Steps To Take If Your Home Loan Is Denied

Steps To Take If Your Home Loan Is Denied

As a home buyer, the worst thing that you can wake up to is your home loan application getting denied. You are left wondering how something like this could happen and you have no idea what to do next. But you need to know that it is quite inevitable for all the potential home buyers to get approved for mortgage. So before you start panicking and fretting over your home loan rejection, know about the various reasons why mortgages are denied and what steps you can take to correct yourself, and get back to a position to get a home loan.

Find Why?

Why were you denied? What were the factors which led to your denial for credit? These are a few questions you need answers for. The law makes it mandatory for all the credit providers to tell you the reason for the loan denial. It also mandates that this should be done in writing and given within 30 days of the denial.

Once you know the reason as to why your credit was denied, work on it and correct it, so that you can successfully obtain home loan, without repeating the same mistakes in the future.

Look for other programs

Whether you are buying or selling a home, there are a number of opportunities for you in the market. Just because your mortgage application was rejected at one place does not mean that there are no other chances. If you get turned down for a home loan, try and look out for other programs which may work for you.

If you are turned down by a mortgage company, you can always consider talking to a couple of different vendors. Especially the local lenders, who unlike the nationwide mortgage companies, have a better idea of how the local real estate market works in your particular state.

Steps To Take If Your Home Loan Is Denied

Credit score Monitoring

One of the most common reasons for home loan denials is the various issues associated with the buyers credit and it is very important that you monitor these credit scores. As a home buyer, one reason why you need to monitor your credit score is because the higher a buyer’s credit score, the lower your interest rate will be.

Though different lenders have different mortgage guidelines, there is a particular credit minimum score that most of them will require. And most of the guidelines to be followed will be similar as well.

Save Money

A mistake that most of the home buyers tend to do is that, once they are rejected for their home loan, they just don’t save any money. These buyers think that there is no reason to save any more money.

You need to understand that every person selling a home, or buying a home in the market cannot get mortgage instantly. But this doesn’t mean that you stop preparing for the future.

Irrespective of whether you are selling a home or buying one, you will definitely face certain complications. These complications are relatively more if you are new to the market and you don’t know what you have to do when buying a house or selling a home. But with proper guidance and some basic knowledge, you can easily buy a house or sell your house fast Houston.

We at Realty Simplified LLC, offer the best price for your home. We buy house Houston under any condition and offer quick cash in return. Selling a house in Houston is as easy as it gets. Call us or drop a mail, to know more about how to sell your house fast Houston.

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    5 Best-Kept Secrets To Sell House Fast Houston

    5 Best-Kept Secrets To Sell House Fast Houston

    Nakul Kongovi | December 16th, 2016

    Selling a home can sometimes get really tough, especially when you don’t give attention to some of the small details which actually play a huge part in the entire process. So what are these details that you need to take care of? Let us dig a little deeper to reveal the secret.

     Set The Price Right Before Selling Your  Home

     If you go wrong here, even if you do everything else right, selling your house will end up as an impossible task to achieve. It is very important that you set the right price for your home depending on your market and the condition of your property.

    Once you know the exact value of your home, cut it down by 15%-20%. So when you present your property in the market with this revised price, you are sure to have quite a number of buyers bidding each other out in the process. The price will even go higher than the actual worth of your home. Although this is one of the most effective strategy in today’s market, not all sellers take up the risk of reducing the price of their property.

    Selling Your Home With The Right Agent

    One of the main reasons why your sale might go horribly is because you might be working with the wrong agent. It is very important that you choose an agent who is willing to put maximum effort to make selling your home an easy job. An experienced agent who knows the market well, knows how the MLS work, and also knows how to stage your house depending on the other houses on sale in the neighborhood, is the best bet for you to sell house fast Houston.

    At the same time, don’t be completely dependent on the agent to do all your works. Put in some effort of your own, reach out to your friends and relatives and spread the word about your home as far as possible.


    Don’t Over Upgrade

     Change is always a good thing. But when there are too many good things, it becomes difficult to handle them. A couple of changes here and there in your house will actually make a huge difference when you are selling it. But please avoid an entire overhaul! Don’t make hasty decisions which may not at all be necessary, because these decisions might actually drive the buyers away as well.

    A quick repaint to make your house look fresh, replacing the old curtains, mats and bulbs, and some small fixes in places like kitchen and bathroom are some of such fixes that you need to take care of when selling a home.

