Steps To Take If Your Home Loan Is Denied

Steps To Take If Your Home Loan Is Denied

As a home buyer, the worst thing that you can wake up to is your home loan application getting denied. You are left wondering how something like this could happen and you have no idea what to do next. But you need to know that it is quite inevitable for all the potential home buyers to get approved for mortgage. So before you start panicking and fretting over your home loan rejection, know about the various reasons why mortgages are denied and what steps you can take to correct yourself, and get back to a position to get a home loan.

Find Why?

Why were you denied? What were the factors which led to your denial for credit? These are a few questions you need answers for. The law makes it mandatory for all the credit providers to tell you the reason for the loan denial. It also mandates that this should be done in writing and given within 30 days of the denial.

Once you know the reason as to why your credit was denied, work on it and correct it, so that you can successfully obtain home loan, without repeating the same mistakes in the future.

Look for other programs

Whether you are buying or selling a home, there are a number of opportunities for you in the market. Just because your mortgage application was rejected at one place does not mean that there are no other chances. If you get turned down for a home loan, try and look out for other programs which may work for you.

If you are turned down by a mortgage company, you can always consider talking to a couple of different vendors. Especially the local lenders, who unlike the nationwide mortgage companies, have a better idea of how the local real estate market works in your particular state.

Steps To Take If Your Home Loan Is Denied

Credit score Monitoring

One of the most common reasons for home loan denials is the various issues associated with the buyers credit and it is very important that you monitor these credit scores. As a home buyer, one reason why you need to monitor your credit score is because the higher a buyer’s credit score, the lower your interest rate will be.

Though different lenders have different mortgage guidelines, there is a particular credit minimum score that most of them will require. And most of the guidelines to be followed will be similar as well.

Save Money

A mistake that most of the home buyers tend to do is that, once they are rejected for their home loan, they just don’t save any money. These buyers think that there is no reason to save any more money.

You need to understand that every person selling a home, or buying a home in the market cannot get mortgage instantly. But this doesn’t mean that you stop preparing for the future.

Irrespective of whether you are selling a home or buying one, you will definitely face certain complications. These complications are relatively more if you are new to the market and you don’t know what you have to do when buying a house or selling a home. But with proper guidance and some basic knowledge, you can easily buy a house or sell your house fast Houston.

We at Realty Simplified LLC, offer the best price for your home. We buy house Houston under any condition and offer quick cash in return. Selling a house in Houston is as easy as it gets. Call us or drop a mail, to know more about how to sell your house fast Houston.

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    How To Sell Your House For Cash During Winters

    How To Sell Your House For Cash During Winters

    It is that time of the year again when everything around you is cold, the trees, the cars and even your buyers. Trying to sell your house in winter can get really tiresome as the buyers do not prefer buying a house during winter. But yet, with the right thought, you can not only sell your house during winter, but also get quick cash in return.

    How To Find a Cash Buyer

    For this to happen, you would probably want to skip contacting a real estate agent, and instead try getting in touch with a cash buyer who can help you quickly move during winter.

    What Exactly Is The Difference

    An estate agent is more concerned about trying to find a buyer who can help you, by putting up your house on the internet listings. And like in most cases, the buyer will have to get the bank financing.

    On the other hand, with a cash buyer, you will not end up in a situation where you are stuck waiting because the process of bank financing by the buyer can take months.

    How To Find a Cash Buyer

    The best way to find a cash buyer when selling a home is to list it “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO). And you need to specify that you accept only cash offer. Though this might repel a lot of buyers, it will be of great help as you wouldn’t want uninterested buyers to waste your time.

    You can also find a cash buyer online by searching for terms like “sell house fast Houston” or “home cash buyer” and reach out to the available person. However, in this case, you cannot be sure what kind of cash buyers you can end up with, when selling a home.

    How Do They Work

    Once you associate with a cash buyer, the first thing that they would do is view your property, determine its value and then give you a cash offer. Depending on the offer, you can either accept it, or decline it as there is no obligation from the buyer’s side.

    If you choose to sell your home to the cash buyer, all you need to do is tell them when you want the seal to be closed and they will make all the necessary arrangements for you, so that you can sell house fast Houston.

    Winter is the time when you really have no idea how to sell your house, because it is that season when the buyers prefer staying indoors, rather than going out to view a property. But why go through so much of hassle when you can easily sell your home with us. At Realty Simplified LLC, we buy houses Houston under any condition, and offer quick cash in return. Call us, or drop a mail to know more about how to sell your house for cash in Huston.

