5 Easy Tips To Sell Your House Online

5 Easy Tips To Sell Your House Online

Nakul Kongovi | November 16, 2016

Gone are those days when homeowners who wanted to sell their homes went straight to the real estate agent. In a world driven by digital technology, everything is online now. Even the buyers tend to check the house and its surroundings online, before deciding to visit the property.

At such times, for a homeowner who is planning to sell a house online, these tips will help you sell your house in Houston quickly for a very good price.

Take Amazing Photographs

Any buyer would want to see your house before deciding to buy it. And when the complete process is online, photos are your trump card. According to a study, more than 60% of the people searching for homes on the internet using pictures to narrow down their choices. Therefore, take photographs of some of the best features of your house, and use them effectively to attract more buyers.

Take Amazing Photographs

You can always hire a professional photographer to take good quality pictures of your house. But if you are taking the photos yourself, take care of the lighting, clarity and the scale for your photographs.

Stage the Wow Factor

Great photos are surely the most critical factor when you are trying to sell your house online, but often along with great photos, other types of visual effects turn out to be very helpful. These additional factors play a major role in the decision making of the buyer when he/she sees your home. Some good options to start with are professional-grade home videos, area maps, 3-D video tour, virtual staging, floor plans etc.

Stage the Wow Factor

But if you have no clue as to what you need to do, you can always browse the listings of various other sites and decide on what looks the best for your home.

Share Your House Everywhere

When you plan to sell your house online in Houston, it is very important that you go out with all your guns blazing! Make your house visible to as many people as you can because you never know from which corner of the world is your buyer coming from. Make use of social media like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, GooglePlus, Pintrest, Instagram and any other platforms which you are aware of.

Share Your House Everywhere

Apart from that, also inform your friends and family, give out ads in the newspaper’s online classifieds and market it on sites like Craiglist. These steps will surely increase your chances of getting an offer and selling your house fast Houston.

Stay Connected With The Buyers

When you plan to sell your house online, you need to don the role of a real estate agent yourself. And it is very important for you to be available always because, when the word spreads about your home, a lot of people will have queries for you. Take out time to answer each one of those questions because the chances are that if they are asking it, they are interested.

Stay Connected With The Buyers

Have a positive attitude and be up-front with everyone who are asking questions. Answer all of them and make sure to give as much detail as possible in your answers.

Price It Right

 This is one such factor which you need to get it perfect to have a smooth selling process. A final nail in the coffin, a deserving price for your home is sure to attract buyers, and thus you end up getting cash for your house within a few days.

Price it right

But pricing it right is not an easy job to do. You need to research a lot, collect lots of materials, data and statistics, and finally fix a price based on this information. Instead, you can also hire an appraiser to help you determine the right price for your home.

Selling your home online is a tough job until and unless you know what you are doing, and you are ready to face the numerous challenges that pop up during the entire process. If you want to avoid all this and you need quick cash for your house, contact Realty Simplified LLC. We offer quick cash for your house in Houston under any condition. Get in touch with us, drop a mail or give a call and know more about how we buy Houses Houston.

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Disadvantages of Selling a House during Holiday Season

Disadvantages of Selling a House during Holiday Season

Nakul Kongovi | November 14, 2016

Selling a house during different seasons has its own set of advantages and disadvantages! While you can sell your house fast during a season, it might take you a considerably longer duration to achieve a sale in other seasons!

And while talking about selling a house during different seasons, you must know that if you are planning to sell your house during the holidays, you are doing a great mistake! Your house might be in the perfect condition, but listing it during the holiday seasons can delay the selling process. Adding more to this, here are some of the disadvantages of selling a house during the holiday or off-seasons:

Selling Your House During Holidays Can Be Troublesome:

The meaning of holidays varies from individual to individual! While for some, holiday season means an escapade from the usual or daily schedules, some simply plan to stay back at home and enjoy pleasant moments with other family members.


If you are planning to sell your house during the holiday season, you are simply screwing up all holiday plans of your family members! Even if you and your family members decide to stay back at home during your holidays, you might not be able to do so as you have already listed your house. Listing your house indirectly asks you to keep yourself free to attend buyers who want to visit your house!

