Ways To Detect And Remove Mold In Your House

Ways To Detect And Remove Mold In Your House

Nakul Kongovi | February 1oth, 2017

One of the most common problems which gives nightmares to homeowners are mold in your house and mildfew infestations. These kind of fungus grow on just anything and everything and thrives on damp, poorly lit and poorly ventilated places where we can find a lot of moisture. Mold in your house not only produce unpleasant odor, but also cause serious illness and allergies when left unattended. So, it is very important that you find out how to detect and remove mold from your home before it causes some serious damage. Read on to know more.

Detect Mold In Your House

Identify the Signs : Look out for molds in areas where there is moisture like bathrooms and kitchen. They can have a variety of colors like gray-green, white, pink etc, the most common one being black. It is usually a small patch which spreads over the area over a period of time.

Odor : Mold in your house can sometimes be in places which are hard to find. It might be a long forgotten closet in the kitchen or a far corner of the bathroom walls. But even though you cannot see the mold, you can smell it. A disgusting odor which confirms the possibility of mold. Never ignore and quickly inspect before it gets worse.

Water Problems : Leaking pipes, water seating by the bathroom or kitchen windows, or the water stains and discoloration of walls are some of the signs which directly point at the presence of mold in your house.

Detect Mold In Your House

Remove Mold In Your House 

  • Moisture

The first step for mold prevention and removal is to clean those places inside a home where molds are most likely to show up, and try to keep them dry. Always keep your bathrooms and kitchens clean, and make sure that all those rusting pipes are replaced as well. Also check on your basement on a regular basis as the basements often tend to get damp, resulting in mold.

  • Cleaning Solutions

You can make use of a number of cleaning solutions which are not only inexpensive, but are easy to find as well.

Bleach : Mix a cup of bleach with a gallon of water and spray it on to the affected area. A very effective solution for moldy surfaces, bleach does have a few drawbacks of its own.It gives off harsh fumes and can also produce harmful toxic gases if mixed with ammonia or other home cleaners.

Vinegar : A safer option than Bleach, this solution can be quite effective on mold. You need not mix it up with anything else but instead spray the undiluted vinegar directly onto the affected area.

Borax : A highly toxic substance, but very useful for mold prevention. Mix one cup of Borax for each gallon of water and clean using a scrubbing brush to remove mold effectively.

Though all of these solutions can help you remove mold in your house in an effective way, one main drawback is that these cannot be used on porous surfaces.

On the other hand, for mold prevention and removal on porous surface, you an make use of baking soda. Add about 2 tablespoons of baking soda to 8 ounces of water and spray the   solution on the affected area for easy mold remediation.

  • Hire A Professional

Persistent mold infestation is not something which you would want to deal with, especially if you are in a place where you need to sell your house fast Houston. At such times, you might have to hire a mold remediation or a mold prevention expert.

Do your research, ask people, search the internet and find out the most efficient one to handle mold testing in your home. An expert professional will have a look into your house, determine the condition of the infestation, and let you know whether you can take care of it or will you really need the help of a professional.

Handling mold in your house is something which requires immediate attention and outmost care. If you don’t know what you are doing, you might end up in troubled waters, especially during times when you have to sell your home.

If ever stuck in such a situation, and you really don’t have time for all these measures, contact Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition, and offer quick cash in return. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how to sell house fast Houston.

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    Must Do Tasks Before You Sell Your Home

    Must Do Tasks Before You Sell Your Home

    Nakul Kongovi | February 3rd, 2017

    Spring is right around the corner, and you might be quite excited as this is the best time to sell your home in the market. But before you jump out and start listing your home, remember that your house has taken quite a bit of beating in the winter season and you need to fix them all.

    Repaint and Re-stain

    Let us have a look into some of the most important things which have to be taken care of before you venture into the real estate market.

     Repaint and Re-stain

    The harsh winter with all the snow and rain is sure to have hammered down the walls and wooden decks of your home. The temperature cycle which results in absorption causes the woods to wear out and the walls to discolor, and this is something which you should not overlook. Repaint the walls, cabinets, doors and the trims so that they look fresh and undamaged. For the woods, re-stain and seal them out so that they don’t rot ad result in an expensive replacement.

