5 Best-Kept Secrets To Sell House Fast Houston

5 Best-Kept Secrets To Sell House Fast Houston

Nakul Kongovi | December 16th, 2016

Selling a home can sometimes get really tough, especially when you don’t give attention to some of the small details which actually play a huge part in the entire process. So what are these details that you need to take care of? Let us dig a little deeper to reveal the secret.

 Set The Price Right Before Selling Your  Home

 If you go wrong here, even if you do everything else right, selling your house will end up as an impossible task to achieve. It is very important that you set the right price for your home depending on your market and the condition of your property.

Once you know the exact value of your home, cut it down by 15%-20%. So when you present your property in the market with this revised price, you are sure to have quite a number of buyers bidding each other out in the process. The price will even go higher than the actual worth of your home. Although this is one of the most effective strategy in today’s market, not all sellers take up the risk of reducing the price of their property.

Selling Your Home With The Right Agent

One of the main reasons why your sale might go horribly is because you might be working with the wrong agent. It is very important that you choose an agent who is willing to put maximum effort to make selling your home an easy job. An experienced agent who knows the market well, knows how the MLS work, and also knows how to stage your house depending on the other houses on sale in the neighborhood, is the best bet for you to sell house fast Houston.

At the same time, don’t be completely dependent on the agent to do all your works. Put in some effort of your own, reach out to your friends and relatives and spread the word about your home as far as possible.


Don’t Over Upgrade

 Change is always a good thing. But when there are too many good things, it becomes difficult to handle them. A couple of changes here and there in your house will actually make a huge difference when you are selling it. But please avoid an entire overhaul! Don’t make hasty decisions which may not at all be necessary, because these decisions might actually drive the buyers away as well.

A quick repaint to make your house look fresh, replacing the old curtains, mats and bulbs, and some small fixes in places like kitchen and bathroom are some of such fixes that you need to take care of when selling a home.

 Make Sure Your Pets Are Not Around

 Your cuddly dog might be the one to cheer you up in your home, but not everyone are comfortable around dogs, cats or any pet animal for that matter. Such buyers would certainly grimace if they walk into your home and see a bowl full of dog food, or a tuft of pet hair stuck to the door mat. So when you are expecting few potential buyers to visit your home n a particular day, make sure that you leave your pets at a relative’s house or even a friend’s house.

Make sure to check that the house is clean of pet hair, and that the place doesn’t have that pet smell lingering around. Such things might end up as a huge blow to your plans to sell house fast Houston.

Know How To Sell Your Home By Impressing

Don’t get so busy setting things right inside your home that you forget about the outside of the home completely. When selling a home, it is important that you take care of both the exteriors and the interiors at the same time. Because no matter how your interiors look, a badly trimmed lawn or bushes that are not taken care of, will immediately put a negative thought in the minds of Houston home buyers. Do not ever ruin your first impression because it is this first impression which decides the fate of the deal most of the times.

Even when you make sure that you take care of the smallest and smallest things, sometimes it takes a really long time before a buyer is interested in your house. But if you are in a hurry and you want to sell your fast, get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition, and offer quick cash in return. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how to sell house fast Houston.

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    Tips To Resolve Title Issues When Selling a House

    Tips To Resolve Title Issues When Selling a House

    Nakul Kongovi | December 13th, 2016

    If you are planning to sell your house fast Houston, it is important that you take care of all the title issues of the house, and make sure that they are resolved before you sell your home. Let us discuss a little more about these title issues and how to resolve them.

    It is always helpful when you know what you are dealing with, when it comes to the various title issues of your house. Some possible issues involve:

    • Boundary disputes
    • Federal or local tax liens
    • Claims by missing heirs
    • Liens based on the work done on the property
    • Various other ownership claims

    If you are a seller, planning to sell your home, or an investor looking to buy a property, some of these tips will help you in dealing with the title issues of your house. 

    Opt For a Title Company

    When selling your home, an efficient and proactive title company can be a huge sign of positiveness for you. Choose a right company so that they can do a complete research on your property to find out more about its title problems. While selling your home, you may have many questions and doubts regarding the title problems of your house, so make sure that you communicate with the company on a regular basis and that they are available for consultations when you need them.