     Make Sure Your Pets Are Not Around

     Your cuddly dog might be the one to cheer you up in your home, but not everyone are comfortable around dogs, cats or any pet animal for that matter. Such buyers would certainly grimace if they walk into your home and see a bowl full of dog food, or a tuft of pet hair stuck to the door mat. So when you are expecting few potential buyers to visit your home n a particular day, make sure that you leave your pets at a relative’s house or even a friend’s house.

    Make sure to check that the house is clean of pet hair, and that the place doesn’t have that pet smell lingering around. Such things might end up as a huge blow to your plans to sell house fast Houston.

    Know How To Sell Your Home By Impressing

    Don’t get so busy setting things right inside your home that you forget about the outside of the home completely. When selling a home, it is important that you take care of both the exteriors and the interiors at the same time. Because no matter how your interiors look, a badly trimmed lawn or bushes that are not taken care of, will immediately put a negative thought in the minds of Houston home buyers. Do not ever ruin your first impression because it is this first impression which decides the fate of the deal most of the times.

    Even when you make sure that you take care of the smallest and smallest things, sometimes it takes a really long time before a buyer is interested in your house. But if you are in a hurry and you want to sell your fast, get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition, and offer quick cash in return. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how to sell house fast Houston.

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      Why Is Asking Price So Important When Selling a House In Houston?

      Why Is Asking Price So Important When Selling a House In Houston?

      Nakul Kongovi | December 08th, 2016

      These days, selling a house in Houston really does test your patience and tolerance level. The growing number of sellers, fussy buyers and the agents with their money minting minds, are sure to drive you crazy, especially when you want to sell your house in the middle of this chaos.

      With so many things to take care of, one of the first things you will think about is the price. How much should you sell your house for? But before you think of answering this question, you need to understand why is the asking price so important while selling your house. Let us see more on how asking price acts as a useful tool to sell your house fast.

      It Attracts and Repels Buyers

      You can find buyers at every point of the price spectrum in a real estate market. The asking price of your home will either attract these buyers or repels them. At a higher price, you are sure to catch the attention of the high end buyers (you will be repelling the low end buyers), and a pretty low price will attract the low-price buyers.

      It is a good thing that certain set of buyers are repelled by the price of your home, as you don’t want to be wasting your time trying to sell your house to buyers with no intention of buying.

      It Discloses Information

      When selling a house in Houston, the asking price of your house reveals a lot of information to the buyers. For example, if your house is in neighborhood where the average price is $150,000, and your asking price is $80,000, it obviously says that your home needs some repairs, or that you are trying to sell your fast.

      On the other hand, if you price your home at $200,000 in the same locality, it might clearly say that your home is far more superior than the other houses.

      It Is The Starting Point For Negotiations

       You would be probably know that it is close to impossible to sell your house at exactly the asking price. Whether your house is priced at the higher end or at a lower end, negotiations between the seller and the buyer will always be there. Your asking price is usually that starting point from where the negotiations begin with. Though you wouldn’t want to come down from your asking price, the buyers too work on getting your house for as low price as possible.

      Don’t make the mistake of standing firm on your asking price by saying a complete NO to the negotiations, because they are very important while selling your house as the buyer would immediately lose interest on the house when he gets to know that you are not open for negotiations.

      Why Is Asking Price So Important When Selling a House In Houston?

      Getting cash or your house in Houston is not a simple job, especially when the buyers are fussy and they have tonnes of other options to choose from in the same neighborhood. Thus a perfect asking price will certainly be an added advantage for you to sell your house fast among other highly competitive properties. But this is not the only way to sell! If you are confused about what your asking price should be, or if you want to sell 4 your house fast Houston by skipping all these procedures, you can get cash for your house inn Houston from us. At Realty Simplified LLC, we buy houses Houston, under any condition and we offer you the best price in the market. Get in touch with us to know more about how selling a house in Houston can be very easy!

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        Home Staging – Tips To Sell Your House Fast

        Nakul Kongovi | November 2nd, 2016

        Home staging can be an effective way of selling a house across any corners of the globe! Though most of the owners ignore this aspect; either they hire an estate agent or try to sell house fast Houston on their own, they can easily sell their house by staging it.

