5 low-budget, big-impact updates for home sellers

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5 Low-Budget, Big-Impact Updates for Home Sellers

Nakul Kongovi | February 27th, 2017

All set to sell your home? The feeling of moving to a new home is something which gets you in a pleasant and cheerful mood. But to move into a new home, you need to sell your present home first. And it might not be an easy task, especially if you have payed very less heed towards it. No need to fret though, because you can make use of these small, inexpensive but yet effective upgrades to your home which will surely help you to sell your house a lot quicker.

Kitchen – Bringing Families Together

Considered the heart of a home, home buyers would want this place to be perfect in all possible ways. All you need is a few hundred dollars to update your kitchen, and make it look like you have been taking care of it all your life!
Replace those faucet sets, cabinet doors and remove the old lighting fixtures to be replaced by more energy efficient ones. Also, never forget the leaky taps and the old appliances in your kitchen which might cause some uncertainty in the buyer’s mind.

Rather than spending a fortune on a whole new cabinet system, hire a refacing company or instead give them a makeover yourself. A couple of brand new doors & drawers replacing the old ones, and a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to make it look new and neat.

Bathrooms – They Need Some Attention Too

If kitchen is the place which your home buyers want to be perfect, your baths are the rooms where they will go in search of any fixes which are left unattended. So it is very important that you improve the condition of your baths such that your buyers are really impressed wit your home maintenance skills.
And the best part is, improving your baths will surely not cost you a lot. Just a few simple things like a new toilet seat and a pedestal sink are pretty easy for you to install, and they actually make a lot of difference in the appearance of the bath.

Also, pay heed to your bathroom floor, your tub and shower, as you may need to take up these as well. Might be the discolored floor which would need some easy to apply vinyl tiles, or the dingy looking tub which would need re-grouting as a cover up. Make sure that you don’t take any of these on lighter terms.

Light Up Your Home

Those boringly old recessed lights in the rooms have had their share of being a part of your home, and it is time to replace them now. Make use of lights which are attractive and nice-looking and at the same time inexpensive as well. Home stores is the best place where you can find such items which can add some charm to your home and at the same time not be a burden on your pocket as well.

Take Care Of The Curb Appeal

It is an obvious fact that your curb appeal needs to be apt when you plan to sell your home, as the exterior of your home is the first thing which home buyers tend to look at, and most of the times that is the point where they make up their mind whether they  want to buy your home or not. A nicely mowed lawn, well placed shrubs, a swept walkway with some flower plants on the sides are some small measures which can create a noticeable difference on your home.

Sell your home impact

 Paint Inside Out

A fresh paint of coat can actually do wonders to your home. Whether you are planning to sell your home, or you just want to have a complete new look, painting it inside out will add a lot of value. And the best part is, it wouldn’t even burden you with respect to the money you have to spend on it. Hire a crew, and they will take care of the rest.

And once you are done with the work, you might even feel like staying back, rather than selling it and moving to a new home.

Selling a home is not a piece of cake to everybody, especially in a competitive market where every other home on sale is trying to better than the other. So it is very important that you give some attention to make your home look more presentable to your buyers.. But do you think all these updates are a little time consuming, and you don’t have time for it? Want to sell house fast instead? Get in touch with Realty Simplified LLC. We buy house in Houston as is, under any condition and offer quick cash in return. Call us or drop a mail to know more about how to sell your house in Houston.

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