Tips To Handle Home Inspection When Selling a Home

Tips To Handle Home Inspection When Selling a Home

Nakul Kongovi | December 29th, 2016

When selling your home, the last thing you would want is a home inspector to cause troubles or even break a fixture, just because you were not prepared for it. Almost 90% of the home buyers tend to hire professional home inspectors to have a closer look at your home, before deciding to buy it. You can thus speed up the entire  process by analyzing your home and taking the necessary steps, before or even during the inspection.

So what are these hot-spots that you need to consider during the home inspection, so that selling your home becomes easy? Let us look into a few of them.

Thorough Research

As a seller, it is very important that whatever name is suggested by the buyer for your house inspection, do a complete research on that inspector. Always make sure that the person inspecting the house is a certified professional who stays current. Make sure of his qualifications and the type of inspections he has done before, to get an idea on how the entire process will be handled. Because a house inspection is only as good as the inspector is!


Just going through the home inspection report to know what exactly happened during the inspection is not just enough to get the complete picture. You need to be  present in your house while the inspection is going on. Because if you don’t see it, you don’t understand it. As the inspection takes quite a bit of time, sometimes an entire morning or an afternoon, it is important that you make time for it before hand.

When selling a home, you often have to spend a lot of time tending to such issues, to make sure you sell house fast Houston.

“Read” The Report

Once you get the report, do not make the same mistake that the other sellers tend to do. Just glancing at the house inspection report before throwing it somewhere, is the same as not having an inspection done.

When you have a knowledgeable pro inspecting your house, the reports will be straight and easy to understand. In the form of photos with illustrations, these reports will point out the strengths, weaknesses, what’s wrong and what will it need, to be fixed.

Make sure that you go through the report thoroughly as these points will make a huge difference when you are selling your home.

Prep The House

When I say prep your house, I don’t mean that you need to make sure that all the issues such as leaks, cracks or clogged drains have to be fixed. Because you would have taken care of these before hand. But when an inspector visits the house, you need to be completely “prepared”. Do not make the inspector empty your closet to get into the attic. Or do not make the inspector to move certain things out of his way inside the house.

If you have a basement or a shed that is locked, make sure it is accessible when the inspector arrives. You do not go scrambling for the keys when he is waiting outside. Such small things usually tend to annoy the inspector, and this might have an impact on the report as well.

Prep The House

Presale Inspection

As a seller, never leave presale inspection to the buyers. Because when the buyers come for house inspection, you will absolutely have no time to complete the repairs and tend to other issues.

On the other hand, if you get your home inspected, before putting it out on the market, you get more time to get the repairs and other home related issues to be done with. And with some extra time in hand, you can surely bring down the cost as well.

Selling your home is very easy now. Get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC and we will buy your house in Houston. Call us or drop a mail and you can stop worrying about ‘how to sell my house fast Houston!’ Spot offers, fast cash and more for your property in Houston.

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    Top 4 Areas You Tend To Overlook When Selling Your Home

    Top 4 Areas You Tend To Overlook When Selling Your Home

    Nakul Kongovi | December 2nd, 2016

    When you are selling your home, only you know about the effort it takes to get everything right, before even listing it out in the market. From taking care of the minor repairs to cleaning each and every corner of the house, it surely is a meticulous task.

    With so much hustle and bustle, it so happens that sometimes you tend to overlook a few areas. Such areas, though not significant enough to worry about, can still have a negative effect on your buyers. Let us have a look at some of those areas which you might be overlooking in your Houston home.


    Garbage Disposal

    A kitchen appliance that all of use everyday, and yet avoid cleaning it on a regular basis. Well, before selling your home, you need to clean it thoroughly. The junk thrown down the disposal everyday leaves a lot of residue that accumulates and causes a clear-cut foul smell eventually. And you wouldn’t want a buyer to wince at that smell when he visits your house right?

    You can make use of dishwater soap and water to clean it once everyday. If that does not work, sealing it with baking soda and vinegar will surely do the trick. But do not forget to give it a quick rinse after letting the seal sit for a while.

    Washing Machine

     Planning on selling a house with a washer and dryer included, you better make sure that they are clean and working properly. Sometimes chances are that a mildew may develop in the washer if you leave wet clothing in it for too long, and this may even affect its working condition. One of the most simplest ways to clean the washer is to  fill it with hot water, add a bit of detergent and run a complete wash. After finishing, just run another cycle with just the hot water.