        Unlike other tips and tricks to sell your house, house staging is extremely easy and can be achieved by paying a small attention. If you are planning to sell your house in Houston or in any corner of the world, you must know and understand the importance of staging your house. And to make house staging easy for you, here are some of the expert advices that will help you understand the importance of house staging and how to do it effectively!

        # Why You Are Not Able To Sell House Fast, Houston:

        Your house might be in the perfect shape and order, but then, at times, you might not get the expected price for your house! In extreme cases, you might not even get an offer on your house! Ever wondered why?


        Well, if you are going through this, you must reconsider looking back at the interior of your house, and rearrange them in an orderly way.

        In other cases, your house may not lack any utilities, commodities, furnishings, etc., but still, it is not capable of attracting potential buyers. This is probably happening as your house is cluttered up, scuffed up, lacks space, or is filled with mismatched interiors.

        In any of the cases, you won’t be able to sell your house. In other words, your house won’t be able to attract the buyers; even if you are ready to say ‘I want to sell my house’, you won’t find any buyers in Houston!

        # How to Get Started With Home Staging:

        Home staging usually begins with you deciding out a list of interiors and other stuffs that you think can add up to the look and appeal of your house. While preparing this list, you need to be careful and may have to avoid a lot of your old belongings! To note here, while preparing this list, you have to overlook your emotions or attachments with some of your belongings that have been there with you since you shifted to that house.


        Also, while de-cluttering your house; or home staging, you must remove the family portraits or photographs. These can restrict the potential buyers to imagine themselves in your house or get connected with the house; as a result, you might end up losing the deal! As a replacement, you can out some neutral or heartwarming photographs on the wall to make your house look more colorful and attractive as well.

        Secondly, you must hire an interior designer or an expert who can help you in restoring your house, and make it more appealing. They are the ones, who can make your house look spacious, bring in an elegant look, and make it look ready to occupy.

        # What Are The Chances To Sell Your House After Home Staging:

        According to the research and studies, a properly staged home attracts large number of buyers. Compared to a usual house, a staged house can be sold 8-10% faster.


        Even though home staging requires some efforts, costs, and maintenance changes, it helps in selling a house faster than a non-staged house. If you are planning to sell your house fast in Houston, you must learn the tips and trick of staging your house even before listing it with an estate agent or even in any of the property selling portals!

        Well, for the home owners who want to sell their houses fast, but don’t have time to undergo all these, they can sell their houses directly with Realty Simplified, LLC. We buy houses in Houston at lightning fast speed, and give spot cash offers on houses. Give us a call or drop a mail to know about how you can sell house fast Houston with us!

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          Things To Do Before Signing A Lease Agreement

          Things To Do Before Signing A Lease Agreement

          Nakul Kongovi | October 12th, 2016

          Renting a wrong house can be as painful as falling into a man-hole! Adding more to this, if the landlord or landlady turns out to be a nightmare; your life will surely become hell!

          But then, you simply cannot decide whether the house is a good choice or not or how will be the landlord or landlady after you move in! However, there are several other ways that can answer all your queries even before you move-in into a house. Here are some of the questions or things to do that you should follow before entering into a lease agreement; make a good choice and live happily!

          1. Read and Understand the Lease:

          Real estate agreements, at times, have some hidden terms and conditions. Decoding these terms and conditions is not as easy as it might sound to common citizens as they are written either by law practitioners or hardcore estate guys!

          Before entering into any agreement, make sure you know how to decipher these coded conditions and understand all the terms. Not having a proper knowledge and idea about all the mentioned terms and conditions can give you tough times later.

          2. Avoid Agreements that Are Common Everywhere:

          Most of the house owners intend to use the same template while fixing a lease agreement. Well, the problem with a common lease agreement is that most of them come with pre-decided dates, pre-assumed conditions, and a predefined set of restrictions.

          Avoid signing such agreements! Make sure the agreement that you sign do not sound just like the agreement your neighbor signed. In short, your lease agreement should have the landlord or landlady’s name, your details, all contact details, information about the house, the rent amount, and other such important info.

          3. Check for a Severability Clause in the Agreement:

          Having a severability clause within the lease agreement can save you from disasters! It not only allows you keep the contract intact, but also allows you to remove any conditions that do not fit you in the future or sound illegal. With a severability clause, you can specifically remove a certain condition without affecting the other terms and conditions.