    At the same time, you should also make sure that the company reports back to you on a regular basis regarding the various updates on the issues. If you find that they are not able to communicate properly, you may want to change the company you are working with.

    Tips To Resolve Title Issues When Selling a House

    Find a Proficient Real Estate Attorney

    Happy that you could identify the title issues? Well, it is not time to relax yet. After identifying these issues, you need to get in touch with a capable attorney who can guide you on how to handle these issues. A good attorney will also be able to give you an estimate on how much will it cost to resolve these issues.

    When choosing your attorney, make sure that you don’t just pick someone out from the blue. Do a bit of research of your own, background checks, their works, their clients and their experience in handling such issues. Look out for attorney with lot of experience and credentials as they will be capable enough to handle any kind of problems with ease. After selecting a few of them whom you may be interested in, interview the attorneys to know more about their works, and the clients that they have dealt with.

    A good attorney plays a major role in helping you to sell your home even when it is loaded with issues or problems.

    Find Easy Ways

    It doesn’t matter if you are a seller, trying to sell your house fast Houston, or an investor opting to buy properties, you wouldn’t want any extra work to burden you. We can help you in handling the issues without you having to break your head about it. this means that getting cash for your house which has title issues is much easier than you thought.

    At Realty Simplified, you can cash for your house in Houston without any of the hassles that you experience with title issues. We buy houses Houston as it is, and even provide instant cash for your house. Get in touch with us to know more about how to sell your house fast Houston.

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      Why Is Asking Price So Important When Selling a House In Houston?

      Why Is Asking Price So Important When Selling a House In Houston?

      Nakul Kongovi | December 08th, 2016

      These days, selling a house in Houston really does test your patience and tolerance level. The growing number of sellers, fussy buyers and the agents with their money minting minds, are sure to drive you crazy, especially when you want to sell your house in the middle of this chaos.

      With so many things to take care of, one of the first things you will think about is the price. How much should you sell your house for? But before you think of answering this question, you need to understand why is the asking price so important while selling your house. Let us see more on how asking price acts as a useful tool to sell your house fast.

      It Attracts and Repels Buyers

      You can find buyers at every point of the price spectrum in a real estate market. The asking price of your home will either attract these buyers or repels them. At a higher price, you are sure to catch the attention of the high end buyers (you will be repelling the low end buyers), and a pretty low price will attract the low-price buyers.

      It is a good thing that certain set of buyers are repelled by the price of your home, as you don’t want to be wasting your time trying to sell your house to buyers with no intention of buying.

      It Discloses Information

      When selling a house in Houston, the asking price of your house reveals a lot of information to the buyers. For example, if your house is in neighborhood where the average price is $150,000, and your asking price is $80,000, it obviously says that your home needs some repairs, or that you are trying to sell your fast.

      On the other hand, if you price your home at $200,000 in the same locality, it might clearly say that your home is far more superior than the other houses.

      It Is The Starting Point For Negotiations

       You would be probably know that it is close to impossible to sell your house at exactly the asking price. Whether your house is priced at the higher end or at a lower end, negotiations between the seller and the buyer will always be there. Your asking price is usually that starting point from where the negotiations begin with. Though you wouldn’t want to come down from your asking price, the buyers too work on getting your house for as low price as possible.

      Don’t make the mistake of standing firm on your asking price by saying a complete NO to the negotiations, because they are very important while selling your house as the buyer would immediately lose interest on the house when he gets to know that you are not open for negotiations.

      Why Is Asking Price So Important When Selling a House In Houston?

      Getting cash or your house in Houston is not a simple job, especially when the buyers are fussy and they have tonnes of other options to choose from in the same neighborhood. Thus a perfect asking price will certainly be an added advantage for you to sell your house fast among other highly competitive properties. But this is not the only way to sell! If you are confused about what your asking price should be, or if you want to sell 4 your house fast Houston by skipping all these procedures, you can get cash for your house inn Houston from us. At Realty Simplified LLC, we buy houses Houston, under any condition and we offer you the best price in the market. Get in touch with us to know more about how selling a house in Houston can be very easy!

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        Tips To Sell a House Fast When Out Of State

        Tips To Sell a House Fast When Out Of State

        Those frequent calls, the never ending repairs, the fussy buyers, and the estate agent who cares more about the money you pay him, rather than your house that he needs to sell fast. Selling your house can get really uncomfortable, and sometimes you just want to run away to leave everything and just get a few hours of sleep. On top, if you have to sell your home from out of state, it just gets intimidating. There is so much to do and it is really difficult if you are not there.

