Sell Your House Fast Around A Neighbourhood Eyesore

Sell Your House Fast Around A Neighbourhood Eyesore

Nakul Kongovi | September 12th, 2016

That abandoned house across the street, the neighbour’s house with sagging gutters, overgrown lawns and the house next door covered in weed! You may refer to these as ugly, or an irritation that you have to put up with everyday. But you need to note that such eyesores play a huge role in bringing down your home value when you are trying to reach out to people who want to buy house in Houston.

So what do you do, as a home seller in Houston, about the eyesore in the neighborhood when you are planning to sell your property ?

Here are some ways to help you resolve this issue, and sell your property to Houston house buyers without having to worry about your neighbour.

Sell House fast by being Helpful:

As a home seller, approaching the neighbour regarding this issue is the best thing to do. You can start of by writing a note and dropping it off at his place if you find it hard to face the owner directly.

Sell Your House Fast Around A Neighbourhood Eyesore133

But sometimes the owner may not be in a condition to take care of such issues. He may not have the time for it, or he may be short of cash. So if he needs any help with the whole cleaning process, never step back. Offer any kind of help from your side to clean up the whole place.

This will not only help in tidying up his place, but will also help you, as a home seller, to sell house fast to Houston house buyers.

Sell House fast by Notifying the HOA:

One of the main reasons for the existence of Home Owners Associations (HOA) is to prevent homes from being eyesores in the neighborhood. Letting them know about the shabby house next door will help you in selling your property to people planning to Buy house in Houston very soon.

Sell Your House Fast Around A Neighbourhood Eyesore134

Most HOAs first send a letter to the owner, warning him about the condition of his house and asking him to fix it as soon as possible. Or sometimes the HOA might take the responsibility of taking care of the problem, and later bill the homeowner for the expenses.

Sell House fast by Setting up Boundaries:

Sometimes just blocking the view of the neighbor’s house which is causing the problem, can be of good help. You can set up a boundary around your house using wooden fences, trees, arborvitae shrubs etc, so that the light comes in but the view does not.
Sell Your House Fast Around A Neighbourhood Eyesore135

A fast fix worth the investment, these natural boundaries will also add to the curb appeal of your house, thus attracting more people who want to buy house in Houston.

Sell House fast by taking Legal Action:

Lastly, if you are dealing with a stubborn neighbour, its best to just back off and let the law take over. As a home seller, you don’t want this neighbour jeopardizing any of your sales. But this step should be your last resort.

Though home owners are free to choose how their property looks, there is a reasonable standard, up to which it must be presented, and if your neighbour refuses to do so, there are laws that fine the owners for not abiding to the same.
Sell Your House Fast Around A Neighbourhood Eyesore136

Even after putting a lot of effort on the interiors and exteriors of your home, to make it look presentable, it can be tough to attract Houston house buyers, with a shabby neighbour next door, or an unkempt house right across the street. As a home seller, it is important to take the necessary action. In case you still don’t know which of these ways to use, or if you are not sure whether these ways will work for you, Realty Simplified LLC can help you. We buy houses in Houston in any condition in a very short time. Call us or drop a mail, to know more about how to sell house fast.

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