Planning To Sell Your House In Houston? Work On These Right Away!

Planning To Sell Your House In Houston This Year? Start Working On These Right Away!

Planning To Sell Your House In Houston? Work On These Right Away!

Nakul Kongovi | January 19th,2017

If selling a home is a ride which you have never been on before, buckle up, because it is not going to be a smooth one, especially with the nature of Houston home buyers. They are so demanding in the present time that they don’t want to wait for the open house anymore. They want to access the house for a look around only at the times that work for them, at their own convenience.

With many factors influencing the sale of your house, as a seller you just cannot afford to overlook or ignore any of them. And with a high competition market, you lose if you make mistakes. Let us look into a few important factors so that you don’t end up committing these mistakes when you sell a home.

Buy Only After You Sell

A reason for confusion among most of the buyers, they are in a dilemma whether to buy a new house first, or sell their present home before that, or maybe do them both simultaneously. But there is nothing worse than having to carry two mortgages at once.

Buy Only After You Sell

You may have to rent your house from your buyer for a couple of days or maybe find a temporary place to crash elsewhere. But the point is you do not want to rush and try to buy a new place fast just because you are selling your present home.

Your Agent – He Has To Be Good

A CEO of one of the biggest real estate firms has a brilliant idea to test one of the potential skills of an estate agent – bargaining. So what he says is, “While hiring your agent, ask for a reduction in his commission. And if he agrees you might have to

reject him politely. Because if he is not ready to negotiate a full commission on his behalf, how will he even negotiate a good price for your property??

Market Your Home – Let Everyone Know About It

When you want to sell house fast Houston, just listing it won’t have an impact on its sale. You need to bring out your marketing tools and ensure that buyers come in search of your home, in the locality. Amazing photographs, video tutorials,  gorgeous floor plans and everything else a buyer wants has to be taken care by you. When Houston home buyers are doing so much to stay ahead of time and dig out the best property in the market, you need to do your bit and make sure that they come to you.

A recent research shows that the listings with pictures got 60% more views and some of them even sold for $3,000 to $10,000 more than the houses priced similarly in the market. Well, the stats speak for themselves.

 Go clean and Go Fixed

Two of the most important factors that play a major role in selling a home fast Houston are cleanliness and the fixes in your home. The idea of cleaning out your storage areas, cleaning off the cupboards and drawers, taking down the unwanted photos and moving out the unwanted furniture is Real Estate 101 to sell house fast Houston. Also, it is very important that you take care of all the fixes(minor & major) before you start showing your house to the buyers.

From broken tiles to leaky taps and patchy walls make sure that you don’t leave any of them pending. Buyers make a huge financial commitment when they buy your house ad they wouldn’t want to spend some extra bucks on repair or cleaning work before they move in.

Price – Do Not Mess With It

When selling a home, pricing it right is an art which most of the sellers find it hard to master. And with the variations in the market, it is difficult to keep track of the pricing column of a property. But always keep in mind that “testing” the market will never help you in selling a home fast in Houston.

You price it too high and you will be out of the gate in no time. You price it too low and you are sure to incur losses. It is not like how it was before. Most of the buyer agents won’t even show your house if it overpriced. You are sure to end up in the “unexplored corner” of the real estate market if you get this wrong. You just cannot afford to do so.

Unless you know how to handle the entire process, selling your house can get you exhausted and worn out. And it is just not about the process but also the people  you face, may it be your agents or the buyers, they are sure to add to your misery.

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