        So what exactly should you do? Let us look into a few tips to help you sell a house fast when you are out of state.

         Stay In Touch

        When selling your home, make sure that you have a regular contact with your trusted neighbor, or somebody else in the same neighborhood, who can take good care of your home. This person can watch over your house to make sure that nobody breaks in, and he can even provide access to the various buyers and real estate agents who drop by your home.

        If you have nobody to trust upon, you can inform the local law enforcement, and they will surely keep an eye on the property. But this might be quite risky as they don’t go and check on your home daily, and they definitely won’t care about any buyer or a real estate agent visiting your home.

        Provide The Access

        Your buyer can decide to pay a visit to your home at any time on a given day. So when they want to see the house, it becomes really awkward if the keys to your home is not available, and they have to return back. In fact such things can even make the buyer lose interest in your property. Thus make sure to leave a key behind with a trusted person who can be available most of the times.

        This helps even in case of certain emergencies like water leakage inside the bathroom, or maybe an electric short circuit, a small fire in the kitchen etc. At such times the spare key that you left behind certainly acts as a saving grace.

        Safeguard Your Belongings

        When selling your home, if it is empty or vacant, you don’t have to worry too much about it. You can just avoid this step. On the other side, if there are any furniture, or appliances in your home, you need to be a little more careful about it. Though including furniture or appliances will surely help you to sell a house fast, such stuff also mean extra work for you. An unoccupied house filled with furniture and appliances is sure to attract quite a few robbers, and you may have to deal with them. But no worries, security cameras, or a watchful neighbor can actually do this job for you.

        Let us forget about the thefts for a moment now. The furniture and other belongings might be cluttered all around the house, and you certainly don’t want your buyer to see the home in this state. You may have to hire a professional organizer, who will do a great job in sorting and organizing all your belongings in the house.

        Hire a Good Realtor

        A possible single solution for all your problems. A good Realtor will not only show and market your home, but will also check on it on a regular basis, take care of its interiors and exteriors by hiring certain contractors, and also ensure a smooth process till the closing of the deal. A Realtor can actually help you to sell a house fast without having to worry too much about it.

        But who is a ‘good Realtor’? How do you identify them? As you will not be present during the process, it is very important that you do a bit of background checks, personal interviews and checking on the reviews from the agency, so that you can narrow down on to your potential Realtor.
         Tips To Sell a House Fast When Out Of State

        It is never easy when your are not present ‘right there’! With your daily activities and responsibilities, it becomes really hard to maintain all these tasks so that you can sell a house fast. If you are looking to avoid all these extra work so that selling your home turns out to be an easy task, call Realty Simplified LLC today! We buy houses Houston under any condition. Sell your house fast Houston with us and get instant cash offers and other deals. Get in touch with us to know more about how to sell your house fast Houston.

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          Top 4 Areas You Tend To Overlook When Selling Your Home

          Top 4 Areas You Tend To Overlook When Selling Your Home

          Nakul Kongovi | December 2nd, 2016

          When you are selling your home, only you know about the effort it takes to get everything right, before even listing it out in the market. From taking care of the minor repairs to cleaning each and every corner of the house, it surely is a meticulous task.

          With so much hustle and bustle, it so happens that sometimes you tend to overlook a few areas. Such areas, though not significant enough to worry about, can still have a negative effect on your buyers. Let us have a look at some of those areas which you might be overlooking in your Houston home.


          Garbage Disposal

          A kitchen appliance that all of use everyday, and yet avoid cleaning it on a regular basis. Well, before selling your home, you need to clean it thoroughly. The junk thrown down the disposal everyday leaves a lot of residue that accumulates and causes a clear-cut foul smell eventually. And you wouldn’t want a buyer to wince at that smell when he visits your house right?

          You can make use of dishwater soap and water to clean it once everyday. If that does not work, sealing it with baking soda and vinegar will surely do the trick. But do not forget to give it a quick rinse after letting the seal sit for a while.

