How To Find A Good Home Buyer’s Real Estate Agent

How To Find The Best Home Buyer’s Real Estate Agent

How To Find A Good Home Buyer’s Real Estate Agent

Nakul Kongovi | December 23rd, 2016

As a home buyer, the most important thing that you should know is that, buying a home is not similar to selling a home. Everything from the experience and feelings, to the emotions that you go through, are completely different. And since buying and selling differ so much, it is obvious that the real estate agent you hire will have to be different as well.

Is There A Difference?

Most people who are either buying a house or selling it, prefer working with a regular agent rather than a specific buyer’s agent. And these regular agents are subjected to state laws regarding ethical practices. On a different line, there are quite a few differences between a buyer’s agent and a real estate agent.

1. A real estate agent does not represent you. He represents the seller. To break it down, a real estate agent is the one who works for a company, and he is entitled to show listings of his own firm first, before moving on to the other listings.

2. On the other hand, a buyer’s agent works for a company which is exclusive to only the home buyers and does not accept any seller’s listings. They are more particular about showing you the properties that are best suited only to you. In fact a buyer’s agent will help you find the homes which are on sale by the owner as well.

Why Should You Work With a Buyer's Agent

Why Should You Work With a Buyer’s Agent?

A great buyer’s agent on your side means a lot more than the help that he provides you in finding a good home. A good buyer’s agent will also :

1. Help you with the financing options.

2. Prepare the necessary applications and forms.

3. Use his knowledge to help you understand the local market conditions.

4. Assist you in the entire buying process and even negotiate price and terms to make things easier for you.

5. Take care of loan closing and other bank related process.

How Do You Find a Good Agent?

When buying a home, an agent who is an Accredited Buyer Representative is your best option. With some of the best qualifications, these buyer’s agents work to perfection, only in your best interests. Buying a home can get easier if you interview the agents in a proper way, to narrow down on the best one.

Some of the questions that you can ask are :

1. Will he also help you to sell your home? You know what his answer should be right? A BIG NO!

2. Is this his full time job? Of course you would want him to work round the clock.

3. What are the certificates that he holds? Look out for Accredited Buyer Representatives (ABR) or Certified Buyer Representatives(CBR).

4. How familiar is he with the local market? An agent with experience can make a huge difference when you are buying a home.

5. Will there be any extra payment? As a home buyer, you wouldn’t want to pay additional fees.

Most home buyers tend to take very less care when hiring an agent, and thus end up suffering in the real estate market. With the right choice, buying a home is a simple task and you can get over with the entire procedure in a couple of days.

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