          4. Go Through the State Property Laws:

          As property laws vary from state to state, you need to be extra cautious while signing a lease agreement! Make sure, you are well acquainted with your state property laws. If required, you can consult with an attorney expert or an estate agent to have a clear understanding of the existing property laws in your state.

          5. Check for Other Miscellaneous Clauses:

          Before entering into an agreement, you should also fix the rental amount, payment date, division of utility bills, and other such conditions. Ask the landlord or landlady about the provisions to have a pet; whether a yes or no, ask the property owner to mention that in the agreement.


          Realty Simplified, LLC is one of the most trusted estate companies in Houston. We buy houses in Houston under any condition, and give spot cash offers. Contact us to know more about how to sell your house in Houston and get the fastest cash for it.

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            Easy Tips For Buying A Home

            Easy Tips For Buying A Home

            Nakul Kongovi | October 11th, 2016

            Buying a home for the first time or planning to buy a home in the near future in Houston? Do you have plans in hand about how to buy the best home available in the market or you simply want to follow the market?

            Well, even before you plan to buy a home, there are certain things to be followed. From managing cash to getting loan approval, finding an estate agent to the suitable home, there are plenty of things that need to be taken into consideration while buying a home. Here is a brief guide to how to buy a home within a few and easy steps:

            1. Revise Finance Plans While Buying a Home:

            How are you planning to buy the new home, is one of the most important aspects. Just like selling a home can be accomplished in multiple ways, buying a new one can also be accomplished in several ways.


            Are you planning to pay in cash or thinking about a loan? Do you qualify for a loan? Check with all these factors before you become a home owner in Houston. Once you have all the answers, you can go ahead and buy a new home for yourself.

            2. Buy a Home Based On Your Capacity:

            At times, we tend to get attracted with the added features like utilities, additional facilities, and such other things. Getting attracted encourages us to overlook our own budget and buy a new home that is far beyond our estimated budget.


            Getting anything additional is undoubtedly a good thing, but paying extra bucks is definitely not! Before you plan to buy a new home, do not forget to fix your budget. Make sure, you pay the maximum down-payment as it will reduce the mortgaged amount and the monthly EMIs for you.

            3. Buying a Home Gets Easier With Preapproved Loans:

            Getting a loan or mortgage approval might take some time. And in case, the time extends more, the home owner who is selling a home, might decide to move on and sell it to someone who can pay for it faster than you.


            In such cases, having a pre-approved loan can help you get your dream house. Well, the terms and conditions for a pre-approved loan depend on a lot of factors. Get in touch with your financial advisors to know more about this option.

            4. Hire an Estate Agent to Buy a Home:

            Hiring an estate agent will make the process simple and easy for you! Though buying a home directly can save you a lot, buying it with an estate agent can fetch you ample of opportunities.


            For usual agents, they work on commission; one part of this is paid by the person selling a home, and the other portion has to be paid by you. Selling house or buying one with the agents, thus gets easier and simpler as making personal profit is the ultimate goal of an agent.

            5. Filter Before You Buy a Home:

            You have a preapproved loan with you, the best estate agents are also working for you; what do you need now? Even though you have fulfilled all the requirements to buy a home, you should not just trust everyone!


            Before settling down with a deal, you must visit the property by yourself. Make sure, you review everything about it, take a note of why the owner is selling a home, location of the property, insurances covered, etc., before taking the final call.

            For any queries on selling a home or buying a home in Houston, you can get in touch with Realty Simplified, LLC. We buy houses Houston and offer the fastest cash for your house in Houston. Call us today or drop us a mail to find out exciting tips for selling your house along with getting fast cash for your house in Houston.

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              Real Estate Questions To Ask While Listing Home

              Real Estate Questions To Ask While Listing Home

              Nakul Kongovi | September 30th , 2016

              Real estate questions play a vital role in listing your home or while you plan to sell your home with an estate agent. And in case, you are in Houston, real estate questions and mandatory for you to know about the real estate market and its flow!

              Here are some of the most important realtors’ questions that you should ask the Houston realtors as you plan to sell your home with them. Take a note of these question; sell your property with the most returns!

              1. Sell Your Home After Knowing Your Realtor:

              Even before you list your house or sell your home with a realtor, you must gather all the information related to your realtor. Ask about his origin, his preferred area of service, experience, and other such details.
              Selling a house without knowing about your realtor might not be always end good! Know your realtor, sell your home effortlessly in Houston.