          Washing Machine

           Planning on selling a house with a washer and dryer included, you better make sure that they are clean and working properly. Sometimes chances are that a mildew may develop in the washer if you leave wet clothing in it for too long, and this may even affect its working condition. One of the most simplest ways to clean the washer is to  fill it with hot water, add a bit of detergent and run a complete wash. After finishing, just run another cycle with just the hot water.

          If this doesn’t work, cleaning it with vinegar will surely help you get rid of the mildew. Before selling a house, it is important that you make sure the appliances you include are in perfect working conditions. You do not want them to be something a buyer can use against you when buying your home.


          Just like your washing machine, if your dishwasher isn’t clean, it will not work properly. Just like mentioned earlier, you can easily clean your dishwasher by using vinegar. Fill a container with warm water and two cups of vinegar. Soak the dishwasher’s arm, grate and filter in the container and let it dry. Wipe down the inside of dishwasher and put the parts back before running a cycle with two cups of vinegar.

          When you include such appliances along with your home, they can sometimes turn out to be a disadvantage for you. Thus before including such appliances, check their working condition and fix it, if needed.

          Home Air Filter

          DO NOT forget to replace your Home Air Filter. It is very important to replace them once in every month. Though some of them allow you to do this once in every three months, it is necessary to change it, especially when selling your home. The air filters are the ones which filter out all the pollutants and the allergens from air, thus allowing you to breathe in clean air and stay healthy.

           When you plan to sell your house fast, it is quite common that you might overlook a few areas. But if you make sure to give attention to some of the smallest details, you can surely avoid such mistakes. On the other hand, if you feel all this is a little bit too much to work on, you can sell your house with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition. Call us or drop a mail to get instant  offers on your home and too know more about how to sell your house fast in Houston.

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            5 Handy Tips For Selling Your Luxury Homes

            5 Handy Tips For Selling Your Luxury Homes

            Nakul Kongovi | November 30th, 2016

            If you are reading this, then probably you are one of those guys who are finding it difficult to sell a luxury home. No worries, because selling a luxury home is definitely not rocket science, and if you get everything right, you can finish the complete process in just a couple of months. Here are a few tips that will help you get started with. But always remember that patience is the key when you are selling your house.

            Give Attention To Crucial Details

            When it is about selling a luxury home, every single aspect of how you present your property needs to redefined. Focusing on the smallest details like staging your house, or ensuring that the landscape is clean, making sure that there are no typos in your marketing copy, play a major role in the process of selling your house.

            You can always hire professionals to look into every detail of the property before listing it out on sale. But if you plan on doing it on your own, just make sure that you don’t miss out on anything, because even a single flaw is enough for the buyer to turn down your offer.

            5 Handy Tips For Selling Your Luxury Homes

            Use Multiple Channels For Marketing

            When your luxury home is on sale in the market, your target audience is usually not available in large numbers. So, even though your luxury home gets a fair amount of marketing when it is listed, it is important that you make use of the other available channels to market it.

            Print advertising, direct mailing, videos, text ads and every other arrow in the quiver can make a big difference in your marketing strategy. Put that social media account of yours into good use, and try and spread the word about your offers as much as possible.

            Bring Out That Glamour

            When you market your luxury home, it is never only about selling its features, but also about creating a certain ‘mystique’ that attracts the buyers to your property. Your target audience, the high-end buyers, are usually interested in buying not just the house, but the lifestyle or the environment that surrounds it. Incorporating this in your strategy is the key to sell house fast.

            You might have to experiment with your approach of selling your house, and this might include some out of the box ideas. But again, this is what creates that spark of interest among the buyers in the market.

            Consider a Few Extra Incentives

            If you are worried about how to sell house fast, this might actually help you out. Along with your luxury home, your imported furniture or some of the old and valuable art pieces will surely add quite a leverage, enough to motivate the buyer. There will be times when your buyer will just be on the verge of commitment, yet not fully confident about his decision. At such times, these incentives or offers that you provide helps to bridge that gap between what the buyer is willing to pay and your asking price.

            Price It Right

            When selling your house, the price that you quote is extremely important to position it properly for the present marketplace. Especially in the case of luxury homes, deciding on the price is not going to be an easy decision. With your niche audience being less in number, a high rice may have an adverse effect on your listing.

            Hire professionals, look into the prices of other similar homes in the neighbourhood, and consider a few other factors such as the season, and the condition of your home, to set the right price for your house on sale.