    Clean Your Roof

     You are better of hiring a professional to perform this task as this can get quite daunting at times. The snow and the black stains caused by rain and algae are actually doing a lot more damage than you think of. Along with making your house look unattractive, they also feed on the fillers on your roof which means that they are actually eating it!
    So before even thinking of listing out your home, you need to be really sure that the roof is not only clear of snow, but also of the algae and the stains that they cause.

    Clean Out Your Gutters

    Gutters are one of the most  important factors for the home owners to protect their homes from various harmful elements. Clogged gutters can often lead to mosquito and rodent infestations which is certainly not a good thing for a house. Make sure to channel the water from your roof and direct it to a location far away from the home. And the good thing is that, cleaning out gutters is actually an easy job. You can either do it yourself or hire a person for about $40 to finish the work for you.

    Declutter Your Home

    We usually have a lot of stuff lying around in the house, and most of these are things which are actually useless. Especially after the holiday season, we are bound to have too much of stuff lying around. Get rid of the items which you don’t use or which are better of in another place than just lying around. Decluttering not only makes your place look tidy and neat, but also more spacious which is a good thing when you are selling a home.
    Make sure that you also clean up the storage unit in the basement, and also the garage as the buyers are bound to look at these areas specifically.

    Ac System, Dryer Vent and Refrigerator

    The Electrical Safety Foundation International points out that, by taking care to clean out your Ac System, refrigerator and the dryer vent, you not only improve the efficiency of these appliances, but also prevent major electrical hazards. It is always better to hire a company to do this job as they know way more than what you understand.
    Selling a home in Houston right after the winter season is an easy task if you know what exactly are you dealing with. With a lot of things to take care of, you cannot afford to sit back an wait for the buyers to just come in.

    On the other hand, if all these are too much to handle for you, sell your house fast Houston with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition, and offer quick cash in return. Call us or drop a mail to know more.

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      How To Know The Repair Costs Before You Sell Your Home?

      How To Know The Repair Costs Before You Sell Your Home?

      Nakul Kongovi | January 30th, 2017

      Planning to sell your home? If yes, have you assessed the condition of your property? Do you know about the things you need to take care of before listing your home for sale? Most homes, before going on board for sale, need few repairs, and these can be something as minor as a leakage in a tap, or a major one such as an issue in the foundation. Whatever it is, and however big it is, always take these repairs into account.

      So now that you know you just cannot ignore the fixes, you should also keep in mind the size of the hole in your pocket, that these fixes are sure to burn. Because you don’t want to end up spending all your money for a few minor repairs and then have nothing left for the major ones!
      But how do you start? Where do you start? Read on…

      Know the “Big Burners”

      The best way to determine whether your money on the repairs is worthy enough, is to make a note of some of the repairs, which are sure to burn a hole in your pocket.

      These include :

      1. Faulty Chimneys and fireplaces
      2. Roofing and Structural Damage
      3. Replacing a damaged Driveway
      4. Electrical Repairs
      5. Fixing a Sewer Line
      6. Replacing a HVAC Unit
      7. Termites

      Get Inspected

      All these repairs can easily cost you around $1000 and more. And Houston house buyers would definitely want these fixed before deciding on buying your home.

      Get Inspected

      Selling a home to buyers these days is not an easy job. They don’t get impressed easily, and to make it worse they even hire a home inspector for a thorough check of your house. So even before that, hire an inspector yourself. Your inspector will go through every nook and corner of your home and report back with everything that has to be taken care of before listing it. By doing so, you can eradicate all those issues that you yourself would never find!

      Get Your Quotes

      One way to sell your home without incurring any loss, is to get your numbers before hand. Get an estimate for every single item on your inspector’s report, which you cannot handle by yourself. Once you have the numbers, sum it up and subtract it from the average sales price of your home. ( You can get this by comparing your home with the other similar ones on sale in the neighborhood ) Suppose your cost for the repairs is about $20,000, and the average sales price of your home is $170,000 then your profit is about $150,000.

      But keep in mind that this does not include some of the other major expenses like tax, homeowner’s fee, utilities fee and insurance which you need to pay when selling a home.

      Home Investor – A One Stop Solution

      When you have major repairs while selling a home, getting in touch with a good home investor might be something for you to think about. A major advantage of acquainting with a home investor is that you don’t have to spend your “repair money” at all. With absolutely no obligations, you can get a quote within a couple of days from your home investor and you do not have to worry anymore thinking “How to sell my house Houston?”