Selling House During Holiday Seasons Can Be Expensive:

Look does matter a lot while selling a house! And while planning to sell your house during any of the holiday seasons, you need to look after plenty of things. In addition to fixing the interior; if there are any damages, you should also fix the exterior to improve the curb appeal of your house.


And while talking about the curb appeal, you should not forget that almost all your neighbors will be off on their holidays. In such cases, you have to bear all the extra expenses to improve the curb appeal of your house and make it sale-ready; this can prove to be an expensive affair for you!

Selling House during Holiday Seasons is a Slow Process:

You have your own reasons to sell your house, and this might not be the same for your house buyers! You never know whether they are in a dire need to buy a house or are just trying their hands to get a fair deal as it is a holiday season.


Irrespective of what are the intentions of the buyers, you being the seller here, cannot expect a large number of buyers coming in to enquire about your house during the holiday seasons. Also, considering it is a holiday season, you never know if the buyers have their own holiday plans; planning to sell your house without an idea about the buyer’s plan might end up in a slow process.

On a whole, selling your house during a holiday season has its own set of disadvantages and drawbacks. If you want to avoid all these drawbacks or uncertainties and are looking forward for quick cash for your house in Houston, you can sell your house with Realty Simplified, LLC. We buy houses in Houston in any season and give away spot cash offers on them. With us, you can sell your house faster and at the best market price!

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5 Ways To Deal With Noisy Neighbours

5 Ways To Deal With Noisy Neighbours

Nakul Kongovi | November 3rd, 2016

Until and unless you live in a place far away from the city, in a splendid rural isolation, dealing with noisy neighbours is a part and parcel of your day to day life. And the brutal truth is that, most of the times people are most likely to have disputes with their neighbours than anyone else, and these disputes reach a new high when the cause for it is the noise. The constant barking of the dog, screaming adults and loud music just create an atmosphere so unpleasant, that it feels like it is ruining your life.

But don’t be dejected. Most people, at some or the other point in life, have to deal with noisy neighbours who are a complete nuisance. But if you know how to deal with them, it won’t take long before peace is restored at your home.

1. Talk To Your Neighbours :

You may be daunted by the fact that you have to knock on the door of someone whom you barely know and then tell them that they are being too loud. But often this is the best way to fix your problem. Most of the times people have very little idea of how noisy they are being, and they are completely unaware of it until somebody tells them. A polite approach will surely handle the noise issue in the best possible way.

Talk To Your Neighbours

But make sure you are not being too pushy by asking them to be quite all through the day, or something similar. This might not be reasonable and you may end up on the wrong side.

2.Talk To The Landlord :

When your neighbour is a tenant, and ignores your words or requests to keep the noise down, you may have to contact their landlord. It so happens that in most of the lease agreements there are mentions about noise limitations within a home, so there are chances that your neighbour is putting their contract in jeopardy by being very loud.


But before approaching the landlord, talk to some of the other neighbours and ask them whether they have been facing the same problem. If yes, your case becomes stronger and more reasonable.

3. Involve The Council :

 If you have already talked to your neighbour, and yet they don’t heed to you and continue creating nuisance, it is always better to get your local authority involved. But before registering a complaint with the council, always know the consequences. Once the council is involved, tensions raise and the dispute might go out of proportion as your neighbours may end up in court. Also be aware of the fact that the official noisy neighbour complaint will go on record and it might have an effect when you plan to sell your house.
Involve The Council

Once the complaint is registered, a notice is sent out to your neighbours, asking them to keep their noise down. If your neighbour fails to comply, they can be summoned to the court and fined a hefty amount .

4. Take Part In Mediation : 

Your local council may recommend you and your neighbour to attend mediation. This might be a good choice if you both completely hate each other and have many other disputes in common. During the mediation process, a third party, known as the mediator, helps you and your neighbour understand each others point of view. They also suggest solutions or compromises to solve the problem by being impartial.


Though funded by the government, mediation does not involve the law and it is often found to be successful in not only resolving the problems but also in preserving or re-establishing good relations.