            All you require is the right idea on how to market and sell your luxury home, and you will be attracting the buyers just like how flowers attract the bees! If you are confident enough with your abilities, just go ahead and list your luxury home right away in the market. But if you are not sure, you can always get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston fast under any condition. Call us or drop a mail and our experts will be at your doorstep. Team up with us and sell your luxury home within no time!

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              5 Ways To Deal With Bad Tenants When Selling a Home

              5 Ways To Deal With Bad Tenants When Selling a Home

              Nakul Kongovi | November 28th, 2016

              Broken window panes, holes in the wall, nasty odours, and a loss of hundreds of dollars, one would wonder what was the name of the storm that passed by? Well, it might not be a storm, but the case of having a bad tenant.

              It is impossible to find a landlord with one or two experiences with such tenants. The ones who try your patience and talk you into ‘one more chance’, or the ones who treat your property in the worst possible way, they can be found just everywhere. And the worst part is, the nuisance just gets worse when you want to sell your house occupied by them.

              Bad Tenants When Selling a Home

              If you are one such landlord, planning to sell your home, but held back due to such trouble makers, these tips are certainly for you. Read on and know how to deal with terrible tenants.

              Hit The Right Note

              You might be really tempted to shout at your tenants and tell them that you have had enough, and you want them to vacate right away! But doing so is not advisable because the result might not be a pleasant one. Damaged property is not what you want to end up with while selling a home, Right?

              A right balance between a polite, yet a firm attitude is required to maintain a fine line so that you don’t go and explode in front of your bad tenants.

              Inspect Your Home

              Before even you let your tenant know that you are planning to get them out of the house, do a thorough survey of the entire property. Check the walls, dents and the appliances which are yours, and make sure that nothing is broken. Take photographs as well, you may need them later.

              If your tenants get angry, and decide to show their anger on your property, the inspection you did might be enough to prevent such acts. They know that you know how things were before, and they wouldn’t want to mess around when you have the proof for everything. But this is not the case with everybody. You need to be prepared for all kinds of bad tenants when selling your home.

              Lease Violation Is Your Trump Card

              The best bet against your bad tenant, lease violations are the simplest way to evict someone out of your property. It might be stipulations in the lease about overstaying guests, the pet you didn’t allow, or something as simple as frequent late payment of rents. All you have to do is have the evidence documented, and your bad tenants will be history.

              Sit Down And Talk

              This is one of the most important, and the trickiest part of selling your home which is occupied with tenants. Once you have everything ready, it is time to sit down with your tenant and have a talk. You have to be sympathetic, calm and composed when speaking, so that you don’t freak them out and turn the whole situation into a complete mess.

              Try and avoid discussing this matter over phone calls or formal letters, as nothing is more genuine than a face to face conversation.

              Legal Eviction

              The last thing that you would want to deal with while selling a house, is a legal process. The complications in the process may want the tenants to avoid it as well. Moreover, they wouldn’t want an eviction to show up on their record. Sit with them and walk them through the legal process and remind them on how difficult it will turn out to be for both of you.

              But if your tenants refuse to pay a heed, you are left with no choice but to evict them legally. But make sure that you always prioritize your safety first.

              The gruelling process of selling your home gets annoying when you have bad tenants who tend to give you a hard time. Sometimes you even wish you could sell them along with your house! Well, you can actually do that. Get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC, and we will buy your house even though it is occupied by tenants. Drop a mail, or call us to know more about how we buy houses Houston.

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                5 Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Sell Your House

                5 Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Sell Your House

                Nakul Kongovi |November 24th, 2016

                So, seems like we have a bit of a situation here. Selling your house has been very difficult. It just won’t sell! You listed the house, put a decent enough price two months ago, and though the price was comparable to the other houses on sale in the area, offers have not come in. Your agent suggested lowering the price a bit so that potential buyers come in. Not a single offer yet.

                As a seller, when such things happen, it gets really annoying and frustrating. But don’t worry, your house is not going to sit in the market forever. The reason that it is still not sold is that you have not taken care of a few things. Let us know more about those reasons responsible for you facing difficulty while selling your house.