      Selling a home amongst the present Houston home buyers is not an easy task unless you know how to work around the entire process. On the other hand, you can just avoid all the hassle and just get in touch with a reputed Realtor such as Realty Simplified LLC to sell your house fast Houston. To know more, call us or drop a mail.

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        Planning To Sell Your House In Houston? Work On These Right Away!

        Planning To Sell Your House In Houston? Work On These Right Away!

        Nakul Kongovi | January 19th,2017

        If selling a home is a ride which you have never been on before, buckle up, because it is not going to be a smooth one, especially with the nature of Houston home buyers. They are so demanding in the present time that they don’t want to wait for the open house anymore. They want to access the house for a look around only at the times that work for them, at their own convenience.

        With many factors influencing the sale of your house, as a seller you just cannot afford to overlook or ignore any of them. And with a high competition market, you lose if you make mistakes. Let us look into a few important factors so that you don’t end up committing these mistakes when you sell a home.

        Buy Only After You Sell

        A reason for confusion among most of the buyers, they are in a dilemma whether to buy a new house first, or sell their present home before that, or maybe do them both simultaneously. But there is nothing worse than having to carry two mortgages at once.

        Buy Only After You Sell

        You may have to rent your house from your buyer for a couple of days or maybe find a temporary place to crash elsewhere. But the point is you do not want to rush and try to buy a new place fast just because you are selling your present home.

        Your Agent – He Has To Be Good

        A CEO of one of the biggest real estate firms has a brilliant idea to test one of the potential skills of an estate agent – bargaining. So what he says is, “While hiring your agent, ask for a reduction in his commission. And if he agrees you might have to

        reject him politely. Because if he is not ready to negotiate a full commission on his behalf, how will he even negotiate a good price for your property??

        Market Your Home – Let Everyone Know About It

        When you want to sell house fast Houston, just listing it won’t have an impact on its sale. You need to bring out your marketing tools and ensure that buyers come in search of your home, in the locality. Amazing photographs, video tutorials,  gorgeous floor plans and everything else a buyer wants has to be taken care by you. When Houston home buyers are doing so much to stay ahead of time and dig out the best property in the market, you need to do your bit and make sure that they come to you.

        A recent research shows that the listings with pictures got 60% more views and some of them even sold for $3,000 to $10,000 more than the houses priced similarly in the market. Well, the stats speak for themselves.

         Go clean and Go Fixed

        Two of the most important factors that play a major role in selling a home fast Houston are cleanliness and the fixes in your home. The idea of cleaning out your storage areas, cleaning off the cupboards and drawers, taking down the unwanted photos and moving out the unwanted furniture is Real Estate 101 to sell house fast Houston. Also, it is very important that you take care of all the fixes(minor & major) before you start showing your house to the buyers.

        From broken tiles to leaky taps and patchy walls make sure that you don’t leave any of them pending. Buyers make a huge financial commitment when they buy your house ad they wouldn’t want to spend some extra bucks on repair or cleaning work before they move in.

        Price – Do Not Mess With It

        When selling a home, pricing it right is an art which most of the sellers find it hard to master. And with the variations in the market, it is difficult to keep track of the pricing column of a property. But always keep in mind that “testing” the market will never help you in selling a home fast in Houston.

        You price it too high and you will be out of the gate in no time. You price it too low and you are sure to incur losses. It is not like how it was before. Most of the buyer agents won’t even show your house if it overpriced. You are sure to end up in the “unexplored corner” of the real estate market if you get this wrong. You just cannot afford to do so.

        Unless you know how to handle the entire process, selling your house can get you exhausted and worn out. And it is just not about the process but also the people  you face, may it be your agents or the buyers, they are sure to add to your misery.

        Why go through all this? A single phone call can get your house sold. Call Realty Simplified LLC and sell your house fast Houston. We buy houses Houston and offer fast cash in return. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how we buy your house Houston.

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          How Not To Lose Money When You Sell Your House Fast Houston

          How Not To Lose Money When You Sell Your House Fast Houston

          Nakul Kongovi | January 16th,2017

          “I want to sell my House in Houston, fast!” If this is the thought running in your mind right now, you need to know that there are at least a hundred more people just like you with the same thought at this moment. With plenty of options out there in the market, you should know that your buyers are not going to be easy to handle. So, the best bet against them is to work with a real estate agency which can help you deal with any problem you are bound to face.

