usually spooks him out and they immediately back out.
    Is A Problem With The Documents

    It can be a paid-off mortgage that is still showing up, the mechanic’s lien that was files for work done on the house, or anything similar which can lead to the buyers deciding to skip your home. Your agent will help you out on what you need to do for your documents before you put up your house for sale in the market.

    Your Home Has Not Been Marketed Well

     Although you want to stay free from all the marketing responsibilities of selling your home by handing over everything to the agent, it is not advisable to do so. Poor marketing might be one of the reasons why your home is still in the market, because most of them don’t know that it is on sale!

    Your Home Has Not Been Marketed Well

    Flyers, advertisements on newspapers and magazines, social media and television are some of the means which you need to make use of to market your home in a competitive real estate market.

    Your Agent Doesn’t Really Care

    Sometimes there is absolutely nothing wrong with home: It is priced right, ad maintained perfectly as well. But it might be your agent who could be driving people away from your home. He might not be taking care of the listings, and could even be misleading you in some aspects of selling your home! t is important that you take extra care while selecting your agent, as he is going to be one of the crucial factors for you to sell your house fast Houston.


    As your front-line representative, an agent with explicit social skills and a good personality is the kind whom you actually need.

    The simplest solutions are always the right ones. By incorporating these simple changes, you can easily sell your house fast Houston. But if you don’t have time to make these changes, and you need to sell a house real quick,contact Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston and offer quick cash, irrespective of the condition of the house. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how to get cash for your house in Houston

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      Most Common House Flipping Mistakes In Houston

      Most Common House Flipping Mistakes In Houston

      Nakul Kongovi | September 8th, 2016

      Are you among those who think house flipping is cool as hell and is an ideal money making source? Well, if yes then you must be very well versed with the loopholes involved in house flipping or flipping homes! And if not, you must know about some of the most common mistakes while flipping homes!

      Even though house flipping sounds a profitable business, you must be extremely careful while investing your money on a house. Buying with one hand and then selling with the other might not always prove to be beneficial! Here are some of the common mistake agents commit while house flipping:

      1. Over Ambitious While House Flipping:

      The real estate market might look like a hot money bowl to the outsiders. Buy house from someone, sell it to someone else and make huge profit out of it! Well, this is nothing but a notion of the outsiders.
      Real estate market is extremely fragile, and you never know when things can turn against you! Finding someone who is ready to say ‘I want to sell my house Houston’, an experience house flipper agent will take his time to analyze and examine. On the other hand, someone who is new to house flipping might consider it as a spot deal and invest in it. God forbid, but if the market graph gets unfavorable, he can lose his fortune over that deal!

      2. House Flipping by Hiring Low Cost Services:

      At times, the agents who are into house flipping in Houston, after buying a new property, needs to get it sell-ready. For every seller who approaches them saying ‘sell my house Houston’, they might not have a house in perfect condition!
      And to sell an imperfect house, it might take longer than the expected time. In order to fix the recently bought house, a flipper must get it done. While hiring labors to fix the house, most of the flippers assume, hiring low cost services will result in a lesser amount! Well, this is not at all true! Hiring low cost services make things tougher; they take longer time, resulting in multiple cost to sell house fast Houston.

      3. Lack of Judgement While House Flipping:

      This is one of the most dreadful situation among the house flippers! Most of the flippers while flipping homes, fails to estimate the investment on their recent purchase. And in order to sell house fast Houston, they might end up spending or investing more than what is required.
      This may not have an instant effect, but in the long run, when they will put that house for sale, buyer might not be ready to pay extra cost for that house. For the house flipping agents, they must; in fact, always, estimate the additional costs required properly whenever a client approaches them and says ‘I want to sell my house Houston’; better judgement results in better profits!

      4. House Flipping with Over Confidence:

      This usually happens with the newcomers! Every house flipping agents, before they buy a new house, they study it thoroughly and estimates the time required to sell house fast Houston. The more efficiently they calculate the time, the more profits they can make from it!
      However, for the newbies in house flipping, they mostly concentrate on getting the house sale-ready. And to achieve this, they become adamant in spending cash to make the house sale-ready. House flipping is a matter of experience and foreseeing; being over confident on selling a house might lead to nowhere!

      As already said, house flipping requires knowledge and talent to forecast the market! In case any of the house flipping agents approach you to sell your house, it will be wise for you to not sale your house with them. Rather, you can sell your house directly with cash buyers like Realty Simplified, LLC.

      We buy houses in Houston at the fastest speed and within a few steps. Call us or drop us a mail to know more about how we buy houses in Houston or how you can sell your house with us in Houston!

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        Most Effective Ways To Sell Your House Fast

        Nakul Kongovi | August 31st, 2016

        Sell your house fast in Houston with some of the most common and effective ways! Find Houston house buyers for your house by following some of the easiest steps, and sell house fast, Houston. These ways are not only easy to follow, but have been proved as the most effective ways to sell a house fast or persuade the buyers to buy house in Houston.

        Here are five of the sure shot ways to sell a house fast in Houston; in fact, they can be used in any corner of the world:

         1. Sell Your House Fast by Quoting It Right:

        The span of your house on sale depends on the price tag you bestow on your house. In most of the cases, it has been seen that house owners, while setting the price of their house, prefers to quote a price that would sound beneficial to them.

        Most Effective Ways To Sell Your House Fast144

        They however, tend to forget that buyers also do their own research before they buy houses in Houston. And when they also have a clear idea about the market trend, quoting higher price for your house will surely make it hard for you to attract Houston house buyers. Put a price tag that is justified; neither too high nor too less, to sell your house faster than others.

        2. Staging Will Help to Sell Your House Fast:

        Imagine yourself as a buyer who want to buy house in Houston! Would you ever buy a house that fails to attract you? If not, then how can you expect buyers to opt for your house when it is not all attractive?

        Most Effective Ways To Sell Your House Fast145

        To sell a house faster, you must prepare it well. Stage it in such a way, the first look itself can persuade the buyers. Make it move-in ready; repaint it, fix the major and minor breakages, do the lawn, clean the corridors, remove the broken mailbox, et. Fix all these to attract buyers who are looking for a house that can be occupied without any worries or hassles.

        3. Stay Committed to Sell Your House Fast:

        Once you list your house with any of the property listing sites, you would start receiving queries about it. Even though the number can’t be estimated, but buyers will surely enquire about your house. They will in fact, call you and ask for a time to visit your house.

        Most Effective Ways To Sell Your House Fast146

        Well, as you happen to receive calls wherein buyers ask for a time slot you are comfortable with, you shouldn’t take it as granted. Rather than giving them time of your choice, ask them about their preference. Complying with the buyers will not only portray you as a committed owner, but will also help you to gain their trust.

        4. Sell Your House Fast by Offering Incentives:

        Incentives can reduce the span of your house in the market. They can be ideal alternatives to cut down the listed price on your house.

        Most Effective Ways To Sell Your House Fast147

        While selling your house, offers incentives or discounts in the decorating allowance, offer the buyers a one-year insurance on the construction, or other similar incentives.

        5.  A Low Profile Can Help to Sell Your House Fast:

        Believe it or not, but it is true that maintaining a low profile can help you a lot in selling your house. Buyers, usually, expect a seller to be in some urgent need or facing some sort of dire circumstances.

        Most Effective Ways To Sell Your House Fast148

        As you get a visit from a buyer, try maintaining a low profile. Answer all their questions in the humblest way, give them time to explore the house the way they want, and sell your house quicker than others.

        You can also sell your Houston house fast with Realty Simplified, LLC. We buy houses in Houston at any given condition. Call us or drop us a mail to know more about our process.

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