5.Call The Police :

This must be your last resort, and must be used only during emergencies such as loud parties or domestic violence. Most of the times just telling someone in person that you will inform the police is enough. But in situations where the noise in unbearable and the landlord is also out of contact, it is better to call the police. But make sure that you have not exaggerated the noise to the police such that they come back at your door telling not to call them again!
Take Part In Mediation

No matter how much you love your home, noisy neighbours can make it a hell for you to live in. You always have options to deal with them, personally or legally to solve the issue. But if nothing works out, and you have no other option but to sell your house and move away from them, get in touch with us. We at Realty Simplified LLC buy houses in Houston under any condition. Call us or drop a mail to get instant cash offers on your property and know more about how to sell house fast Houston.

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5 Pro Tips To Sell Your House Fast Houston

5 Pro Tips To Sell Your House Fast Houston

Nakul Kongovi | Nov 9th, 2016

Sell your house fast Houston just like a pro! If you are finding it tough to sell your house, you are probably doing it in the wrong way! Yes, though at times, selling a home can be a bit difficult, you can actually sell your house fast Houston with some of the pro tips.

So, what are you waiting for? Get things in the right place, get ready to say “I want to sell my house fast Houston”, and just make the sale happen with these pro tips to sell your house:

1. Documentation Will Help in Selling a Home:

While you won’t consider buying the latest phone without legal papers, how can you think to sell your house fast Houston without proper documentation? Complete documentation is a must if you are planning to sell your house.
5 Pro Tips To Sell Your House Fast Houston43
Get all your documents ready even before buyers start visiting your property. Get a NOC from bank, warranty documents for all the appliances in place, documents supporting all your home improvement projects, electricity and telephone bills, property tax papers, etc. Buyers always desire to buy a home and not troubles that can impeach their lives!

2. Selling A Home Is a Matter of Time:

Believe it or not, selling a home; irrespective of how attractive or appealing it is, can get affected by the selling time! Season plays an inevitable role is deciding how soon you can sell your house.
5 Pro Tips To Sell Your House Fast Houston44
For example, selling a home during the summer may not turn much fruitful as most of the buyers prefer staying off-town to escape the scorching sun. Again, winter is highly regarded as the fiesta time; almost everyone plans a vacation during winters. However, unlike summer and winter, spring and autumn can prove to be the best time for selling a home. The weather remains quiet, calm and incites a refreshing essence into the ambience. You can expect more number of buyer inquiring about your house during these two seasons.

3. Get Inspected Before Selling a Home:

A thorough inspection can easily boost up buyer’s trust on your house. If you are planning to sell your house fast Houston, you must get your home inspected before listing it. Selling a home, a pre inspected home, is almost similar to attending a job interview with recommendations from higher authority.
5 Pro Tips To Sell Your House Fast Houston45
You can hire experts from organizations like American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) or National Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI), and get your house inspected. Once you have your house certified from any of these two organizations, your house will find no dearth of buyers!

4. Hire an Expert Realtor While Selling a Home:

All the realtors are not same; they have their own field of expertise, operation and commitment! This is the only reason we recommend you to hire an expert realtor while selling a home.
5 Pro Tips To Sell Your House Fast Houston46
While a usual relator concentrates more on minting profit from your property, an expert realtor looks on the brighter side. Client’s trust, satisfaction, and happiness matter more to them. They also aim to make profit, but after you sell your house fast in Houston.

5. Selling a Home Is Easy with Real Estate Companies:

In extreme cases, if these pro-tips don’t work for you, you can try selling a home with real estate companies like Realty Simplified, LLC. Selling a house with such companies has an array of advantages. They buy your house directly and within a short span of time. Rather than running after buyers, you can simply call for assistance from such organizations and sell your house fast in Houston.
5 Pro Tips To Sell Your House Fast Houston47
At Realty Simplified, LLC, we buy houses in Houston. We will buy your house directly without any agent or hidden charges. We also buy houses that are under probate or undergoing foreclosure. We buy any house under any condition in Houston. Call us or drop a mail, and just say “I want to sell my house fast Houston”, our experts will visit your house and avail your spot cash offers to buy your house.




