5 Reasons Why Holidays Are The Perfect Time For Selling Your House

5 Reasons Why Holidays Are The Perfect Time For Selling Your House

Nakul Kongovi | January 24th, 2017

Most of you out there who are planning on selling your house during holidays may have heard an earful from everybody around you! People don’t buy houses during holidays, you wouldn’t get enough time, the real estate market is down during this time of the year and etc etc etc. But based on a study by Redfin, houses that were listed from Dec 21 through March 21 had a 9%-10% better chances of selling, when compared to the houses that were listed later. And these stats just prove that the biggest myth in the real estate market about holiday season, is just a misconception.

So this holiday season, if you have planned to sell house fast Houston, get out there, put your house on the list and work towards getting it sold for its value.

Two Targets With a Single Arrow

One of the best things about selling a home during holidays is the decorations. While you decorate your home for the holidays, you can use the same as an advantage to stage your house in front of your buyers. The icing on the cake is that when you do this right, your buyers will find it really hard to reject your house.

Less Competition

As most people prefer to sell their house during the warmer months, selling your house during winters can turn out to be a huge advantage for you.

Less Competition

With a limited number of choices, buyers will be on the lookout for the best out of the very few ones available. And when you do everything right, you can easily sell house fast Houston in the holiday season.

Bad Weather Is Your Best Buddy 

“How do I sell my house Houston in such a bad weather?” This is a major concern for most of the sellers trying to sell their home during the holiday season. But little do they know that bad weather can actually help them sell house fast Houston!

Your buyers actually appreciate this month as it allows them to see your home at times when it is more prone to harsh weather conditions. And if your house can pass this test, buyers will be more than assured that your house is indeed a good buy.

The Dates

Selling your house during holidays allows you to have automatic days off from having to show your home. No home buyer would attend an open house on Christmas or New Year’s eve.

The Dates

This gives you an advantage of time, during which you can enjoy your Christmas and at the same time prepare for the upcoming business days.

Motivated buyers

While selling your house during holidays, one thing you might notice is that the number of buyers is comparatively low. But nothing to worry about, because what lacks in numbers is made up in motivation. After all, these buyers are spending their gala time looking for houses instead of taking time away from all the stress. They are certainly not messing around,which is a very good sign for you as a seller because you know they are ready and wanting to buy.

Don’t listen to the hunks out there who say that selling your house is impossible during holiday season. Do what is right for your home and watch it sell for a very good price.

If you are still not sure of going forward, but yet need to sell house fast Houston, call Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston at any time of the year and offer fast cash in return. Get in touch with us to know more about how to sell your house in Houston.

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    Home Improvement – Tips For Doing It The Right Way

    Home Improvement – Tips For Doing It The Right Way

    Nakul Kongovi | September 19th, 2016

    Is redoing my garage a good idea for Home Improvement? What about investing on a beautiful backyard pool? And how about carpeting the entire house? If you are planning to renovate your house before selling it, you may be asking yourself such questions. But when we talk about home improvement techniques, you need to know what exactly you are doing. Having an idea about what techniques will add to the curb appeal and which ones harm it, will help you in selling your house quicker.

    If you are new to the idea of renovation, and you are confused as to what is good for your home and what is not, follow these dos and dont’s to ensure that you spend your money on some valuable home improvement techniques for your home.

    Home Improvement Always Starts with the Kitchen:

    Most of the experts agree that renovating your kitchen should be the first thing on your home improvement techniques list. Considered the heart of a home, most buyers, when they visit your home, expect the kitchen to be clean and updated.


    A couple of dollars spent on upgrading to stainless steel appliances, replacing the kitchen faucet sets, adding new cabinet doors and handles, etc. can actually make a huge difference when you are selling your house.

    Bathrooms- An Important Aspect for Home Improvements:

    Right after the kitchen, bathrooms are the next important rooms to add on to your home improvement list. A bathroom with dirty floors, old toilet and a dingy shower is an absolute turn-off when the buyers visit your home. So, it is very important to improve your bathroom, and you can do so without actually spending much cash.