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      How To Sell My House And Reinvest In Another One And Not Pay Taxes?

      How To Sell My House And Reinvest In Another One And Not Pay Taxes?

      Nakul Kongovi | January 2nd, 2017

      The first important thing that you should know when you plan to sell your property, or as soon as the thought of ” I have to sell my house” comes into your mind is that, the entire event is a taxable one. There are a number of taxes which you will be liable for, and these taxes might slam down really hard on you if you do not have a basic idea about these taxes.

       Along with getting to know more about them, you also need to know how to reduce, or in some cases even eliminate the tax liabilities when you are reinvesting your fund on another property. Read on to know more about how to handle and avoid excess tax.

      Know your Profit

      Before you try and figure out what your tax liability could be, first try to know how much exactly have you made. You can start by the cost basics, which is the purchase price plus closing costs and all the other spending on the improvement of the property. You can find your total profit by subtracting your total cost basis from your net sales proceeds (selling price less the closing cost)

      For example suppose you bought a house for around $150,000, paid $2,000 as closing cost and spent the $15,000 on the renovation, your total cost basis would be $167,000. Now if you are selling your house for $300,000 and paying $100,000 in closing costs, you would be making a taxable profit of $33,000.

      1031 Exchanges

      When you sell your property, and buy another one for investment, it will be really helpful if you structure your transaction as a 1031 tax-deferred. Your transaction will not be treated as a taxable one, as long as you follow the rules of IRS and nominate a third-party to hold your money when you sell your house and you buy a the new place.

      Tax Liability

      Know your Profit

      In cases where you have held your property for more than one year, your capital gains are taxed as long term capital gains. On the other hand, if you have held the property for less than a year, the capital gains are taxed as regular income. When selling a house, the category under which you fall, has a great impact on the amount of tax paid by you. It also depends on whether you sold your property at a profit, or at loss, as in both the cases you need to pay different recapture taxes.

      Selling Personal Residences

      When selling your house, and if the property is a personal residence, the IRS doesn’t allow you to do a 1031 exchange and buy another one. So before you jump onto to the 1031 transaction in order to sell your property soon, know about the fact that you can exclude a large portion of the gain from your taxes because your property has been your primary residence.

      Based on the 2012 tax year, a single person or a married couple (applying jointly) can exclude the first $250,000 and $500,000 in gains from taxes respectively. This means you need not break your head too much on “how do I sell my house and make profit, if I have to pay so much as tax?” 

      Taxes can be a real headache, especially when you want to sell your property and invest in another one. There are many ways in which you can avoid paying excess tax. But the best way is selling your property with us. We at Realty Simplified LLC buy houses in Houston and offer instant cash in return. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how to sell my house Houston.

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        Real Estate Horrors You Need To Know Before Selling Your Home

        Real Estate Horrors You Need To Know Before Selling Your Home

        Nakul Kongovi | December 30th, 2016

        While selling your home, or buying a house, scary adamant tenants and haunted houses are some horrors of a real estate market, which nobody wants to face! But apart from these, did you know that there is much more to these real estate horrors? The most chilling horrors actually take place everyday! The scary decisions taken by vendors to about selling their homes, causing stress, loss of money and even time.

        Especially when selecting real estate agents, such horrors are very common. But as a seller, it is very important that you know about these horrors before hand, so that you don’t fall into these traps while selecting real estate agents. Make sure to keep all these points in mind, when selling your home.

        Never hire a friend as your real estate agent

        Never hire a friend as your Real estate agent

        First rule of business – DO NOT mix it with your personal life. If you end up with something like that, you are sure to get caught up in an uncomfortable situation when things go wrong.

        And the worst part is, you might even have a disagreement with your friend and end up losing him. Selling your home is a lot easier when you don’t involve friends and family in the business.

        DO NOT fall for the “sales presentation”

        DO NOT fall for the “sales presentation”

        All real estate agents are good at charming sales presentations. And when you meet them face to face it becomes very easy for the agent to win you over with the “presentation” trap.

        So, make sure that before you meet the real estate agent with some prior knowledge on what he has on offer, an idea about the local market, and never sign a contract under pressure.

        Never select an agent based on commission

        Never select an agent based on commission

        The biggest worry for home sellers with their real estate agents is the amount of commission that they take. Thus, in an approach to save money, sellers usually hire an agent who appeals for a low commission. But this is where the problem exists. Because, when an agent charges very low commission, it is not a signal of bargain, but a ‘red alert’ signal for something is wrong.