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Factors To Sell Your House Fast In Houston

Factors To Sell Your House Fast In Houston

Nakul Kongovi |Aug 17, 2016

Want to sell your house fast in Houston, but do you know there are certain parameters that can decide the selling period of your house? Yes, may sound absurd, but selling a home or a house in Houston; or anywhere across the globe depends on certain factors! Selling a home, as we all know, is definitely not an easy process. But, if planned to accordingly sell a home can get much easier and way simpler that the conventional ways!

Mentioned below are certain factors that can help you to sell your house fast in Houston. Get these factors in place while selling your house to get a fast and bankable deal on your house.

1. Location Matters a Lot While Selling a Home:

Selling a home is not as easy as it sounds; and we can’t deny it! There are certain factors that can either result into a deal or push the sale further away from you. And location is one of the major factors that can decide whether selling a home will be easy or can be challenging for you.

Being located in a highly coveted area, your house can attract a large number of potential buyers as they get everything within their reach. On the other hand, an off-location house can distract a buyer and rip off the deal!

2. Sell Your House by Setting the Correct Price:

After location, it is usually the price of the house that can help you to sell house fast in Houston. Selling your house can get longer if your decided price exceeds the market range or the buyer’s expectations. Remember, no one wants to pay extra bucks for something that can be bought at a fair price in the same market!
And to estimate the exact value or price of your house, you must follow the market trend and price it accordingly. Selling a home becomes easier when it is usually priced below the market range. Selling your house with a lower price-tag will get you more attention among the buyers.

3. Watch Out for Comparable Deals While Selling a Home:

Considering your house is in a desired location and has the perfect price-tag, yet you might not be successful in selling your house! Yes, you heard right! To sell your house fast in Houston, or in anywhere across the globe, you must peep into the past statistics.


You have to look at the recent sales, analyze their price range, total area, and other such parameters. Once you have enough data about all these, selling a home will get easier for you.

4. Sell Your House When It is in Good Shape:

Selling a home; a well-maintained one, is easier than selling a home that requires repair works! Even though you want to sell house fast in Houston, you might not be able to find buyers if your house is in bad or unfavorable condition.

While selling a home, you must check if it requires a painting, plumbing and other similar job. Even if there is a crack on the floor, it might distract the buyers and your dream of selling your house can get shattered.

Well, having said all these about the factors to sell your house fast in Houston, you can also opt to sell your house directly with a real estate company. Selling a home with these companies are extremely easy as the takes only a couple of days to close the deal.

At Realty Simplified, LLC, we help Houstonians to sell their house fast and directly. Give us a call or drop a free property consultation request. We will buy your house in any condition and help you to sell your house fast in Houston.

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Moving House Checklist – Tips For Moving A House Easily

Nakul Kongovi | November 3rd, 2016

A moving checklist is a must while relocating your house! It not only makes moving easier for you, but also helps you in organizing stuffs or utilities while moving from one place to another.

Settling down in a new locality comes with a number of unforeseen things to do or things to keep in mind. At times, while wrapping up the relocating procedures, you may tend to forget or ignore certain things! Having a moving checklist comes in as a rescuer to these situations. Let’s see what should be there in a typical moving house checklist while relocating in Houston or across any corner of the globe.

1. Cancel All Your Subscriptions While Moving House:


Your address also means a lot to your subscribed agencies! Once you decide to relocate, make sure you inform all these agencies to update your new address and deliver services at your new place. Before you move out of your old house, make sure you either cancel your monthly newspaper, TV, and magazines subscription, food bills, etc., or simply reallocate them to your new address.

2. Check Your Utility Services While Moving a House:


Utilities make our lives easier; assuming only a day without utilities like telephone or mobile phones, internet, electricity, etc. surely scares the crow out of everyone! But then, if you are planning for moving home, make sure that your moving house checklist has provisions to redirect your utility services to your new address.

3. Inform Banks and Other Authorities While Moving a House:


Banks, hospitals, tax office, and insurance office are some of the important establishments that directly or indirectly control our lives. While moving to a new place, keeping these authorities informed or updated with your new address will make life easier for you! It will help you avoid missing EMI dates, insurance premium dates, tax repayments, hospital bills, etc.

