5 Reasons Why Holidays Are The Perfect Time For Selling Your House

5 Reasons Why Holidays Are The Perfect Time For Selling Your House

Nakul Kongovi | January 24th, 2017

Most of you out there who are planning on selling your house during holidays may have heard an earful from everybody around you! People don’t buy houses during holidays, you wouldn’t get enough time, the real estate market is down during this time of the year and etc etc etc. But based on a study by Redfin, houses that were listed from Dec 21 through March 21 had a 9%-10% better chances of selling, when compared to the houses that were listed later. And these stats just prove that the biggest myth in the real estate market about holiday season, is just a misconception.

So this holiday season, if you have planned to sell house fast Houston, get out there, put your house on the list and work towards getting it sold for its value.

Two Targets With a Single Arrow

One of the best things about selling a home during holidays is the decorations. While you decorate your home for the holidays, you can use the same as an advantage to stage your house in front of your buyers. The icing on the cake is that when you do this right, your buyers will find it really hard to reject your house.

Less Competition

As most people prefer to sell their house during the warmer months, selling your house during winters can turn out to be a huge advantage for you.

Less Competition

With a limited number of choices, buyers will be on the lookout for the best out of the very few ones available. And when you do everything right, you can easily sell house fast Houston in the holiday season.

Bad Weather Is Your Best Buddy 

“How do I sell my house Houston in such a bad weather?” This is a major concern for most of the sellers trying to sell their home during the holiday season. But little do they know that bad weather can actually help them sell house fast Houston!

Your buyers actually appreciate this month as it allows them to see your home at times when it is more prone to harsh weather conditions. And if your house can pass this test, buyers will be more than assured that your house is indeed a good buy.

The Dates

Selling your house during holidays allows you to have automatic days off from having to show your home. No home buyer would attend an open house on Christmas or New Year’s eve.

The Dates

This gives you an advantage of time, during which you can enjoy your Christmas and at the same time prepare for the upcoming business days.

Motivated buyers

While selling your house during holidays, one thing you might notice is that the number of buyers is comparatively low. But nothing to worry about, because what lacks in numbers is made up in motivation. After all, these buyers are spending their gala time looking for houses instead of taking time away from all the stress. They are certainly not messing around,which is a very good sign for you as a seller because you know they are ready and wanting to buy.

Don’t listen to the hunks out there who say that selling your house is impossible during holiday season. Do what is right for your home and watch it sell for a very good price.

If you are still not sure of going forward, but yet need to sell house fast Houston, call Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston at any time of the year and offer fast cash in return. Get in touch with us to know more about how to sell your house in Houston.

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