              2. Ask Houston Realtors About Their Buyers Ratio:

              After accumulating all the basic information about your realtor, you must include one more question in your list of real estate questions. You must ask your realtor about his or her outreach; or the number of buyers he or she has in the market.
              Though this question might not sound related, but then, if your realtor has a larger client base, you will be able to sell your home at a faster speed.

              3. Sell Your Home After Knowing If You Are the Only One:

              Real estate questions also include to know if your realtor is bound only to you or is serving other customers simultaneously! In case, you are the only client for him or her, you know you are in good hands.
              However, if he or she is serving multiple clients at one time, things might be different! Check this even before hiring him or her to sell your home or to list it!

              4. Sell Your Home Only After Knowing Realtor’s Past:

              Having a talk with a realtor can lead to ending up with a deal; they are the experts in their fields! However, even before you call in for Houston realtors, you must ask them about the previous deals; houses, they have closed.
              Looking at the work tenures of the Houston realtors and the number of houses they have sold in the market, you can easily estimate his efficiency. Missing this as one of your real estate questions might result in the hiring of an inefficient realtor!

              5. Ask Houston Realtors About Their Fees and Commissions:

              Get thing clear and straight right from the beginning! Even before hiring realtors, you must ask them about their fees or commissions. This will not only give you an idea about how much you need to bank to sell your home, but will get you the efficiency of the realtor.
              Usually, expert realtors might ask for high commissions or fees as they guarantee a quick sale; however, things might vary as you plan to sell your house with different Houston realtors. Make this as one of the must real estate questions before hiring a realtor in Houston.

              Well, if you are planning to sell your home in Houston, you can sell it directly with us. At Realty Simplified, LLC, we buy houses Houston at the fastest speed and give spot cash offers. Get in touch with us, to know more about how soon you can sell your home in Houston.

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                Top 5 Advantages Of Selling A Home To Cash Buyers

                Top 5 Advantages Of Selling A Home To Cash Buyers

                Nakul Kongovi | September 7th, 2016

                Selling a home, at times, can get perplexing as hell! Deciding what is the best way to sell house fast, Houston, can get tough as well as confusing. Should you accomplish the sale with individual Houston house buyers or sell it to cash buyers? Also, to decide on this, make selling a house quite confusing and equally tiresome!

                However, if you want to sell house fast, Houston, experts would always suggest you to sell it with the cash buyers rather than selling it with the Houston house buyers. Well, here are the top 5 reasons, why a property expert would suggest you selling a home with the cash buyers:

                1. Sell House Fast, Houston With Cash Buyers:

                Selling a home with individual buyers requires plenty of online and offline efforts! List your house on a popular web portal, hire a realtor, wait for the right buyers, etc., are some of the must-to-do to sell house fast, Houston.

                Top 5 Advantages Of Selling A Home To Cash Buyers138
                However, when you sell your house with a cash buyer in Houston, you don’t have to go through all these. Selling a home with house buyers only requires placing a property evaluation request, post which, the cash buyer will visit your property, estimate its net worth, and help you instantly in selling a home.

                2. Selling a Home is Guaranteed:

                Selling a home with local buyers has many obligations! In order to purchase your house, a local Houston buyer will look into an array of aspects. The location of your house, availability of amenities around, insurances, utility services, and many others.
                Top 5 Advantages Of Selling A Home To Cash Buyers139

                On the other hand, for a cash buyer, buying your house gets them going in their business. Their main objective is to buy your house and close the deal. Selling homes with a cash buyer guarantees a 100% sale rate.

                3. Maximum Profit While Selling a Home:

                Hiring a realtor while selling a home proves to be one of the most tiring process! You want to sell house fast, Houston, which also concludes that you cannot wait for a longer duration to sell your house. In addition, selling homes with realtor also involves a certain amount as the agent’s commission or fees.
                Top 5 Advantages Of Selling A Home To Cash Buyers140

                But while selling a home with cash buyers, you don’t have to worry about paying any fees or hidden charges. Cash buyers in Houston, usually buys your house with any involvement of estate agents or realtors! Selling with cash buyers will go smooth on your wallet!

                4. No Repairing Cost While Selling a Home:

                If you plan to sell house fast, Houston, with a realtor or by yourself, you need to take care of certain things; house repairing is the foremost task to be accomplished. Starting from the minute to the most major repairing, you need to get your house in perfect condition to make the sale happen.