        Ask the right questions and do your own research before hiring an agent, because a good agent will surely make selling your home an easy job for you.

        Know your agent

        Know your agent

        A critical aspect of selling your home is the agent you work with and thus before you decide upon hiring an individual, know about him. References, feed backs, his previous works, what are his costs, a total account of successful and unsuccessful sales etc. And always take care of the misleading sales records, which might influence you to sign a contract which you might end up repenting.

        Do your own research

        Do your own research

        Apart from all the measures that you take to improve the process of selling your home, a research of your own, on your local estate market, its listings and prices, will be of great help. Mainly, this research will help you set up the right price for your home, thus avoiding the effects of over-value.

        Take your own time, do a lot of research, ask others and never take decisions in a haste when you are hiring an agent. The entire process of selling your home depends on your agent, and you do not want to go wrong there.

        But if you are thinking of “how to sell my house fast without putting in so much of efforts” contact Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston fast without any extra commissions. We even offer fast cash in return at the right market price. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how we buy houses Houston.

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          Tips To Handle Home Inspection When Selling a Home

          Tips To Handle Home Inspection When Selling a Home

          Nakul Kongovi | December 29th, 2016

          When selling your home, the last thing you would want is a home inspector to cause troubles or even break a fixture, just because you were not prepared for it. Almost 90% of the home buyers tend to hire professional home inspectors to have a closer look at your home, before deciding to buy it. You can thus speed up the entire  process by analyzing your home and taking the necessary steps, before or even during the inspection.

          So what are these hot-spots that you need to consider during the home inspection, so that selling your home becomes easy? Let us look into a few of them.

          Thorough Research

          As a seller, it is very important that whatever name is suggested by the buyer for your house inspection, do a complete research on that inspector. Always make sure that the person inspecting the house is a certified professional who stays current. Make sure of his qualifications and the type of inspections he has done before, to get an idea on how the entire process will be handled. Because a house inspection is only as good as the inspector is!


          Just going through the home inspection report to know what exactly happened during the inspection is not just enough to get the complete picture. You need to be  present in your house while the inspection is going on. Because if you don’t see it, you don’t understand it. As the inspection takes quite a bit of time, sometimes an entire morning or an afternoon, it is important that you make time for it before hand.

          When selling a home, you often have to spend a lot of time tending to such issues, to make sure you sell house fast Houston.

          “Read” The Report

          Once you get the report, do not make the same mistake that the other sellers tend to do. Just glancing at the house inspection report before throwing it somewhere, is the same as not having an inspection done.

          When you have a knowledgeable pro inspecting your house, the reports will be straight and easy to understand. In the form of photos with illustrations, these reports will point out the strengths, weaknesses, what’s wrong and what will it need, to be fixed.

          Make sure that you go through the report thoroughly as these points will make a huge difference when you are selling your home.

          Prep The House

          When I say prep your house, I don’t mean that you need to make sure that all the issues such as leaks, cracks or clogged drains have to be fixed. Because you would have taken care of these before hand. But when an inspector visits the house, you need to be completely “prepared”. Do not make the inspector empty your closet to get into the attic. Or do not make the inspector to move certain things out of his way inside the house.

          If you have a basement or a shed that is locked, make sure it is accessible when the inspector arrives. You do not go scrambling for the keys when he is waiting outside. Such small things usually tend to annoy the inspector, and this might have an impact on the report as well.

          Prep The House

          Presale Inspection

          As a seller, never leave presale inspection to the buyers. Because when the buyers come for house inspection, you will absolutely have no time to complete the repairs and tend to other issues.

          On the other hand, if you get your home inspected, before putting it out on the market, you get more time to get the repairs and other home related issues to be done with. And with some extra time in hand, you can surely bring down the cost as well.

          Selling your home is very easy now. Get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC and we will buy your house in Houston. Call us or drop a mail and you can stop worrying about ‘how to sell my house fast Houston!’ Spot offers, fast cash and more for your property in Houston.

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            Buying A Home? Look Out For These Red Flags

            Buying A Home? Look Out For These Red Flags

            Nakul Kongovi | December 27th, 2016

            Most of the times, when buying a home, you tend to be very excited about it. The various feelings, emotions and thoughts are so overwhelming that, it sometimes leads to the possibility of you missing out on some important things while buying a house. When you are out house hunting, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind as a buyer. And these are the stuff that people who are selling a home will never inform you about. Things like the roof of the house, the electrical connections, or sometimes a water leakage in the bathroom, are just a few stuffs you need to look out for.