    If this doesn’t work, cleaning it with vinegar will surely help you get rid of the mildew. Before selling a house, it is important that you make sure the appliances you include are in perfect working conditions. You do not want them to be something a buyer can use against you when buying your home.


    Just like your washing machine, if your dishwasher isn’t clean, it will not work properly. Just like mentioned earlier, you can easily clean your dishwasher by using vinegar. Fill a container with warm water and two cups of vinegar. Soak the dishwasher’s arm, grate and filter in the container and let it dry. Wipe down the inside of dishwasher and put the parts back before running a cycle with two cups of vinegar.

    When you include such appliances along with your home, they can sometimes turn out to be a disadvantage for you. Thus before including such appliances, check their working condition and fix it, if needed.

    Home Air Filter

    DO NOT forget to replace your Home Air Filter. It is very important to replace them once in every month. Though some of them allow you to do this once in every three months, it is necessary to change it, especially when selling your home. The air filters are the ones which filter out all the pollutants and the allergens from air, thus allowing you to breathe in clean air and stay healthy.

     When you plan to sell your house fast, it is quite common that you might overlook a few areas. But if you make sure to give attention to some of the smallest details, you can surely avoid such mistakes. On the other hand, if you feel all this is a little bit too much to work on, you can sell your house with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition. Call us or drop a mail to get instant  offers on your home and too know more about how to sell your house fast in Houston.

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      5 Handy Tips For Selling Your Luxury Homes

      5 Handy Tips For Selling Your Luxury Homes

      Nakul Kongovi | November 30th, 2016

      If you are reading this, then probably you are one of those guys who are finding it difficult to sell a luxury home. No worries, because selling a luxury home is definitely not rocket science, and if you get everything right, you can finish the complete process in just a couple of months. Here are a few tips that will help you get started with. But always remember that patience is the key when you are selling your house.

      Give Attention To Crucial Details

      When it is about selling a luxury home, every single aspect of how you present your property needs to redefined. Focusing on the smallest details like staging your house, or ensuring that the landscape is clean, making sure that there are no typos in your marketing copy, play a major role in the process of selling your house.

      You can always hire professionals to look into every detail of the property before listing it out on sale. But if you plan on doing it on your own, just make sure that you don’t miss out on anything, because even a single flaw is enough for the buyer to turn down your offer.

      5 Handy Tips For Selling Your Luxury Homes

      Use Multiple Channels For Marketing

      When your luxury home is on sale in the market, your target audience is usually not available in large numbers. So, even though your luxury home gets a fair amount of marketing when it is listed, it is important that you make use of the other available channels to market it.

      Print advertising, direct mailing, videos, text ads and every other arrow in the quiver can make a big difference in your marketing strategy. Put that social media account of yours into good use, and try and spread the word about your offers as much as possible.

      Bring Out That Glamour

      When you market your luxury home, it is never only about selling its features, but also about creating a certain ‘mystique’ that attracts the buyers to your property. Your target audience, the high-end buyers, are usually interested in buying not just the house, but the lifestyle or the environment that surrounds it. Incorporating this in your strategy is the key to sell house fast.

      You might have to experiment with your approach of selling your house, and this might include some out of the box ideas. But again, this is what creates that spark of interest among the buyers in the market.

      Consider a Few Extra Incentives

      If you are worried about how to sell house fast, this might actually help you out. Along with your luxury home, your imported furniture or some of the old and valuable art pieces will surely add quite a leverage, enough to motivate the buyer. There will be times when your buyer will just be on the verge of commitment, yet not fully confident about his decision. At such times, these incentives or offers that you provide helps to bridge that gap between what the buyer is willing to pay and your asking price.

      Price It Right

      When selling your house, the price that you quote is extremely important to position it properly for the present marketplace. Especially in the case of luxury homes, deciding on the price is not going to be an easy decision. With your niche audience being less in number, a high rice may have an adverse effect on your listing.

      Hire professionals, look into the prices of other similar homes in the neighbourhood, and consider a few other factors such as the season, and the condition of your home, to set the right price for your house on sale.

      All you require is the right idea on how to market and sell your luxury home, and you will be attracting the buyers just like how flowers attract the bees! If you are confident enough with your abilities, just go ahead and list your luxury home right away in the market. But if you are not sure, you can always get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston fast under any condition. Call us or drop a mail and our experts will be at your doorstep. Team up with us and sell your luxury home within no time!

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        How to Sell a House While Relocating for Work?

        How to Sell a House While Relocating for Work?