4. Relocate Gas and Water Connection while Moving Home:


Water and gas connections are indeed the two most essential requirements for any family. While relocating to a new place, you must always check on these two services in the beginning itself. Imagine you have moved your house, but forgot to reconnect your gas and water supply! Keeping the local authority informed about your house shifting can rescue you from these grave situations!

5. Prioritize Your Belongings While Moving a House:


Packing and unpacking is one of the worst nightmares of relocating. Moreover, as you start packing stuffs, you will surely come across an ample of belongings that probably have ignored so far; neither you can skip them, nor include them in your packing list. Prioritizing things in such adverse situations can be of great help; you must prepare a list of things that you really want to retain in your new home, or on other words, you should prepare a list of belongings that you want no more while moving to a new place.

6. Inform Kids’ Schools While Moving House:


Shifting to a new place not only affects the adults; it has an equal impact on the kids as well! Before you wish adieu to your old boulevard, make sure you check with your kids’ schools. Complete all the school leaving formalities in case, your new locality is far away from their current school. Or else, simply keep the school authority informed that your kids might not be able to attend school for a few days.

7. Call in For a Mover While Moving House:


This should be a must on your moving house checklist! Once you are done with all the above mentioned tasks and tips, you must call in for a reliable packers and movers. However, while they arrive at your doorstep, do not forget to direct or suggest them about what to prioritize and what not to! This will not only save your precious time, but will also make the process less stressful for you!

8. Give a Call to Realty Simplified, LLC:


Well, all said and done, and you are now ready to shift your abode to a new place. But then, what about your old house? Have you decided what to do with it? Whether yes or no, you can give a call to Realty Simplified, LLC, and sell your house immediately. We buy houses in Houston at the fastest speed and give away spot cash offers on them. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can buy your house in Houston!

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Home Staging – Tips To Sell Your House Fast

Nakul Kongovi | November 2nd, 2016

Home staging can be an effective way of selling a house across any corners of the globe! Though most of the owners ignore this aspect; either they hire an estate agent or try to sell house fast Houston on their own, they can easily sell their house by staging it.

Unlike other tips and tricks to sell your house, house staging is extremely easy and can be achieved by paying a small attention. If you are planning to sell your house in Houston or in any corner of the world, you must know and understand the importance of staging your house. And to make house staging easy for you, here are some of the expert advices that will help you understand the importance of house staging and how to do it effectively!

# Why You Are Not Able To Sell House Fast, Houston:

Your house might be in the perfect shape and order, but then, at times, you might not get the expected price for your house! In extreme cases, you might not even get an offer on your house! Ever wondered why?


Well, if you are going through this, you must reconsider looking back at the interior of your house, and rearrange them in an orderly way.

In other cases, your house may not lack any utilities, commodities, furnishings, etc., but still, it is not capable of attracting potential buyers. This is probably happening as your house is cluttered up, scuffed up, lacks space, or is filled with mismatched interiors.

In any of the cases, you won’t be able to sell your house. In other words, your house won’t be able to attract the buyers; even if you are ready to say ‘I want to sell my house’, you won’t find any buyers in Houston!

# How to Get Started With Home Staging:

Home staging usually begins with you deciding out a list of interiors and other stuffs that you think can add up to the look and appeal of your house. While preparing this list, you need to be careful and may have to avoid a lot of your old belongings! To note here, while preparing this list, you have to overlook your emotions or attachments with some of your belongings that have been there with you since you shifted to that house.


Also, while de-cluttering your house; or home staging, you must remove the family portraits or photographs. These can restrict the potential buyers to imagine themselves in your house or get connected with the house; as a result, you might end up losing the deal! As a replacement, you can out some neutral or heartwarming photographs on the wall to make your house look more colorful and attractive as well.

Secondly, you must hire an interior designer or an expert who can help you in restoring your house, and make it more appealing. They are the ones, who can make your house look spacious, bring in an elegant look, and make it look ready to occupy.

# What Are The Chances To Sell Your House After Home Staging:

According to the research and studies, a properly staged home attracts large number of buyers. Compared to a usual house, a staged house can be sold 8-10% faster.