            Potential Structural Problems

            You would never want to buy a house with foundation/structural problems, trust me! As foundation of a home is the most important factor for a home to be strong, correcting the foundation problems is one of the costliest repairs that you can ever come across. So before buying a home, make sure to check whether there are any problems related to the found of the home.

            You can look out for large cracks in the basements, or problems in the door frames of the house which are a clear sign of structural problems in the house. The person selling a home would least expect you to check the foundation of the house!

            Buying A Home

             Insect / Pest issues

            A severe pest problem in a home is certainly a major issue and it certainly raises a red flag. Pets like the wood destroying pests can cause great amount of damage to the house. Some of the most common pests are termites, carpenter ants and bark beetles.

            You can ask the seller to get a pest inspection done in the house to get rid of all such damage causing pests. As the cost of an inspection is quite inexpensive, it wouldn’t burn a hole in the seller’s pocket.

            Problems in Electrical Systems

            Usually, if the home is quite old, it is bound to have electrical issues, unless the person selling a home has taken prior care. Older electrical panels with worn out fuses, or in some cases the old tube wirings, are the reasons why homes face failures in electrical systems.

            It is quite obvious that all the home buyers are not professional electricians to check the entire system thoroughly. However, you can always check simple things by turning on the switches in the living room, kitchen and the bathrooms, checking for flickering lights or empty outlets.

            Poor Drainage

            Clogged toilets, bad smells and water everywhere inside the house, is something which terrifies every home buyer. And most of these problems are directly associated with problems in the drainage system. Not easily detectable, poor drainage can actually give you nightmares if they are not taken care of. Some obvious signs you can look out for are pooling water in the yard, water stains on walls and basement.

            When selling a home, the sellers usually tend to take care of such major issues, because even they know that with major problems like these, it is not possible to sell my house fast Huston.

            Buying a home is a major event in anybody’s life. Thus it is important that buyers look out for such red flags and make sure that they buy a perfect house. Buying a home can be a very simple process with the right guidance and a good presence of your mind. On the other hand, if you are looking for ideas on how to sell my house fast Houston, get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition and offer fast cash in return. Call us or drop a mail to know more about selling a home.

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              How To Find A Good Home Buyer’s Real Estate Agent

              How To Find A Good Home Buyer’s Real Estate Agent

              Nakul Kongovi | December 23rd, 2016

              As a home buyer, the most important thing that you should know is that, buying a home is not similar to selling a home. Everything from the experience and feelings, to the emotions that you go through, are completely different. And since buying and selling differ so much, it is obvious that the real estate agent you hire will have to be different as well.

              Is There A Difference?

              Most people who are either buying a house or selling it, prefer working with a regular agent rather than a specific buyer’s agent. And these regular agents are subjected to state laws regarding ethical practices. On a different line, there are quite a few differences between a buyer’s agent and a real estate agent.

              1. A real estate agent does not represent you. He represents the seller. To break it down, a real estate agent is the one who works for a company, and he is entitled to show listings of his own firm first, before moving on to the other listings.

              2. On the other hand, a buyer’s agent works for a company which is exclusive to only the home buyers and does not accept any seller’s listings. They are more particular about showing you the properties that are best suited only to you. In fact a buyer’s agent will help you find the homes which are on sale by the owner as well.

              Why Should You Work With a Buyer's Agent

              Why Should You Work With a Buyer’s Agent?

              A great buyer’s agent on your side means a lot more than the help that he provides you in finding a good home. A good buyer’s agent will also :

              1. Help you with the financing options.

              2. Prepare the necessary applications and forms.

              3. Use his knowledge to help you understand the local market conditions.

              4. Assist you in the entire buying process and even negotiate price and terms to make things easier for you.

              5. Take care of loan closing and other bank related process.

              How Do You Find a Good Agent?

              When buying a home, an agent who is an Accredited Buyer Representative is your best option. With some of the best qualifications, these buyer’s agents work to perfection, only in your best interests. Buying a home can get easier if you interview the agents in a proper way, to narrow down on the best one.

              Some of the questions that you can ask are :

              1. Will he also help you to sell your home? You know what his answer should be right? A BIG NO!

              2. Is this his full time job? Of course you would want him to work round the clock.

              3. What are the certificates that he holds? Look out for Accredited Buyer Representatives (ABR) or Certified Buyer Representatives(CBR).

              4. How familiar is he with the local market? An agent with experience can make a huge difference when you are buying a home.