        Nakul Kongovi | June 10, 2016

        How to Sell a House While Relocating for Work? New job, new location and new friends around; all these does sound exciting! However, the moment your old house comes to your mind, all your excitement starts fading away! What to do with it – should sell your house or should you put it on rent? And if have to decide on selling a home, how to make a profitable sale?
        Be prudent! Think closely; take a call by following these steps as suggested by Realty Simplified LLC, and sell your house fast in Houston without much difficulties:

        1. Get The Repairs Done:

        While relocating outside, you should focus on how to sell a home or make your house sale-ready, and not just on how to sell your house fast in Houston! Find out where and all your house needs some fixation job. Call an expert who can guide you through the process and get everything fixed.

        Get The Repairs Done

        However, this requires adequate amount of time in hand. And if you are running out of time, you can directly call Realty Simplified LLC and say ‘buy my house in Houston’! At Realty Simplified LLC, we buy houses in Houston without any repairs and also guarantee the best cost of selling a house.

        2. Consider Renovating Your House:

        If you really want to sell your house fast in Houston or in any other corners of the globe, you must consider renovating it to some extent. Potential buyers usually look for a property that is neat, clean, tidy, well-painted, and beautifully manicured. Put in some extra efforts to make it look appealing; it will surely attract more number of buyers.

        At Realty Simplified LLC, we buy houses in Houston in any given condition. Call us today or drop a mail saying – ‘I want to sell my house fast in Houston’, our experts will visit you as soon as possible. Post this, we can make spot cash offers and assist you in selling a home in Houston without any renovation works.

        3. List Your House On Property Selling Sites:

        Once you fulfill the above two conditions, you can go ahead for selling a home by listing your house in all the reliable property selling sites with the caption: ‘buy my house in Houston‘. By listing it, you will be able to reach a large number of potential buyers who might be interested in buying your house in Houston.


        In case, you want to avoid all these tiresome procedures, you can drop us a property visit request. With our expert suggestions and spot offers, you can sell your house fast in Houston without any hassles and worries. We buy houses in Houston; you can give us a call to know more about the cost of selling a house in Houston.

        4. Showcase Attractive Images of Your House:

        While listing your house in any of the property selling sites, make sure that you back your house with detailed images. Highlight more on the living areas, recreational space (if any), kitchen, bathrooms, backyard, and other major areas. This will not only give a detailed info about your house, but will also entice the potential buyers to visit your property.

        sell your house

        Considering that you are about to relocate and might not have time to spare on these formalities, we can help you in selling a home in Houston. Visit Realty Simplified LLC today, and leave us a property visit request. We buy houses in Houston; our property experts can settle everything within a couple of days while keeping you informed about all the costs of selling a house in details.

        5. Cite the Best Features of Your House While Listing:

        After you are done with putting striking pictures of your house, you must back it up with nice quotations, descriptions or a brief detail about it. Point out the advantages of your property location, talk about the positive points, mention the type and year of construction, and other such information. In this regard, storytelling can help you in compelling buyers and sell  a house.

        Though this sounds exciting and ensure a positive result, chances are there, you will be losing on time as you have to relocate. However, by contacting Realty Simplified LLC, you can save your time and sell your house fast in Houston.

        6. Valuation of Your House:

        Valuation of a home is one the most important phases of selling a home! Neither put a tag that exceeds present market standards, nor quote a price below the current property trends. While higher value might restrict buyers, lower value can bring in a negative connotation about your property and can slow down the process of selling a home.

        Valuation of Your House

        Well, if you are ready to say – ‘I want to sell my house fast in Houston’, Realty Simplified can assist you in many different ways. We buy houses in Houston; with us, you don’t have to worry about a self-valuation! Our property experts will guide through the entire process; from estimating the total cost of selling a house, settling a reasonable value, fulfilling the legal procedures to settling the deal within seven days.

        7. Use Your Social Circle to Highlight the Sale:

        Once decided to sell your house fast in Houston, you must involve your social circle in the process! Words of mouth spread quicker that most of the other communication channels. Take advantage of this and make sure all your social contacts, connections, friends, relatives and colleagues are aware of you selling a home.

        Use Your Social Circle to Highlight the Sale

        While preparing for a job relocation, you might be running out of time, and find it extremely difficult to keep everyone informed about selling your house! Well, even if this is the situation, you don’t have to worry about selling your house fast in Houston! Either drop a mail or give a call saying ‘buy my house in Houston’ to Realty Simplified LLC; we buy houses in Houston and can help you in settling a deal within only seven days.

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