Even though home staging requires some efforts, costs, and maintenance changes, it helps in selling a house faster than a non-staged house. If you are planning to sell your house fast in Houston, you must learn the tips and trick of staging your house even before listing it with an estate agent or even in any of the property selling portals!

Well, for the home owners who want to sell their houses fast, but don’t have time to undergo all these, they can sell their houses directly with Realty Simplified, LLC. We buy houses in Houston at lightning fast speed, and give spot cash offers on houses. Give us a call or drop a mail to know about how you can sell house fast Houston with us!

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Advantages Of Flipping Over Holding In Houston

Nakul Kongovi | October 27th, 2016

Flipping over holding in Houston or simply keep on holding the property in Houston? Which one would you prefer if you were a real estate agent?
In case you don’t know; flipping over is the process of buying a house and reselling it on a profitable scale. House flippers also buy houses in Houston; the ones that need some repair works, and resell them on a profitable margin. Selling a house may take a couple of days, weeks, or months. On the other hand, at times, estate agents prefer to hold over the house, and wait for the market to go up for the sale.

Though holding over or flipping a house don’t have vast differences, they can vary in terms of profit, investment on the house, and several other factors. Adding more to these, here are some of the advantages of flipping over holding in Houston:

1. Sell Your House For Great Turnovers:

While holding over a house in Houston or across any corner of the world, you need to wait for the market to rise up to your expectation mark. And you don’t know how long the market will take to ensure you the expected profit or return benefits from the house.

Advantages Of Flipping Over Holding In Houston81

However, while flipping a house, you can sell it immediately and don’t have to wait for the market to touch the higher bars. Even, if you want, you can buy a house on the first day, and proceed to sell it the next day or a week later, or whichever way you want. Well, this also promises you an additional benefit as you don’t have to invest a single penny to renovate or repair the house. Whatever you acquire from the sale, is your total turnover; only profit and no maintenance or upkeep!

2. Sell Your House While Being Away From Tenants:

Most of the times, holding a house for a longer duration finally result in renting it out to the tenants. And with tenants, there comes a set of problems! Late payment, damage to the property, weekend stigmas, and several unwanted issues are just inevitable with the tenants. While in one hand, you simply just can’t keep the house vacate for long, you can’t also tolerate such obnoxious tenants!

Advantages Of Flipping Over Holding In Houston82

Well, for the house flippers in Houston, they don’t have to deal with such appalling circumstances. Selling the house within a few days does not invite a situation wherein house-flippers have to put it on rent. They sell houses fast and stay away from all the headaches!

3. Sell Your House at Your Price:

As already said, holding a house might end up with renting it, situations might get even worse while trying to sell it. Buyers rarely agree to buy a house that is already occupied or is still serving as a living place for others. And in case, they plan to buy that house, they will buy it at a price they quote, and not the one quoted by the owner of the house.

Advantages Of Flipping Over Holding In Houston83

On the other hand, while flipping a house in Houston, you don’t have to deal with this problem. Your house is sale-ready; buyers will surely get tempted to buy it, and also pay the price you ask for!

4. Selling a House Gets You Going:

Last, but the not the least on the list of advantages of flipping over holding in Houston is that you get going by flipping a house in Houston. Holding a house can end up with several other expense; maintenance cost, carpentry works, tenant issues, and lot more!

Advantages Of Flipping Over Holding In Houston84
However, by flipping the house, you can continue with the cash-flow and don’t have to worry about any other expenses. In addition to great turnovers (as mentioned in point #1), you can also enjoy a big chunk of profit by flipping your house.

In case, you are holding a house and not able to sell it, we are here to help you! We buy houses in Houston at the fastest speed. At Realty Simplified, LLC, we promise the best price of any house and give away cash offers on them. We buy houses, Houston; call us or drop us a mail to know about how to sell your house in the easiest ways!

Selling A House Off-Market In Houston – Need To Know

Selling A House Off-Market In Houston – Need To Know

Nakul Kongovi | October 26th, 2016

Selling a house becomes easy and hassle-free with the assistance of a real estate agent, and we all know it. Even when it is about listing a house in the real estate markets in Houston, the task can be accomplished easily with a brief knowledge about the platforms to be used.