              5. Will there be any extra payment? As a home buyer, you wouldn’t want to pay additional fees.

              Most home buyers tend to take very less care when hiring an agent, and thus end up suffering in the real estate market. With the right choice, buying a home is a simple task and you can get over with the entire procedure in a couple of days.

              At Realty Simplified LLC, we help you to sell your home fast. Irrespective of its condition, we buy houses and offer fast cash in return. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how we buy houses Houston or how to sell your home fast Houston.

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                I Want to Sell My House. How Long Will It Take?

                I Want to Sell My House. How Long Will It Take?

                Nakul Kongovi | December 22nd, 2016

                When I planned to sell my house a couple of years back, the first question that came to my mind was, how long will it take? This question is in fact in the minds of everybody who are either buying, or selling a home. But the thing is, you can never predict how much time it takes to ssell a home. Disappointed? Well, as a homeowner it is obvious that you will be disapointed with this piece of news.

                But don’t worry, if not a crystal ball, there are a few factors which can help you in predicting how long will it take before you sell your home. Let us know a bit more of these factors now.

                Condition of the House

                This is a very important factor when it comes to selling your home quickly. Nobody wants to buy a home which doesn’t have that “Oh! it is beautiful” factor in it. And to make things better, it is very well known that the homes which are updated, well kept with a great curb appeal, often tend to sell quicker in the market.

                Forget the thought that “I want to sell my house” for a moment and walk through your home as though you want to buy it. The paint of the walls, the bathroom tiles, or the chandeliers in the living room, anything might affect your idea of buying this house. So by acting as a buyer yourself, once you figure out what the problems are, work on those and you will definitely sell your home real quick.

                Price of the House

                If you don’t set your price right, you know you are going to be in the market for a really long time. This is even proved by the National Association of Realtors’ report which says that the homes priced at the market value actually bring in 60% of the potential buyers. But most of the agents use a smart strategy to attract an even higher percentage of buyers. They price the property a little less than the market value. This strategy not only brings in more buyers, but also helps you to sell your house fast.

                Find the right agent who can help you determine the exact value for your home such that your price would not drive away your buyers. You can even go an extra step to keep the price little lower, so that you attract more buyers.

                comparable homes

                Location of the House

                Even the first rule of real estate states that location of a home is very important. If Your home is in one of the most sought after areas, you wouldn’t have to wait too long before a potential buyer wants to buy your house. But on the other hand, if your home is situated in places such as next to a toxic bin, it is going to have a negative effect when selling your home.

                If caught up in such a situation, build up an environment around your home such that the bad location does not affect your home much. High wooden fences or a row of tall trees around the house are some of the ways in which you can handle this situation.

                Comparable Homes

                When you think of how to sell my house fast, on thing that comes to your mind is how are others selling their home fast? The answer to this question will certainly solve a great number of your problems. Because, when you look around for the recent sales in your locality, you can find a lot of homes similar to your yours, the price they were sold for, and also the amount of time they stayed in the market. This piece of information will surely give you some information about how long your house is going to be in the market.

                Always remember that, as an average owner, for you to sell your home fast Houston, it requires the right combination of price, attributes and the time on the market. But if you do not have time to take care of such factors, and you want to sell your home fast, get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy houses Houston under any condition, and offer quick cash in return. Call us or drop a ail to know more about how to sell house fast Houston.


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                  Ideas to make your Home Look More Retro

                  Ideas to make your Home Look More Retro

                  Nakul Kongovi | December 20th, 2016

                  A retro style for your home is something which imitates or recreates those stunning and vibrant styles from the recent decades. If you consider the options available to create this kind of a look, there are too many of them. From focusing on particular features, to bringing out items that belong to the previous era, such as the 60s or the 70s, you can mix and match, and give it slight twist of your own to recreate the retro vibe.

                  Here are five things that you can do to give that retro style to your home interior.

                  Decide On a Theme

                   Having a particular theme in mind will allow you to be more clear about what kind of a look you exactly want. For example, if you are more into art, you can get some of the best art works of the 70s, or even try and recreate them for your house. Or if you are more into natural materials, you can make use of some old items made from quality wood, or stones for your interior design.

                  Bring more life to these retro stuff by adding a touch of your own, to create brighter impressions and a lively ambiance.

                  Play With Colors And Prints

                  A retro style can never look “retro” if it does not include vibrant colors and bold prints. Wallpapers, accessories, curtains, walls and furniture are some of the good places where you can include them. But don’t end up creating a rainbow inside your own house. Because after that, you won’t be able to even sell your home without redesigning the whole place!

