How To Know The Repair Costs Before You Sell Your Home?

How To Know The Repair Costs Before You Sell Your Home

How To Know The Repair Costs Before You Sell Your Home?

Nakul Kongovi | January 30th, 2017

Planning to sell your home? If yes, have you assessed the condition of your property? Do you know about the things you need to take care of before listing your home for sale? Most homes, before going on board for sale, need few repairs, and these can be something as minor as a leakage in a tap, or a major one such as an issue in the foundation. Whatever it is, and however big it is, always take these repairs into account.

So now that you know you just cannot ignore the fixes, you should also keep in mind the size of the hole in your pocket, that these fixes are sure to burn. Because you don’t want to end up spending all your money for a few minor repairs and then have nothing left for the major ones!
But how do you start? Where do you start? Read on…

Know the “Big Burners”

The best way to determine whether your money on the repairs is worthy enough, is to make a note of some of the repairs, which are sure to burn a hole in your pocket.

These include :

1. Faulty Chimneys and fireplaces
2. Roofing and Structural Damage
3. Replacing a damaged Driveway
4. Electrical Repairs
5. Fixing a Sewer Line
6. Replacing a HVAC Unit
7. Termites

Get Inspected

All these repairs can easily cost you around $1000 and more. And Houston house buyers would definitely want these fixed before deciding on buying your home.

Get Inspected

Selling a home to buyers these days is not an easy job. They don’t get impressed easily, and to make it worse they even hire a home inspector for a thorough check of your house. So even before that, hire an inspector yourself. Your inspector will go through every nook and corner of your home and report back with everything that has to be taken care of before listing it. By doing so, you can eradicate all those issues that you yourself would never find!

Get Your Quotes

One way to sell your home without incurring any loss, is to get your numbers before hand. Get an estimate for every single item on your inspector’s report, which you cannot handle by yourself. Once you have the numbers, sum it up and subtract it from the average sales price of your home. ( You can get this by comparing your home with the other similar ones on sale in the neighborhood ) Suppose your cost for the repairs is about $20,000, and the average sales price of your home is $170,000 then your profit is about $150,000.

But keep in mind that this does not include some of the other major expenses like tax, homeowner’s fee, utilities fee and insurance which you need to pay when selling a home.

Home Investor – A One Stop Solution

When you have major repairs while selling a home, getting in touch with a good home investor might be something for you to think about. A major advantage of acquainting with a home investor is that you don’t have to spend your “repair money” at all. With absolutely no obligations, you can get a quote within a couple of days from your home investor and you do not have to worry anymore thinking “How to sell my house Houston?”

Selling a home amongst the present Houston home buyers is not an easy task unless you know how to work around the entire process. On the other hand, you can just avoid all the hassle and just get in touch with a reputed Realtor such as Realty Simplified LLC to sell your house fast Houston. To know more, call us or drop a mail.

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