                Top 5 Advantages Of Selling A Home To Cash Buyers141
                On the other hand, if you plan to sell your house to a cash buyer, you can skip all these. Most of the cash buyers in Houston buy a house ‘as-is’, and do not ask for any repair works. Selling with them will save you some extra bucks for sure!

                5. Selling a Home Gets You Get Spot Cash Offers:

                While selling a home with the cash buyers, you don’t have to wait for a quotation; they would offer you a spot cash offer in order to buy your house. Also, unlike selling with a realtor or individual Houston house buyers, you don’t have to negotiate with cash buyers.
                Top 5 Advantages Of Selling A Home To Cash Buyers142

                Once they estimate the net worth of your house, they will give your instant cash offers. In case, you don’t like, you can ask them for the price deciding factors, and take your call on selling your house!

                Realty Simplified, LLC is one of the most trusted and experienced cash buyers in Houston. You can also sell house fast, Houston with us within just a call. Get in touch with us to know more about how you can get the best price on your house!

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                  Best Way To Get Houston House Buyers

                  Best Way To Get Houston House Buyers

                  Nakul Kongovi | August 24th, 2016

                  Finding potential Houston house buyers can get tiresome while selling a home! Also, owing to the fact – you can’t afford to spend much time searching for potential house buyers, you should stop searching for Houston house buyers and sell your house with either a ‘Realtor‘ or ‘Home Investor‘.

                  But then, both of these come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out which of these two you should opt for while selling a home:

                  Q: Who is a Realtor?

                  Best Way To Get Houston House Buyers78

                  A member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a realtor is an expert who assists clients in the real estate market. Be it buying a house or selling a home, finding plots, or any other services that involves property dealing, a realtor is the person who can fulfil all the requirements.

                  Advantages of Selling a Home with Realtors:

                  1. They Knows the Market and Can Sell House Fast:
                    Being well acquainted with the market trends, a realtor can help you to find the right group of Houston house buyers and sell house fast.
                  2. They Can Negotiate While Selling a Home:
                    A real estate agent knows how to negotiate with the buyers. Selling a home with their assistance can get your bankable deals while selling a home.
                  3. Expert Guidance While Selling a Home:
                    With their experience in the real estate industry, they can guide you through the entire process of selling a home while keeping your goals and objectives fixed.
                  4. Better Options to Sell House Fast:
                    While listing or selling a home with a realtor, you can always expect better contacts, which in turn can result into better deals from Houston house buyers.

                  Disadvantages of Selling a Home with Realtors:

                  1. A Realtor Charges You:
                    Settling a realtor’s commission can get irksome at times.
                  2. Repair Works and Lot More to Sell House Fast:
                    Listing a house with the realtors also means that you make it sale-ready. Repair works and other fixations can dig a hole in your wallet.
                  3. Uncertain Duration to Sell House:
                    Selling a home with a realtor never promises you a fixed sale-duration. You can get Houston house buyers within a week or have to wait for a couple of months.
                  4. Loads of Paper Works to SellHouse:
                    While planning to sell house with a realtor, you have to complete all paper works by yourself; it can be a tiring process.

                  Q: Who is a Home Investor?

                  A home investor is the one who purchase houses or properties directly from the owners with his/her own intentions.

                  Best Way To Get Houston House Buyers79

                  Advantages of Selling a Home with Home Investor:

                  1. You Can Sell House Fast:
                    With a home investor, you don’t have to wait for any Houston house buyers; they buy a home directly from the owners.
                  2. Spot Cash Offer to Sell House:
                    While selling a home with a home investor, you can always expect spot cash offers on your house or property.
                  3. No Repairing or Other Such Costs to SellHouse:
                    A home investor buys a house ‘AS IS’; you don’t have to worry about getting things repaired or fixed while selling a home.
                  4. Less Paper Works to Sell House:
                    Even if paper works are required to complete the process of selling a home, a home investor takes all the responsibilities; you will be free from all legal procedures.

                  Disadvantages of Selling a Home with Home Investors:

                  Compared to a realtor, selling a house with a home investor promises almost zero disadvantages. However, at times, you might not be able to get retail price on your house.

                  Well, if you decide to sell house with a home investor like Realty Simplified, LLC, you don’t have to keep searching for Houston house buyers. We buy houses in Houston; call us or get in touch today to know more about how you can sell your house fast in Houston with us.

                  Get Your Free Cash Offer

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