5 Reasons Why Holidays Are The Perfect Time For Selling Your House

5 Reasons Why Holidays Are The Perfect Time For Selling Your House

Nakul Kongovi | January 24th, 2017

Most of you out there who are planning on selling your house during holidays may have heard an earful from everybody around you! People don’t buy houses during holidays, you wouldn’t get enough time, the real estate market is down during this time of the year and etc etc etc. But based on a study by Redfin, houses that were listed from Dec 21 through March 21 had a 9%-10% better chances of selling, when compared to the houses that were listed later. And these stats just prove that the biggest myth in the real estate market about holiday season, is just a misconception.

So this holiday season, if you have planned to sell house fast Houston, get out there, put your house on the list and work towards getting it sold for its value.

Two Targets With a Single Arrow

One of the best things about selling a home during holidays is the decorations. While you decorate your home for the holidays, you can use the same as an advantage to stage your house in front of your buyers. The icing on the cake is that when you do this right, your buyers will find it really hard to reject your house.

Less Competition

As most people prefer to sell their house during the warmer months, selling your house during winters can turn out to be a huge advantage for you.

Less Competition

With a limited number of choices, buyers will be on the lookout for the best out of the very few ones available. And when you do everything right, you can easily sell house fast Houston in the holiday season.

Bad Weather Is Your Best Buddy 

“How do I sell my house Houston in such a bad weather?” This is a major concern for most of the sellers trying to sell their home during the holiday season. But little do they know that bad weather can actually help them sell house fast Houston!

Your buyers actually appreciate this month as it allows them to see your home at times when it is more prone to harsh weather conditions. And if your house can pass this test, buyers will be more than assured that your house is indeed a good buy.

The Dates

Selling your house during holidays allows you to have automatic days off from having to show your home. No home buyer would attend an open house on Christmas or New Year’s eve.

The Dates

This gives you an advantage of time, during which you can enjoy your Christmas and at the same time prepare for the upcoming business days.

Motivated buyers

While selling your house during holidays, one thing you might notice is that the number of buyers is comparatively low. But nothing to worry about, because what lacks in numbers is made up in motivation. After all, these buyers are spending their gala time looking for houses instead of taking time away from all the stress. They are certainly not messing around,which is a very good sign for you as a seller because you know they are ready and wanting to buy.

Don’t listen to the hunks out there who say that selling your house is impossible during holiday season. Do what is right for your home and watch it sell for a very good price.

If you are still not sure of going forward, but yet need to sell house fast Houston, call Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston at any time of the year and offer fast cash in return. Get in touch with us to know more about how to sell your house in Houston.

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    How Not To Lose Money When You Sell Your House Fast Houston

    How Not To Lose Money When You Sell Your House Fast Houston

    Nakul Kongovi | January 16th,2017

    “I want to sell my House in Houston, fast!” If this is the thought running in your mind right now, you need to know that there are at least a hundred more people just like you with the same thought at this moment. With plenty of options out there in the market, you should know that your buyers are not going to be easy to handle. So, the best bet against them is to work with a real estate agency which can help you deal with any problem you are bound to face.

    But again, the options are innumerable, and as a home seller you can actually use this as your advantage. When talking to the agents, let them know what are they up against by asking them to give their best fee, forgetting about the percentages, with VAT included.

    You Cannot Save Everywhere

    When you think of “how to sell my house fast in Houston?” the first person who comes to your mind is a real estate agent. And the next immediate thought is that these people charge a lot! But we are talking about saving money here right? Well, just because you want to save a few bucks when selling a home, compromising on the quality of your resources is a bad idea. If we talk about the estate agent that you pick, a good esteemed agent ( even though he charges a bit more than the others ) can help you save a good amount of money and time as well.

    You Cannot Save Everywhere

    When you are planning to sell your house fast Houston, why not work with the best of the best?