          But again, the options are innumerable, and as a home seller you can actually use this as your advantage. When talking to the agents, let them know what are they up against by asking them to give their best fee, forgetting about the percentages, with VAT included.

          You Cannot Save Everywhere

          When you think of “how to sell my house fast in Houston?” the first person who comes to your mind is a real estate agent. And the next immediate thought is that these people charge a lot! But we are talking about saving money here right? Well, just because you want to save a few bucks when selling a home, compromising on the quality of your resources is a bad idea. If we talk about the estate agent that you pick, a good esteemed agent ( even though he charges a bit more than the others ) can help you save a good amount of money and time as well.

          You Cannot Save Everywhere

          When you are planning to sell your house fast Houston, why not work with the best of the best?

          Check For Add – Ons

          When you plan to sell your house fast Houston with an agent, beware of the “additional costs” on the premium listings on various portals. So even before you narrow down to your agent, ask him about these kind of charges and try to avoid them as much as possible.

          It even applies to special photographs, preference on their own website or a higher prominence in local press or media. As a home seller, it is very important that you negotiate with your agent before signing up, because you won’t get a chance to negotiate later.

          No Fee If No Sale

          When you want to sell your house fast Houston, you need to save as much money as you can. And paying for sales that do not proceed, is certainly not the way to do it. Houston home buyers are quite relentless in nature. To make this worse, there are at least a bunch of more similar options for them within the same locality. Thus it so happens that your perfect buyer will certainly not be the first one to visit you.

          Thus it becomes very important that you get a “no sale, no fee” deal with your solicitor. To make things easy, there are a number of internet based companies which work based on this type of service.

          Do Your Research

          The process of selling a home does not end with the closing of the deal and getting cash from your buyer. Before you close the deal, you need to make sure that you buy your next house. So, you are a seller and a buyer at the same time. And buying a home requires research, a lot of research! There are surveyors out there in the market who can help you out with this, but their market has been hit hard by the recent developments. Use this to your advantage and try to get at least a 20% discount from them.

          On the other hand, you can take care of the entire research by yourself. Though it is difficult and time consuming, you can use your contacts for some help or knowledge about particular properties in the neighbourhood.

          Selling a home is like walking through a dense forest. If you know where you are going, you are sure to come out of the other end. Else you just get lost somewhere in the middle. And the agents play a major role in this journey of yours. Depending on how good your agent is, the entire process would either be very easy, or just impossible to go through.

          But if you are looking to avoid all these hassle, forget about estate agents. Sell your house with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition, and offer quick cash in return. Call us or drop a message to know more about how we buy houses Houston.

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            5 Sites To Find How Much Is My House Worth

            5 Sites To Find How Much Is My House Worth

            Nakul Kongovi | Nov 18th, 2016

            These days, selling a home can feel like playing poker in the casinos. You might walk out thinking of yourself as a winner, but you actually have no idea how much money you lost or you might have left on the table. This is the kind of fear that grips most of the home sellers these days. As a home seller, it is very difficult for me to know how much is my house worth!

            5 Sites To Find How Much Is My House Worth

            But with the help of one of the greatest evolution in the past decade, The Internet, most sellers are finding it easier to at least estimate the approximate value.Let us find a bit more about what can internet and its sites offer us when it comes to selling a home.

            Zillow Estimator

            This one right here is a self-developed Automated Valuation Machine (AMV) and it can present a current market value estimate of millions or even billions of homes all around. Its robust database stacks huge amount of information from various sources in order to predict an approximate value of a home using complex algorithms.

            However, there is a speculation from a few experts that the values predicted by this home value estimator is wildly inaccurate or inconsistent in nature.

            Chase Home Value Estimator

            Developed by the Chase Bank in US, this home value estimator is useful for both buyer and the seller. It uses its database which stores information about millions of home sales in and around the area. The process is also quite simple where you just enter the address of your house and click “Get Value” to view the results.

            But one downside to this site is that, the database is updated very slowly, due to which, claims of outdated database and inaccurate pricing is very high.

