Ideas to make your Home Look More Retro

Ideas to make your Home Look More Retro

Nakul Kongovi | December 20th, 2016

A retro style for your home is something which imitates or recreates those stunning and vibrant styles from the recent decades. If you consider the options available to create this kind of a look, there are too many of them. From focusing on particular features, to bringing out items that belong to the previous era, such as the 60s or the 70s, you can mix and match, and give it slight twist of your own to recreate the retro vibe.

Here are five things that you can do to give that retro style to your home interior.

Decide On a Theme

 Having a particular theme in mind will allow you to be more clear about what kind of a look you exactly want. For example, if you are more into art, you can get some of the best art works of the 70s, or even try and recreate them for your house. Or if you are more into natural materials, you can make use of some old items made from quality wood, or stones for your interior design.

Bring more life to these retro stuff by adding a touch of your own, to create brighter impressions and a lively ambiance.

Play With Colors And Prints

A retro style can never look “retro” if it does not include vibrant colors and bold prints. Wallpapers, accessories, curtains, walls and furniture are some of the good places where you can include them. But don’t end up creating a rainbow inside your own house. Because after that, you won’t be able to even sell your home without redesigning the whole place!

Keep a color scheme in mind and build your ideas around it. It might be anything ranging from a light shades to dazzling groups, keep in mind to stick with a minimum number of shades, so that you do not end up mixing them all.

The Unique Pieces

 Nothing is more retro than a huge gilded mirror on the wall, an antique pendulum clock, or even a classic chorded phone in the living room. The retro vibe is all about such big, bold and unique pieces from the past which give your interior design a whole new style. Some of the best places to find such items would be the second-hand stores or the flea markets. But you need to have an open mind when you go out hunting for such items, because you never know what you are going to come across.

Look out for people who are planning to sell house fast. Sometimes such people own these kind of retro items, and in a hurry to sell their home, they usually tend to give away the items for a far more lesser price than its worth.
Ideas to make your Home Look More Retro

The Hidden Beauties

 Sometimes you don’t even realize that the best retro pieces are at places where you least expect them to be. Under a thick layer of dust in the attic, or under a coat of slapped paint, these pieces are well hidden, right in front of you. Your home interior might not seem that interesting with an old cupboard and a drawer. But imagine the wonders it can do if the same things are repainted, and are added with some funky alternatives for their handles or the side panels.

The internet has some of the best and the craziest ideas on how to make good use of such items. Always keep an open mind and try to look out for the potentials of these old items.

The Old And The New

 One of the best ways to bring the crazy retro style in your interior design is by mixing up the elegant retro pieces with their modern counterparts. When these two meet, the fireworks are sure to explode. You could pair a modern art with a antiquely designed frame, have some retro designs on your modern furniture, or your ancient dresser could pair up with a beautiful ancient lamp.

To keep things alive it is very important to have variety in the interior design, which makes the home look more beautiful. So beautiful that you would never want to sell your home!

To successfully incorporate the retro style to your home, you need to be bold. Never be afraid of changing things and creating something apart from the normal. See the beauty in small things, and the difference that they can make, if provided with a touch of your own.

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