                  Keep a color scheme in mind and build your ideas around it. It might be anything ranging from a light shades to dazzling groups, keep in mind to stick with a minimum number of shades, so that you do not end up mixing them all.

                  The Unique Pieces

                   Nothing is more retro than a huge gilded mirror on the wall, an antique pendulum clock, or even a classic chorded phone in the living room. The retro vibe is all about such big, bold and unique pieces from the past which give your interior design a whole new style. Some of the best places to find such items would be the second-hand stores or the flea markets. But you need to have an open mind when you go out hunting for such items, because you never know what you are going to come across.

                  Look out for people who are planning to sell house fast. Sometimes such people own these kind of retro items, and in a hurry to sell their home, they usually tend to give away the items for a far more lesser price than its worth.
                  Ideas to make your Home Look More Retro

                  The Hidden Beauties

                   Sometimes you don’t even realize that the best retro pieces are at places where you least expect them to be. Under a thick layer of dust in the attic, or under a coat of slapped paint, these pieces are well hidden, right in front of you. Your home interior might not seem that interesting with an old cupboard and a drawer. But imagine the wonders it can do if the same things are repainted, and are added with some funky alternatives for their handles or the side panels.

                  The internet has some of the best and the craziest ideas on how to make good use of such items. Always keep an open mind and try to look out for the potentials of these old items.

                  The Old And The New

                   One of the best ways to bring the crazy retro style in your interior design is by mixing up the elegant retro pieces with their modern counterparts. When these two meet, the fireworks are sure to explode. You could pair a modern art with a antiquely designed frame, have some retro designs on your modern furniture, or your ancient dresser could pair up with a beautiful ancient lamp.

                  To keep things alive it is very important to have variety in the interior design, which makes the home look more beautiful. So beautiful that you would never want to sell your home!

                  To successfully incorporate the retro style to your home, you need to be bold. Never be afraid of changing things and creating something apart from the normal. See the beauty in small things, and the difference that they can make, if provided with a touch of your own.

                   At Realty Simplified LLC, we buy houses Houston. We buy any home, irrespective of its condition, and offer fast cash in return. Call us or drop a mail to know how to sell house fast Houston.

                  Get Your Free Cash Offer

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                    Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Houston

                    Tips For First Time Home Buyers In Houston

                    Nakul Kongovi | December 16th, 2016

                    If you are a first time home buyer in Houston, buying a home can get to be a very stressful process. You won’t know what to expect, or where to start with, but most of the things especially the issues can be resolved by doing a small research about your housing market before you start off. The entire process may sometimes just get over in a month or two, or it can even go up to several months. So it is important that, as a home buyer you have patience and endurance to find the house that is right for you.

                    First Time Home Buyers In Houston

                    1. First things first, even if there are concerns all around regarding the falling oil prices, and the restructuring within the energy sector, Houston continues to be one of the healthiest housing markets in the country. Aided by the low mortgage rates, the housing markets in Houston continue to grow and home buyers continue to buy homes and invest in Houston’s real estate market.
                    1. Planning on getting a mortgage? The first thing you need to do is check your credit. Because your credit score is one of the factors which plays a major role when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage. You can use your free credit report services which are available online, to check your credit. One thing to note is, lower the credit utilization ratio, higher will be the score. And with a history of successful paying off outstanding loans, you can have a stronger credit score.
                    1. There is no “right time” to buy house in Houston. When you find a Houston home which you like, do not hold back on the reviewing process by waiting. It is a common misconception that if you wait the price will change within a few days. Changes don’t occur so fast enough to make a huge difference in the price. And to make it worse for you, the home which you liked might not stay for long in the market.
                    1. Don’t get so caught up with the physical aspects of the home, like the interiors, the size of the rooms and the kitchens that you forget about some of the minimal factors which play a very important role. When you buy house in Houston,it is not only the house that you buy, but also the environment around it. Make sure that you check issues such as amenities, noise level, pollution level, etc because these have a huge impact on what it is to live in a Houston home. 
                    1. Do not go into a fierce negotiating spree! Negotiations are good when you buy a house in Houston, but overdoing it can actually result in the deal being called of from the seller. As a home buyer, in a bid to get some extra low price for your home, you may end up losing a good property to other home buyers. Learn about the market first, know how much you need to negotiate for, and only then talk to the seller about it.

                    The more you know about the process, the more easier will it be for you. As a home buyer, try to stay in touch with the changes in the real estate market,talk to people, watch out for the rate drops or increases carefully. When you have all the information that you need, you will easily be able to get the home you have always dreamt of, in Houston.

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