            Eppraisal Estimator

            Selling a house using this site is a bit constrained as it estimates the cost of your property based on the recent sales record of just 20 similar properties.Though short on the number of options, this site includes the detailed property information, analysis of the surrounding area and comparable properties for those of you digging out for more information. With its more updated database and analytical nature Eppraisal is your choice if you are looking to selling a home using the traditional methods.

            Redfin Home Value Estimator

            This estimator is said to have the lowest error rate in the real estate industry. Chosen by most people who plan on selling a home, this site evaluates properties on the MLS to calculate the current market value of your house. With instant results and the option to view the comparable properties in your area, this estimator is certainly the best option out there. On the not-so-bright side, beware of your security as Redfin has been accused of selling client information to real estate agents.

            SmartZip Estimator

            This site is a combination of data analytics and the real estate industry on a single platform. Mainly for the people with the knowledge of business analytics, this tool identifies potential sellers through predictive data analytics and demand trends. In addition, the system also introduces smart CRM follow-up tools to ensure that the estate agents get the best available deal.

            While selling a home, setting the right price is a very important factor, where you cannot afford to go wrong. With a number of sites and online tools available, selecting the right one for your property is a consequential decision to make. If you are planning on selling a home, and at the same time want to stay away from all the hassles, contact Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston, under any condition, and we help you in closing the deal within a few working days. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how to sell my house fast Houston.

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              Know How You Can Save Tax While Selling A House

              Know How You Can Save Tax While Selling A House

              Selling a house in Houston? Well, if yes, you must know that you can save a plenty of taxes while selling a home in Houston or across any corner of the globe. However, there are certain tax tips that should be followed in order to avoid paying a hefty amount of tax while selling a house.

              Here are some of the common tips that are usually ignored while selling a home. Follow these tips to sell your home like a tax saving pro!

              1. Pass Ownership & Use Test While Selling a House:

              Selling houses at different time period can result in different results. For example, if you are selling your home within the first 3 years of your purchase, the capital gain will be termed as a ‘short term capital gain’ and is levied with a marginable tax. On the other hand, if you plan to sell your home after 3 years of possession, it will result in a ‘long term capital gain’ that comes with 20% tax rate.
              Know How You Can Save Tax While Selling A House97
              However, if you planning to sell house fast Houston, after 5 years of purchasing it; and 2 years of living in it, you can escape a fixed amount of gain from the sale.

              2. Sell Your Home Where You Have Lived the Most:

              Selling a house usually comes with various conditions and guidelines. This becomes prominent in case you own multiple homes at one time.
              Know How You Can Save Tax While Selling A House98
              In such cases, the above mentioned point can be implied only on your main home. If you want to enjoy tax benefits out of the sale of your property, make sure you are selling the house where you have lived the maximum number of years; as it will be considered as your main house.

              3. Think About Exclusion Limit While Selling a House:

              Tax-free amount varies according to your status! If you are still a bachelor, you can treat $250,000 as a tax-free amount. On the other hand, it differs from that of the married couples; they can treat $500,000 as a tax-free amount while selling a home.
              Know How You Can Save Tax While Selling A House99
              This exclusion can be used every time you sell a house where you have lived for at least 2 years. To note here – in case, you are selling the house at loss, you won’t be able to include the loss amount in it.

              4. Sell Your Home without Reporting:

              Know How You Can Save Tax While Selling A House100
              One of the secret tax tips state that you don’t have to report a sale every time! Yes, this’s true! In case, you are selling a house without making any profit, you might not require reporting for the sale. This is applicable when the sale of your house doesn’t exceed the above mentioned amounts.

              Though the above mentioned tax tips can save you from paying a bulky amount of tax while you plan to sell house fast Houston, there are several other ways that make the process easier for you! Rather than selling the house directly or plan to sell your home on your own, you can get in touch with Realty Simplified, LLC.

              At Realty Simplified, LLC, we buy houses in Houston within a few steps while taking care of all the paper-works and legal procedures. Give us a call to know more about how you can sell your home at the fastest speed and get spot cash offers on it!

              Get Your Free Cash Offer

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                How to Sell a House While Relocating for Work?

                How to Sell a House While Relocating for Work?

