Things To Do Before Signing A Lease Agreement

Things To Do Before Signing A Lease Agreement

Nakul Kongovi | October 12th, 2016

Renting a wrong house can be as painful as falling into a man-hole! Adding more to this, if the landlord or landlady turns out to be a nightmare; your life will surely become hell!

But then, you simply cannot decide whether the house is a good choice or not or how will be the landlord or landlady after you move in! However, there are several other ways that can answer all your queries even before you move-in into a house. Here are some of the questions or things to do that you should follow before entering into a lease agreement; make a good choice and live happily!

1. Read and Understand the Lease:

Real estate agreements, at times, have some hidden terms and conditions. Decoding these terms and conditions is not as easy as it might sound to common citizens as they are written either by law practitioners or hardcore estate guys!

Before entering into any agreement, make sure you know how to decipher these coded conditions and understand all the terms. Not having a proper knowledge and idea about all the mentioned terms and conditions can give you tough times later.

2. Avoid Agreements that Are Common Everywhere:

Most of the house owners intend to use the same template while fixing a lease agreement. Well, the problem with a common lease agreement is that most of them come with pre-decided dates, pre-assumed conditions, and a predefined set of restrictions.

Avoid signing such agreements! Make sure the agreement that you sign do not sound just like the agreement your neighbor signed. In short, your lease agreement should have the landlord or landlady’s name, your details, all contact details, information about the house, the rent amount, and other such important info.

3. Check for a Severability Clause in the Agreement:

Having a severability clause within the lease agreement can save you from disasters! It not only allows you keep the contract intact, but also allows you to remove any conditions that do not fit you in the future or sound illegal. With a severability clause, you can specifically remove a certain condition without affecting the other terms and conditions.

4. Go Through the State Property Laws:

As property laws vary from state to state, you need to be extra cautious while signing a lease agreement! Make sure, you are well acquainted with your state property laws. If required, you can consult with an attorney expert or an estate agent to have a clear understanding of the existing property laws in your state.

5. Check for Other Miscellaneous Clauses:

Before entering into an agreement, you should also fix the rental amount, payment date, division of utility bills, and other such conditions. Ask the landlord or landlady about the provisions to have a pet; whether a yes or no, ask the property owner to mention that in the agreement.


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