    Check For Add – Ons

    When you plan to sell your house fast Houston with an agent, beware of the “additional costs” on the premium listings on various portals. So even before you narrow down to your agent, ask him about these kind of charges and try to avoid them as much as possible.

    It even applies to special photographs, preference on their own website or a higher prominence in local press or media. As a home seller, it is very important that you negotiate with your agent before signing up, because you won’t get a chance to negotiate later.

    No Fee If No Sale

    When you want to sell your house fast Houston, you need to save as much money as you can. And paying for sales that do not proceed, is certainly not the way to do it. Houston home buyers are quite relentless in nature. To make this worse, there are at least a bunch of more similar options for them within the same locality. Thus it so happens that your perfect buyer will certainly not be the first one to visit you.

    Thus it becomes very important that you get a “no sale, no fee” deal with your solicitor. To make things easy, there are a number of internet based companies which work based on this type of service.

    Do Your Research

    The process of selling a home does not end with the closing of the deal and getting cash from your buyer. Before you close the deal, you need to make sure that you buy your next house. So, you are a seller and a buyer at the same time. And buying a home requires research, a lot of research! There are surveyors out there in the market who can help you out with this, but their market has been hit hard by the recent developments. Use this to your advantage and try to get at least a 20% discount from them.

    On the other hand, you can take care of the entire research by yourself. Though it is difficult and time consuming, you can use your contacts for some help or knowledge about particular properties in the neighbourhood.

    Selling a home is like walking through a dense forest. If you know where you are going, you are sure to come out of the other end. Else you just get lost somewhere in the middle. And the agents play a major role in this journey of yours. Depending on how good your agent is, the entire process would either be very easy, or just impossible to go through.

    But if you are looking to avoid all these hassle, forget about estate agents. Sell your house with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition, and offer quick cash in return. Call us or drop a message to know more about how we buy houses Houston.

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      How To Sell Your House For Cash During Winters

      How To Sell Your House For Cash During Winters

      It is that time of the year again when everything around you is cold, the trees, the cars and even your buyers. Trying to sell your house in winter can get really tiresome as the buyers do not prefer buying a house during winter. But yet, with the right thought, you can not only sell your house during winter, but also get quick cash in return.

      How To Find a Cash Buyer

      For this to happen, you would probably want to skip contacting a real estate agent, and instead try getting in touch with a cash buyer who can help you quickly move during winter.

      What Exactly Is The Difference

      An estate agent is more concerned about trying to find a buyer who can help you, by putting up your house on the internet listings. And like in most cases, the buyer will have to get the bank financing.

      On the other hand, with a cash buyer, you will not end up in a situation where you are stuck waiting because the process of bank financing by the buyer can take months.

      How To Find a Cash Buyer

      The best way to find a cash buyer when selling a home is to list it “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO). And you need to specify that you accept only cash offer. Though this might repel a lot of buyers, it will be of great help as you wouldn’t want uninterested buyers to waste your time.

      You can also find a cash buyer online by searching for terms like “sell house fast Houston” or “home cash buyer” and reach out to the available person. However, in this case, you cannot be sure what kind of cash buyers you can end up with, when selling a home.

      How Do They Work

      Once you associate with a cash buyer, the first thing that they would do is view your property, determine its value and then give you a cash offer. Depending on the offer, you can either accept it, or decline it as there is no obligation from the buyer’s side.

      If you choose to sell your home to the cash buyer, all you need to do is tell them when you want the seal to be closed and they will make all the necessary arrangements for you, so that you can sell house fast Houston.

      Winter is the time when you really have no idea how to sell your house, because it is that season when the buyers prefer staying indoors, rather than going out to view a property. But why go through so much of hassle when you can easily sell your home with us. At Realty Simplified LLC, we buy houses Houston under any condition, and offer quick cash in return. Call us, or drop a mail to know more about how to sell your house for cash in Huston.

