Buying A Home? Look Out For These Red Flags

Buying A Home

Buying A Home? Look Out For These Red Flags

Nakul Kongovi | December 27th, 2016

Most of the times, when buying a home, you tend to be very excited about it. The various feelings, emotions and thoughts are so overwhelming that, it sometimes leads to the possibility of you missing out on some important things while buying a house. When you are out house hunting, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind as a buyer. And these are the stuff that people who are selling a home will never inform you about. Things like the roof of the house, the electrical connections, or sometimes a water leakage in the bathroom, are just a few stuffs you need to look out for.

Potential Structural Problems

You would never want to buy a house with foundation/structural problems, trust me! As foundation of a home is the most important factor for a home to be strong, correcting the foundation problems is one of the costliest repairs that you can ever come across. So before buying a home, make sure to check whether there are any problems related to the found of the home.

You can look out for large cracks in the basements, or problems in the door frames of the house which are a clear sign of structural problems in the house. The person selling a home would least expect you to check the foundation of the house!

Buying A Home

 Insect / Pest issues

A severe pest problem in a home is certainly a major issue and it certainly raises a red flag. Pets like the wood destroying pests can cause great amount of damage to the house. Some of the most common pests are termites, carpenter ants and bark beetles.

You can ask the seller to get a pest inspection done in the house to get rid of all such damage causing pests. As the cost of an inspection is quite inexpensive, it wouldn’t burn a hole in the seller’s pocket.

Problems in Electrical Systems

Usually, if the home is quite old, it is bound to have electrical issues, unless the person selling a home has taken prior care. Older electrical panels with worn out fuses, or in some cases the old tube wirings, are the reasons why homes face failures in electrical systems.

It is quite obvious that all the home buyers are not professional electricians to check the entire system thoroughly. However, you can always check simple things by turning on the switches in the living room, kitchen and the bathrooms, checking for flickering lights or empty outlets.

Poor Drainage

Clogged toilets, bad smells and water everywhere inside the house, is something which terrifies every home buyer. And most of these problems are directly associated with problems in the drainage system. Not easily detectable, poor drainage can actually give you nightmares if they are not taken care of. Some obvious signs you can look out for are pooling water in the yard, water stains on walls and basement.

When selling a home, the sellers usually tend to take care of such major issues, because even they know that with major problems like these, it is not possible to sell my house fast Huston.

Buying a home is a major event in anybody’s life. Thus it is important that buyers look out for such red flags and make sure that they buy a perfect house. Buying a home can be a very simple process with the right guidance and a good presence of your mind. On the other hand, if you are looking for ideas on how to sell my house fast Houston, get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition and offer fast cash in return. Call us or drop a mail to know more about selling a home.

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