                You are Over Confident

                One advantage of being in a seller’s market is that your house will certainly be sold for a very good price, irrespective of its condition. But the story is not the same everyday. At certain times, the homeowners and the agents get so overconfident about this fact that, they tend to ease out a bit, or neglect the house which is on sale.

                You are over confident

                No matter what the state of the market is, DO NOT stop giving attention to your home. Staging it, taking care of its curb appeal regularly, looking out for other minor repairs in the house, are some of the things you need to keep in mind when selling your house.

                Your House Is In No Condition For Sale

                Sometimes, buyers just don’t feel like buying your home, just because it does not have that appeal. It can be the bright pink bedroom walls, the broken bathroom tiles, untidy storage room, or anything else that gives a bad vibe to the buyer. You may not notice them, or sometimes you may ignore these small things. But keep in mind that such factors are the ones which really have an impact on the buyer.

                Your House Is In No Condition For Sale

                A little bit of time and money is all it takes to fix such things which might be driving away the buyers. If you are not sure about what exactly you need to do, visit a few other houses on sale in your neighbourhood. You will surely get an idea of what you are up against.

                 There Is a Problem With the Documents

                One of the main reason, a house won’t sell is because there is some problem with the documents of the house. Usually when a buyer sees that your documents are not perfect, it usually spooks him out and they immediately back out.
                Is A Problem With The Documents

                It can be a paid-off mortgage that is still showing up, the mechanic’s lien that was files for work done on the house, or anything similar which can lead to the buyers deciding to skip your home. Your agent will help you out on what you need to do for your documents before you put up your house for sale in the market.

                Your Home Has Not Been Marketed Well

                 Although you want to stay free from all the marketing responsibilities of selling your home by handing over everything to the agent, it is not advisable to do so. Poor marketing might be one of the reasons why your home is still in the market, because most of them don’t know that it is on sale!

                Your Home Has Not Been Marketed Well

                Flyers, advertisements on newspapers and magazines, social media and television are some of the means which you need to make use of to market your home in a competitive real estate market.

                Your Agent Doesn’t Really Care

                Sometimes there is absolutely nothing wrong with home: It is priced right, ad maintained perfectly as well. But it might be your agent who could be driving people away from your home. He might not be taking care of the listings, and could even be misleading you in some aspects of selling your home! t is important that you take extra care while selecting your agent, as he is going to be one of the crucial factors for you to sell your house fast Houston.


                As your front-line representative, an agent with explicit social skills and a good personality is the kind whom you actually need.

                The simplest solutions are always the right ones. By incorporating these simple changes, you can easily sell your house fast Houston. But if you don’t have time to make these changes, and you need to sell a house real quick,contact Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston and offer quick cash, irrespective of the condition of the house. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how to get cash for your house in Houston

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                  4 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Houston House With An Agent

                  4 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Houston House With An Agent

                  Nakul Kongovi | ONovember 21st, 2016

                  The only thing running in your mind right now is ‘how to sell house fast in Houston’? You have your papers ready, you have repainted the entire house to give it an appealing look, and you have already found a new place for yourself to move into as well. The only thing left now is to list your home with an agent and carry out the marketing procedures so that potential buyers get to know about your home which is on sale.

                  But before you approach an agent, it is important to know about certain mistakes that most sellers make while selling their home in Houston, and avoid them. Here are a few of those mistakes to start with.

                  You Cannot Sell Your Houston Home Right Away

                  You will not believe me if I said that some house owners might have to wait almost a whole year before selling their property to a buyer in Houston. If you thought that you can sell the house right away, you might be at the disappointing end of the story. With variations in the market depending on various factors such as price, season, neighbourhood, etc. it is important that you have a realistic approach to your expectations.
                  You Cannot Sell Your Houston Home Right Away

                  It usually takes more than a month or two for the sales to proceed, and once the process starts, it might take a few more months again till the deal is closed. Patience is certainly the key here!

                  Asking Price Will Not Be The Selling Price:

                  This one should not come as a surprise to you. Most of the sellers know that the asking price is not the selling price in any real estate market. But what you should know is, when you plan to sell your property, this phase is just the starting point of the talks between you and the buyer, to establish a fixed price. Discounts, offers, repair works, location of your Houston home and many such factors play a huge role in the selling price of your property.
                  Asking Price Will Not Be The Selling Price

                  Your agent will surely inform you about all these and will also give you some tips to get a good price for your home.