                Nakul Kongovi | June 10, 2016

                How to Sell a House While Relocating for Work? New job, new location and new friends around; all these does sound exciting! However, the moment your old house comes to your mind, all your excitement starts fading away! What to do with it – should sell your house or should you put it on rent? And if have to decide on selling a home, how to make a profitable sale?
                Be prudent! Think closely; take a call by following these steps as suggested by Realty Simplified LLC, and sell your house fast in Houston without much difficulties:

                1. Get The Repairs Done:

                While relocating outside, you should focus on how to sell a home or make your house sale-ready, and not just on how to sell your house fast in Houston! Find out where and all your house needs some fixation job. Call an expert who can guide you through the process and get everything fixed.

                Get The Repairs Done

                However, this requires adequate amount of time in hand. And if you are running out of time, you can directly call Realty Simplified LLC and say ‘buy my house in Houston’! At Realty Simplified LLC, we buy houses in Houston without any repairs and also guarantee the best cost of selling a house.

                2. Consider Renovating Your House:

                If you really want to sell your house fast in Houston or in any other corners of the globe, you must consider renovating it to some extent. Potential buyers usually look for a property that is neat, clean, tidy, well-painted, and beautifully manicured. Put in some extra efforts to make it look appealing; it will surely attract more number of buyers.

                At Realty Simplified LLC, we buy houses in Houston in any given condition. Call us today or drop a mail saying – ‘I want to sell my house fast in Houston’, our experts will visit you as soon as possible. Post this, we can make spot cash offers and assist you in selling a home in Houston without any renovation works.

                3. List Your House On Property Selling Sites:

                Once you fulfill the above two conditions, you can go ahead for selling a home by listing your house in all the reliable property selling sites with the caption: ‘buy my house in Houston‘. By listing it, you will be able to reach a large number of potential buyers who might be interested in buying your house in Houston.


                In case, you want to avoid all these tiresome procedures, you can drop us a property visit request. With our expert suggestions and spot offers, you can sell your house fast in Houston without any hassles and worries. We buy houses in Houston; you can give us a call to know more about the cost of selling a house in Houston.

                4. Showcase Attractive Images of Your House:

                While listing your house in any of the property selling sites, make sure that you back your house with detailed images. Highlight more on the living areas, recreational space (if any), kitchen, bathrooms, backyard, and other major areas. This will not only give a detailed info about your house, but will also entice the potential buyers to visit your property.

                sell your house

                Considering that you are about to relocate and might not have time to spare on these formalities, we can help you in selling a home in Houston. Visit Realty Simplified LLC today, and leave us a property visit request. We buy houses in Houston; our property experts can settle everything within a couple of days while keeping you informed about all the costs of selling a house in details.

                5. Cite the Best Features of Your House While Listing:

                After you are done with putting striking pictures of your house, you must back it up with nice quotations, descriptions or a brief detail about it. Point out the advantages of your property location, talk about the positive points, mention the type and year of construction, and other such information. In this regard, storytelling can help you in compelling buyers and sell  a house.

                Though this sounds exciting and ensure a positive result, chances are there, you will be losing on time as you have to relocate. However, by contacting Realty Simplified LLC, you can save your time and sell your house fast in Houston.

                6. Valuation of Your House:

                Valuation of a home is one the most important phases of selling a home! Neither put a tag that exceeds present market standards, nor quote a price below the current property trends. While higher value might restrict buyers, lower value can bring in a negative connotation about your property and can slow down the process of selling a home.

                Valuation of Your House

                Well, if you are ready to say – ‘I want to sell my house fast in Houston’, Realty Simplified can assist you in many different ways. We buy houses in Houston; with us, you don’t have to worry about a self-valuation! Our property experts will guide through the entire process; from estimating the total cost of selling a house, settling a reasonable value, fulfilling the legal procedures to settling the deal within seven days.

                7. Use Your Social Circle to Highlight the Sale:

                Once decided to sell your house fast in Houston, you must involve your social circle in the process! Words of mouth spread quicker that most of the other communication channels. Take advantage of this and make sure all your social contacts, connections, friends, relatives and colleagues are aware of you selling a home.

                Use Your Social Circle to Highlight the Sale

                While preparing for a job relocation, you might be running out of time, and find it extremely difficult to keep everyone informed about selling your house! Well, even if this is the situation, you don’t have to worry about selling your house fast in Houston! Either drop a mail or give a call saying ‘buy my house in Houston’ to Realty Simplified LLC; we buy houses in Houston and can help you in settling a deal within only seven days.

                Get Your Free Cash Offer

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