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        5 Handy Tips For Selling Your Luxury Homes

        5 Handy Tips For Selling Your Luxury Homes

        Nakul Kongovi | November 30th, 2016

        If you are reading this, then probably you are one of those guys who are finding it difficult to sell a luxury home. No worries, because selling a luxury home is definitely not rocket science, and if you get everything right, you can finish the complete process in just a couple of months. Here are a few tips that will help you get started with. But always remember that patience is the key when you are selling your house.

        Give Attention To Crucial Details

        When it is about selling a luxury home, every single aspect of how you present your property needs to redefined. Focusing on the smallest details like staging your house, or ensuring that the landscape is clean, making sure that there are no typos in your marketing copy, play a major role in the process of selling your house.

        You can always hire professionals to look into every detail of the property before listing it out on sale. But if you plan on doing it on your own, just make sure that you don’t miss out on anything, because even a single flaw is enough for the buyer to turn down your offer.

        5 Handy Tips For Selling Your Luxury Homes

        Use Multiple Channels For Marketing

        When your luxury home is on sale in the market, your target audience is usually not available in large numbers. So, even though your luxury home gets a fair amount of marketing when it is listed, it is important that you make use of the other available channels to market it.

        Print advertising, direct mailing, videos, text ads and every other arrow in the quiver can make a big difference in your marketing strategy. Put that social media account of yours into good use, and try and spread the word about your offers as much as possible.

        Bring Out That Glamour

        When you market your luxury home, it is never only about selling its features, but also about creating a certain ‘mystique’ that attracts the buyers to your property. Your target audience, the high-end buyers, are usually interested in buying not just the house, but the lifestyle or the environment that surrounds it. Incorporating this in your strategy is the key to sell house fast.

        You might have to experiment with your approach of selling your house, and this might include some out of the box ideas. But again, this is what creates that spark of interest among the buyers in the market.

        Consider a Few Extra Incentives

        If you are worried about how to sell house fast, this might actually help you out. Along with your luxury home, your imported furniture or some of the old and valuable art pieces will surely add quite a leverage, enough to motivate the buyer. There will be times when your buyer will just be on the verge of commitment, yet not fully confident about his decision. At such times, these incentives or offers that you provide helps to bridge that gap between what the buyer is willing to pay and your asking price.

        Price It Right

        When selling your house, the price that you quote is extremely important to position it properly for the present marketplace. Especially in the case of luxury homes, deciding on the price is not going to be an easy decision. With your niche audience being less in number, a high rice may have an adverse effect on your listing.

        Hire professionals, look into the prices of other similar homes in the neighbourhood, and consider a few other factors such as the season, and the condition of your home, to set the right price for your house on sale.

        All you require is the right idea on how to market and sell your luxury home, and you will be attracting the buyers just like how flowers attract the bees! If you are confident enough with your abilities, just go ahead and list your luxury home right away in the market. But if you are not sure, you can always get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston fast under any condition. Call us or drop a mail and our experts will be at your doorstep. Team up with us and sell your luxury home within no time!

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          Sell Your House Fast With These Deceptively Easy Ways

          Sell Your House Fast With These Deceptively Easy Ways

          Nakul Kongovi | October 20th, 2016

          When it comes to selling a house fast in the market, it can be very stressful as the whole process can take weeks or even months at certain times. But the buyers are most interested in your home the first few weeks of its market stay, and you need to make the most of this time before the listing wears out.

          If you need to sell your home fast, these deceptively easy methods can surely help you in getting offers in the competitive market

          1. Price Your Home Right

          The most important aspect when you plan to sell a home, is its pricing. There are always two sides to the pricing scheme in the market. Talk to the overpricing side, and they believe that it can get you more money. While on the other side, the under-pricing bunch believe that it can get you more number of potential buyers. Thus it is important for you to price your home in such a way that it exactly meets the market requirements.

          Sell Your House Fast With These Deceptively Easy Ways91

          2. Stage Your House

          For a buyer to instantly develop a liking for your home, he needs to see the highlights and the strengths that make your home stand out in the market. Flaunt those best parts, and hide the flaws so that the first impression of your home is an effective one from a buyer’s perspective. You can hire a professional photographer to take some of the best pictures of your property so that you can use them in your online listings when you plan to sell your home fast.

