Best Way To Get Houston House Buyers

Best Way To Get Houston House Buyers

Nakul Kongovi | August 24th, 2016

Finding potential Houston house buyers can get tiresome while selling a home! Also, owing to the fact – you can’t afford to spend much time searching for potential house buyers, you should stop searching for Houston house buyers and sell your house with either a ‘Realtor‘ or ‘Home Investor‘.

But then, both of these come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out which of these two you should opt for while selling a home:

Q: Who is a Realtor?

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A member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a realtor is an expert who assists clients in the real estate market. Be it buying a house or selling a home, finding plots, or any other services that involves property dealing, a realtor is the person who can fulfil all the requirements.

Advantages of Selling a Home with Realtors:

  1. They Knows the Market and Can Sell House Fast:
    Being well acquainted with the market trends, a realtor can help you to find the right group of Houston house buyers and sell house fast.
  2. They Can Negotiate While Selling a Home:
    A real estate agent knows how to negotiate with the buyers. Selling a home with their assistance can get your bankable deals while selling a home.
  3. Expert Guidance While Selling a Home:
    With their experience in the real estate industry, they can guide you through the entire process of selling a home while keeping your goals and objectives fixed.
  4. Better Options to Sell House Fast:
    While listing or selling a home with a realtor, you can always expect better contacts, which in turn can result into better deals from Houston house buyers.

Disadvantages of Selling a Home with Realtors:

  1. A Realtor Charges You:
    Settling a realtor’s commission can get irksome at times.
  2. Repair Works and Lot More to Sell House Fast:
    Listing a house with the realtors also means that you make it sale-ready. Repair works and other fixations can dig a hole in your wallet.
  3. Uncertain Duration to Sell House:
    Selling a home with a realtor never promises you a fixed sale-duration. You can get Houston house buyers within a week or have to wait for a couple of months.
  4. Loads of Paper Works to SellHouse:
    While planning to sell house with a realtor, you have to complete all paper works by yourself; it can be a tiring process.

Q: Who is a Home Investor?

A home investor is the one who purchase houses or properties directly from the owners with his/her own intentions.

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Advantages of Selling a Home with Home Investor:

  1. You Can Sell House Fast:
    With a home investor, you don’t have to wait for any Houston house buyers; they buy a home directly from the owners.
  2. Spot Cash Offer to Sell House:
    While selling a home with a home investor, you can always expect spot cash offers on your house or property.
  3. No Repairing or Other Such Costs to SellHouse:
    A home investor buys a house ‘AS IS’; you don’t have to worry about getting things repaired or fixed while selling a home.
  4. Less Paper Works to Sell House:
    Even if paper works are required to complete the process of selling a home, a home investor takes all the responsibilities; you will be free from all legal procedures.

Disadvantages of Selling a Home with Home Investors:

Compared to a realtor, selling a house with a home investor promises almost zero disadvantages. However, at times, you might not be able to get retail price on your house.

Well, if you decide to sell house with a home investor like Realty Simplified, LLC, you don’t have to keep searching for Houston house buyers. We buy houses in Houston; call us or get in touch today to know more about how you can sell your house fast in Houston with us.

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