Real Estate Tech Trends – The Future Is Here

Real Estate Tech Trends – The Future Is Here

Nakul Kongovi | February 22nd, 2017

In the recent years, various real estate tech trends have had a huge impact on the real estate sector all over the world. From simple mobile apps for buying a home, to 3-D Virtual tours of a new house, everything has become more consumer friendly and comprehensible in nature.

When mobile apps were introduced in real estate, little did the tech experts know that this was just the tip of the iceberg and what lay beneath it was something which would bring upon a massive change in the real estate sector. Just a couple of years later, we now know how technology has grown, and how its growth has influenced some amazing transformations in Real Estate.

With technology set to reach high standards in the coming years, let talk about a few of these technologies which will influence the future of Real Estate.

Virtual Reality

One of the most exciting technologies in the world right now, virtual reality is every buyer’s dream come true. They will be able to view a property even when sitting in the office of the real estate agent, just by walking virtually inside the property. From experiencing the scale of the rooms, locations and sizes to encountering other senses such as smell or touch, virtual reality allows it all!

Internet of Things

This particular technology is allowing many Realtors to monitor a property and the activity around it in real time. It also allows buildings to send reports on the status of various equipment and other interruptions. Internet of Things has grown so much in the past couple of years that it now allows automatic calls to the police, the fire department or the ambulance in case of emergencies. It can also contact companies and schedule any kind of repairs and also automatically lock down the building when there are specific triggers. In the years to come, a smart home will be the choice of most buyers in the real estate market.


This platform allows complete multiparty real estate company transactions, and at the same time also allow you to stay organized and save a lot of time. These e-signatures are secure and are quite useful for various tasks such as file sharing or for a personal task list. This technology’s improved efficiency is sure to change a lot of things for Real Estate companies, and how the real estate agents respond to their clients.


Mobilized Lending

With real estate companies going through a complete transformation in the hands of technology, an immense opportunity for various innovations and new ideas in lending has been created. With numerous real estate companies already competing for the resource and money efficient platform to turn residential and commercial lending into a quick and easy process, real estate lending will soon become the biggest sub category in the country.

With a clear cut combination of mobile applications and digitized monetary collection, lending will soon become an activity that takes up only a few minutes out of your day.

Clearly, the emerging Real estate technology trends are sure to profit the real estate industry and the various real estate companies in the coming years. And with the pace at which these technological trends are developing, everything in the real estate industry is going to be more digital and analytic in nature. And it is certainly time for all the real estate agents out there to accept this change and learn to adopt the same.

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