    Simple things like new toilet seat and a pedestal sink are quite easy to install, and they are of great value for an affordable price. You can also consider replacing the floor with easy-to-apply vinyl tiles, re-glazing the tubs and adding proper lighting in order to upgrade the bathroom of your house without spending a lot of money.

    Go Green with your Home Improvement:

    In the recent years the demand for green housing has gone up substantially. Having a house which keeps the heat out during the summer months, and in during the colder months, will certainly help you in selling your house quickly. Making your house energy efficient is the next big thing that should be on your home improvement techniques list.


    You can start of with small changes such as using energy efficient equipment and proper insulation in every room. Solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems and Eco-friendly lighting are some of the bigger things you can concentrate on, if you are willing to spend some money.

    Home Improvement – Avoid Over the Top Lighting

    Expensive chandeliers, pendant lighting for the kitchen and over the top table lamps are some of the things you might think of buying for your house in order to impress the buyers. But investing on such expensive accessories may not be a good idea because the buyer may end up finding it a little too much.


    As bright lighting is a must have when selling your house, you can always opt for subtle or recessed lighting, which makes the room or the hall look bright and pleasant at the same time. This is one important home improvement technique which you need to keep in mind.

    Home Improvement – Avoid Carpeting the Entire House:

    You might have that idea of carpeting your house to make it look more classy. Well, drop it right now! Most people today prefer natural hardwood flooring over carpeted floors. When selling your house, you need to keep in mind that buyers want to see your house clean and tidy. A carpet on the floor makes the whole cleaning process a tiring business, where as it is always easier with wooden flooring.


    Your buyers would not want to face the same grueling cleaning ritual when they buy your house. So, it is always better to stick to natural wooden flooring. For your home improvement, you can make use of engineered wood which is a 100% natural wood, and is easy on your pocket as well.

    There are multiple options out there for you to renovate your home and add value to it. But keep in mind that, spending too much on certain stuffs which might actually not impress the buyers, is not a good idea. Instead keep it simple and put your efforts into small details to make you home more appealing to your buyers. If you are planning to sell your house, and don’t have time to do all these renovations, get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses in Houston under any condition. All you need to do is contact us, and we will have our experts at your doorstep. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how to sell your house quickly for cash in Houston.

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      Best Way To Get Houston House Buyers

      Best Way To Get Houston House Buyers

      Nakul Kongovi | August 24th, 2016

      Finding potential Houston house buyers can get tiresome while selling a home! Also, owing to the fact – you can’t afford to spend much time searching for potential house buyers, you should stop searching for Houston house buyers and sell your house with either a ‘Realtor‘ or ‘Home Investor‘.

      But then, both of these come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out which of these two you should opt for while selling a home:

      Q: Who is a Realtor?

      Best Way To Get Houston House Buyers78

      A member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a realtor is an expert who assists clients in the real estate market. Be it buying a house or selling a home, finding plots, or any other services that involves property dealing, a realtor is the person who can fulfil all the requirements.

      Advantages of Selling a Home with Realtors:

      1. They Knows the Market and Can Sell House Fast:
        Being well acquainted with the market trends, a realtor can help you to find the right group of Houston house buyers and sell house fast.
      2. They Can Negotiate While Selling a Home:
        A real estate agent knows how to negotiate with the buyers. Selling a home with their assistance can get your bankable deals while selling a home.
      3. Expert Guidance While Selling a Home:
        With their experience in the real estate industry, they can guide you through the entire process of selling a home while keeping your goals and objectives fixed.
      4. Better Options to Sell House Fast:
        While listing or selling a home with a realtor, you can always expect better contacts, which in turn can result into better deals from Houston house buyers.