          Sell Your House Fast With These Deceptively Easy Ways92

          3. Take Care Of The Minor Fixes

          A buyer would notice a leaky tap in the bathroom faster than the costly chandelier that you put up in the living area. Don’t take a big step towards remodeling your home before selling it. The chances are that, you won’t get your money back. Instead, try and focus on small and usually neglected upgrades, particularly in the bathroom and the kitchen.

          Sell Your House Fast With These Deceptively Easy Ways93

          You may end up losing a potential buyer if you overlook or neglect such fixes when you want to sell your house fast.

          4. Impress With The Curb Appeal

          Along with the interiors of a home, it is also important that the exteriors is appealing enough for a buyer. As the home’s exterior is the first thing that a buyer notices, a tidy looking yard with trimmed hedges and colourful flowers on the sides of the pathway is sure to brighten up the buyer’s mood. Along with this, a fresh coat of paint and a deep clean will also help in brightening your home.

          Sell Your House Fast With These Deceptively Easy Ways94

          5. Don’t Forget Your Responsibility

          You hire a Realtor, pay him some money and leave the rest of the marketing job job to him. No, it doesn’t work that way. In order to sell your house fast, you need to make sure that you do your part in getting out the word about your home. You can make use of your personal social media accounts to promote your house, or you can directly talk to your friends and relatives about the sale.

          Sell Your House Fast With These Deceptively Easy Ways95

          When you think about how to sell your house without having to spend too much money in revamping it, using these easy ways will certainly help you save money, as well as make your home look more appealing to the buyers. But if you don’t have time for all this and need to sell your home fast, get in touch with Realty Simplified,LLC. As one of the best Houston Buyers, we buy houses fast and under any condition. To avail spot offers for your home in Houston, call us or drop a mail and we will have our experts at your doorstep.

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            Real Estate Questions To Ask While Listing Home

            Real Estate Questions To Ask While Listing Home

            Nakul Kongovi | September 30th , 2016

            Real estate questions play a vital role in listing your home or while you plan to sell your home with an estate agent. And in case, you are in Houston, real estate questions and mandatory for you to know about the real estate market and its flow!

            Here are some of the most important realtors’ questions that you should ask the Houston realtors as you plan to sell your home with them. Take a note of these question; sell your property with the most returns!

            1. Sell Your Home After Knowing Your Realtor:

            Even before you list your house or sell your home with a realtor, you must gather all the information related to your realtor. Ask about his origin, his preferred area of service, experience, and other such details.
            Selling a house without knowing about your realtor might not be always end good! Know your realtor, sell your home effortlessly in Houston.

            2. Ask Houston Realtors About Their Buyers Ratio:

            After accumulating all the basic information about your realtor, you must include one more question in your list of real estate questions. You must ask your realtor about his or her outreach; or the number of buyers he or she has in the market.
            Though this question might not sound related, but then, if your realtor has a larger client base, you will be able to sell your home at a faster speed.

            3. Sell Your Home After Knowing If You Are the Only One:

            Real estate questions also include to know if your realtor is bound only to you or is serving other customers simultaneously! In case, you are the only client for him or her, you know you are in good hands.
            However, if he or she is serving multiple clients at one time, things might be different! Check this even before hiring him or her to sell your home or to list it!

            4. Sell Your Home Only After Knowing Realtor’s Past:

            Having a talk with a realtor can lead to ending up with a deal; they are the experts in their fields! However, even before you call in for Houston realtors, you must ask them about the previous deals; houses, they have closed.
            Looking at the work tenures of the Houston realtors and the number of houses they have sold in the market, you can easily estimate his efficiency. Missing this as one of your real estate questions might result in the hiring of an inefficient realtor!