                  You Don’t Get All The Money :

                  This might be a bit disappointing for most of you out there! But don’t make the mistake of assuming that the entire selling price will be the profit you make. Commissions, closing costs, repair work costs, and many other minor expenses are sure to burn a small hole in your pocket. Be wary of such expenses so that you don’t end up losing any amount of money by the time the deal is closed.

                  You Don't Get All The Money

                  You can make a list of all such expenses before hand, talk to your agent about it, and have an approximate amount so that you avoid any type of confusion when you plan to sell house fast Houston.

                  Your First Offer Is Not The Last One :

                  Most of us get excited when the first buyer comes in, and we hope that this buyer ends up buying the home. But this is not the case every time. Not all deals get closed in, especially the first ones! Buyers tend to back out of deals due to any reasons, some of which might even sound very stupid to you. But it is important that you are prepared to have buyers fall out before you find the one interested.

                  Your First Offer Is Not The Last One

                  Your agent can prepare you for such situations so that the entire process is a hassle free one which doesn’t include any disagreements or conflicts.

                  Selling a home is not a daunting task if you know what you are doing, and how you are doing it. But for the newbies out there, the real estate market might get a bit harsh on you. For all such people who want to stay away from all the hassles of the real estate market, Realty Simplified LLC is the right place for you. We buy houses Houston under any condition, and we offer great deals on it too! Drop a mail or call us to know more about how to sell house fast Houston.

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                    5 Sites To Find How Much Is My House Worth

                    5 Sites To Find How Much Is My House Worth

                    Nakul Kongovi | Nov 18th, 2016

                    These days, selling a home can feel like playing poker in the casinos. You might walk out thinking of yourself as a winner, but you actually have no idea how much money you lost or you might have left on the table. This is the kind of fear that grips most of the home sellers these days. As a home seller, it is very difficult for me to know how much is my house worth!

                    5 Sites To Find How Much Is My House Worth

                    But with the help of one of the greatest evolution in the past decade, The Internet, most sellers are finding it easier to at least estimate the approximate value.Let us find a bit more about what can internet and its sites offer us when it comes to selling a home.

                    Zillow Estimator

                    This one right here is a self-developed Automated Valuation Machine (AMV) and it can present a current market value estimate of millions or even billions of homes all around. Its robust database stacks huge amount of information from various sources in order to predict an approximate value of a home using complex algorithms.

                    However, there is a speculation from a few experts that the values predicted by this home value estimator is wildly inaccurate or inconsistent in nature.

                    Chase Home Value Estimator

                    Developed by the Chase Bank in US, this home value estimator is useful for both buyer and the seller. It uses its database which stores information about millions of home sales in and around the area. The process is also quite simple where you just enter the address of your house and click “Get Value” to view the results.

                    But one downside to this site is that, the database is updated very slowly, due to which, claims of outdated database and inaccurate pricing is very high.

                    Eppraisal Estimator

                    Selling a house using this site is a bit constrained as it estimates the cost of your property based on the recent sales record of just 20 similar properties.Though short on the number of options, this site includes the detailed property information, analysis of the surrounding area and comparable properties for those of you digging out for more information. With its more updated database and analytical nature Eppraisal is your choice if you are looking to selling a home using the traditional methods.

                    Redfin Home Value Estimator

                    This estimator is said to have the lowest error rate in the real estate industry. Chosen by most people who plan on selling a home, this site evaluates properties on the MLS to calculate the current market value of your house. With instant results and the option to view the comparable properties in your area, this estimator is certainly the best option out there. On the not-so-bright side, beware of your security as Redfin has been accused of selling client information to real estate agents.

                    SmartZip Estimator

                    This site is a combination of data analytics and the real estate industry on a single platform. Mainly for the people with the knowledge of business analytics, this tool identifies potential sellers through predictive data analytics and demand trends. In addition, the system also introduces smart CRM follow-up tools to ensure that the estate agents get the best available deal.

                    While selling a home, setting the right price is a very important factor, where you cannot afford to go wrong. With a number of sites and online tools available, selecting the right one for your property is a consequential decision to make. If you are planning on selling a home, and at the same time want to stay away from all the hassles, contact Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston, under any condition, and we help you in closing the deal within a few working days. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how to sell my house fast Houston.

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