      Disadvantages of Selling a Home with Realtors:

      1. A Realtor Charges You:
        Settling a realtor’s commission can get irksome at times.
      2. Repair Works and Lot More to Sell House Fast:
        Listing a house with the realtors also means that you make it sale-ready. Repair works and other fixations can dig a hole in your wallet.
      3. Uncertain Duration to Sell House:
        Selling a home with a realtor never promises you a fixed sale-duration. You can get Houston house buyers within a week or have to wait for a couple of months.
      4. Loads of Paper Works to SellHouse:
        While planning to sell house with a realtor, you have to complete all paper works by yourself; it can be a tiring process.

      Q: Who is a Home Investor?

      A home investor is the one who purchase houses or properties directly from the owners with his/her own intentions.

      Best Way To Get Houston House Buyers79

      Advantages of Selling a Home with Home Investor:

      1. You Can Sell House Fast:
        With a home investor, you don’t have to wait for any Houston house buyers; they buy a home directly from the owners.
      2. Spot Cash Offer to Sell House:
        While selling a home with a home investor, you can always expect spot cash offers on your house or property.
      3. No Repairing or Other Such Costs to SellHouse:
        A home investor buys a house ‘AS IS’; you don’t have to worry about getting things repaired or fixed while selling a home.
      4. Less Paper Works to Sell House:
        Even if paper works are required to complete the process of selling a home, a home investor takes all the responsibilities; you will be free from all legal procedures.

      Disadvantages of Selling a Home with Home Investors:

      Compared to a realtor, selling a house with a home investor promises almost zero disadvantages. However, at times, you might not be able to get retail price on your house.

      Well, if you decide to sell house with a home investor like Realty Simplified, LLC, you don’t have to keep searching for Houston house buyers. We buy houses in Houston; call us or get in touch today to know more about how you can sell your house fast in Houston with us.

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        Selling A House? Avoid These Home Improvement Myths

        Nakul Kongovi | June 29, 2016

        If you are one of the property owners, and is planning to sell your house, here are some of the most common home improvement myths that should be avoided by you:


        Though this sounds true for an instance, it can have a grave impact while selling a house in practical life! Let’s assume your house has 2 smaller and separate bedrooms, but while planning to sell your house, you happen to combine them to have a larger bedroom. Well, combining both the bedrooms might result in a bigger bedroom, but what if your client’s or the property buyer’s requirement is a house with only 2 smaller bedrooms?
        Break free this common myth of remodeling a property before selling your house and contact Realty Simplified, LLC. We buy houses in Houston at lighting speed. Give us a call or drop a mail to sell your house without any repair or remodeling works to your house.


        While selling a house, it might require a few of the minor as well as major repair works. As seen in most of the cases, when the repairs are minor, house owner himself takes care of them. However, at times, these repairs can go beyond minor level and needs only an expert to be fixed! Assuming you can fix even the major repairs might worsen things even more!

        Well, as already said, at Realty Simplified, LLC, we buy any houses; we buy houses in Houston in any given condition, you can let us know when you are planning to sell your house. Selling a house with us will not only get you the best price in the market, but will also allow you to sell your house effortlessly.


        Almost we all have the notion that added number of amenities can make a property more appealing among the buyers. However, this is nothing, but a common myth among the house sellers who craves to make their property or houses look more attractive or appealing among the buyers.
        Adding an additional swimming pool or a tennis court to your house before putting it up for sale can have negative impact on the buyers! Maintaining such amenities or added features require a lot of hard work, time and monetary patience; not every buyer will prefer to invest on something that requires further investment! Well, to overcome these type of situations, you can always call Realty Simplified, LLC; we buy any houses under any given condition.



        More than the look of the house, it is the feel or its essence that can captivate a buyer. For example, latest trend includes using tiles, wallpapers, mattresses that are chic, cozy and extremely expensive. On the other hand, if most of the customers are looking for houses with just a contemporary outlook, your property or house can disappoint them or not fit their requirement.
        Avoid all these jargons while planning to sell your house and call Realty Simplified, LLC. We buy houses in Houston; we offer spot cash and close the deal within only seven days.

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