            5. Ask Houston Realtors About Their Fees and Commissions:

            Get thing clear and straight right from the beginning! Even before hiring realtors, you must ask them about their fees or commissions. This will not only give you an idea about how much you need to bank to sell your home, but will get you the efficiency of the realtor.
            Usually, expert realtors might ask for high commissions or fees as they guarantee a quick sale; however, things might vary as you plan to sell your house with different Houston realtors. Make this as one of the must real estate questions before hiring a realtor in Houston.

            Well, if you are planning to sell your home in Houston, you can sell it directly with us. At Realty Simplified, LLC, we buy houses Houston at the fastest speed and give spot cash offers. Get in touch with us, to know more about how soon you can sell your home in Houston.

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              Make Moving Easier With These Steps

              Make Moving Easier With These Steps

              Nakul Kongovi | September 27th , 2016

              Shifting a house or moving home? Are you aware of how to make moving easier? Well, if yes, then you would find it easy while moving house! But if not, be prepared to come face-to-face with an array of uninvited problems while moving home!

              However, whether you are moving home as you need to relocate for a job or want to sell your home and get a new one, our house shifting ideas will make moving easier for you! Follow the below mentioned steps and get your job done with an ease.

              1. A Plan for The Kids Will Make Moving Easier:

              Make Moving Easier With These Steps114

              While planning to shift or moving home, the first thing that needs to be taken care are the kids in the family! Moving house is the time that requires full indulgence of the adults. In such circumstances, kids can get exposed to several issues; lack of space, sleep, playing time, etc. Before planning for moving house, ensure a safe place or space for your kids!

              2. Cancel All Utility Services While Moving Home:

              At times, even you relocate or vacate the house, you continue receiving bills for your utility services! And before you can understand the situation, you end up paying up the bills for unused services.
              Make Moving Easier With These Steps115
              Avoid these types of unwanted situations by discontinuing your utilities or services like cable services, telephone connections, internet connectivity, and others. Make sure, you disconnect all of them before vacating or moving home.

              3. Priorities Your Stuffs While Moving Home:

              Make Moving Easier With These Steps116
              By prioritizing your belongings, you will not only reduce the cost of moving house but will also make moving easier for you and the family. Pack your stuffs in different boxes; based on their importance and requirements. Mark them with different colors so that you can easily unpack them while settling down in your new house.

              4. Get Pet Care while Moving House:

              For the pet owners, while relocating, they must get their pets to a proper and certified pet care center. Just like the kids in the family, pets also require special attention while you plan to sell your home or sell house fast Houston. In fact, pets might go through a mental breakdown as the owners move into a new place.
              Make Moving Easier With These Steps117
              Get your pets the proper and the required attention while you plan to sell your home, and make moving easier and much more convenient for you!

              5. Get Acquainted with New Locality Before Moving House:

              Make Moving Easier With These Steps118
              This is the thing you need to do even before shifting your house! You are changing your old house or relocating for specific reasons; making life easier is one of the prime among them! And in order to achieve this, you must know the locality well even before you settle down in it!

              6. Hire Reliable Packers & Movers While Moving Home:

              You might get plenty of local ads or promotional offers from packers and movers as you plan to sell your home. But then, how many of them are reliable and can be trusted in terms of treating your belongings as their own?
              Make Moving Easier With These Steps119
              Before you plan to sell house fast Houston, make sure you do a good homework on the local packers and movers. Hiring a reliable or sensible agency can reduce the pain of moving house to a much extent.

              7. Do Not Trust Old Locks While Moving Home:

              While settling down in your new abode, never ever trust the old locks as you don’t know who all have the keys to these locks. Be a prudent homeowner and do not waste time in replacing the old locks with a new set!

              Make Moving Easier With These Steps120

              You can also make moving easier by selling your house with Realty Simplified, LLC. We buy houses Houston; contact us or drop us a mail to know more about how soon we can buy your house and settle down things for you! Sell Fast, Settle Faster!

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