Selling a House in a Divorce in Houston

Selling a house in divorce in Houston is a Herculean task! The set of emotional breakdowns followed by selling a home in divorce; both can account for the most terrible nightmares in one’s life!

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult and stressful phases of everyone’s life! God forbid, if you are going through this distressful situation in your life, Realty Simplified, LLC can help you in selling a house in divorce in Houston.

Join hands with us to counteract this unholy happening in your life! Settle down all your legal issues, avoid the messy battles with lawyers and real estate agents by giving us a call. We will make it extremely easier for you and will wind up the entire process of sell a house in divorce in Houston.

Our work policy guarantees you with the sale of your house within seven days, wherein our property consultants will visit your house and brief you about the procedures involved in selling a house in divorce. They will also estimate the true worth of your house, and with all your concerns, will bring it forward to you. Once you agree with our policies, you will be offered the cash for your house within a week.

Feel free to call us; we will ensure you a reliable and fast process in selling a house in divorce.

Selling a House in a Divorce in Houston with Realty Simplified, LLC Saves on:

  • Hefty and fat amount of fees imposed by the lawyers during a divorce.
  • Amount of commissions levied by property agents on your house.
  • Wastage of your precious time meandering around the court.
  • Mortgage payments on your house that never gets over.
  • Sneaky closing costs at your expense.

How Realty Simplified, LLC Helps You in Selling A House in Divorce in Houston:

The entire process of selling your Houston house during a divorce can be wrapped up effortlessly in two steps:


At Realty Simplified, LLC, we consider opinions of both the parties equally. Sell a home in divorce is indeed one of the biggest decisions, and we fortify them individually by discussing the subject with each party separately during a divorce.

Once a conclusion is reached, our property or house experts offer a spot cash offer to both the parties against the house. Post approval of this offer, we walkthrough both the parties through the entire payment process and help them proceed to the next step of selling their home.


Following the first step of selling a house during divorce, we prefer everyone’s concern over selling a house in divorce. And in order to come to a conclusion, we call both the parties together and highlight their individual concerns over selling their house while having a divorce.

Once together, all the issues due to difference of opinions can be easily sorted out. Post this, as our proposal gets approved by both the parties, we instantly come to a conclusion and make arrangements to clear the monetary policies related to selling the house within a week.

From there you can make the best decision on selling a house in divorce for yourself.

We can close the sale of your house very quickly or work with your time-frame. The last thing that you should be worried about while sell a house in divorce, is having two mortgages or how long your house is going to be on the market.

We will maximize every dollar of equity you have in your house. Call us today for a free consultation of your Houston house and find out how easily you can sell your house during this stressful time!

Save yourself from the nightmare of going to court! Keep your money in your wallet rather than giving it to a lawyer or real estate agent by selling your house in Houston with Realty Simplified, LLC.

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