However, when it comes to selling a house off-market, house-owners or property-owners tend to get disappointed within a couple of days! Well, if you are planning to sell your house in Houston, but off-market, you can sell it easily by following some of the common and easy tips. Listed below are three tips to sell a house off-market:

1. Sell Your House By Making It Sale-Ready:

Next time when you go to any of the super-markets in Houston, would you buy the household commodities that are spilled, broken, or packed indecently? The answer would be a sure ‘NO’! Assuming a buyer in your place, even he/she would have done the same thing!


Now, when both you and your buyer are not ready to buy the commodities in poor condition, do you think anyone would show up to buy a house that is messed up or is not sale-ready? Definitely NOT! If you are planning to sell your house off-market, you must make sure your house is ready for the sale. And to bring it to such a stage, you must clean up the entire premises, fix the minor as well as the major issues, stage it nicely, and follow other tips to attract buyers off-market.

2. Inform Everyone While Selling Your House:

Unlike other sellers, you are selling your house off-market! And while doing so, it is obvious that you cannot have the privilege of listing your house in some of the most sought after house-selling portals or the real estate markets in Houston.


Well, if this is the case with you, you don’t have to panic! Just take a five and start using your network! Inform all the relations you have; relatives, friends, colleagues, and others that you are selling your house. One or the other will surely work for you!

3. Sell Your House By Being Honest:

Always remember, you are selling your house off the market! You don’t have an estate agent who will attend the probable buyers enquiring for your house. When it comes to attending the guests to show your house, it’s only you who have to attend them and show them your house.


And while doing so, you must be honest to show them every corner of your house. You have to answer all their questions and queries about the house. Also, while you get calls to show your house, you must ensure that you keep yourself free enough to comply with them and show them your house.

Well, in addition to all these three tips, you can also sell your house in Houston with Realty Simplified, LLC. We buy houses in Houston and offer spot cash on them. Call us or drop us a mail to know more about how we can buy your house at lightning fast speed!

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Mistakes To Avoid While Selling Houses In Houston With An Agent

Nakul Kongovi | October 24th, 2016

While planning to sell your Houston house with an estate agent, you must follow certain rules and guidelines. It’s not that you can sell your house fast only by listing your house with an estate agent! Rather, to sell your house successfully with the assistance of a real estate agent, you must stay away from ‘assumptions’.

And while talking about assumptions, there are four main assumptions that should be strictly discarded if you want to sell your house fast in Houston. Take a note of these four unwanted assumptions that usually obstruct a home buyer from buying a home not only in Houston, but throughout the globe:

1. You Can Sell Your Houston House Instantly:

Timeline or the lifeline of a house in the market depends on plenty of factors. Starting from the condition of your house to the time of the year you are selling houses in Houston, the current market flow and trend to the location of your house!

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Even though you make your house sale-ready, its location and the market flow can affect the sale to a greater extent. A home buyer usually prefers buying a home only after cross-checking the market statistics and flow. Considering the market is shooting up; there are chances that a home buyer would postpone his/her plans of buying a home. In such cases, you might not be able to sell your house fast even though you are listing it with an estate agent.

2. You Will Get the Quoted Price While Selling Houses in Houston:

Be it in Houston or across any corners of the globe, estimating the cost of a house is usually the most common thing with the home-owners. In case, you are also doing the same, you are not doing anything wrong! After all, it’s your home; you know the pros and cons of that house, and also have the right to estimate its cost!

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However, you must not assume that home buyers will buy your house at the asked price! Like sellers, buyers also estimate their own budget to buy a house. Moreover, buyers always try to take advantage of discounts, bargains, and other such offers. Adding up all these, it is quite impossible for you to get the quoted price while selling houses in Houston!

3. The First Offer to Sell Your House Will Work:

Listing a house with the estate agents has plenty of advantages! Unlike selling a house on your own, selling it with the agent gets you more number of buyers. It also helps you to list your house on several platforms at the same time, and also gets you reliable deals from potential buyers.

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However, at times, even listing your house with a real estate agent can take longer time to find a buyer. In short, even by listing your house with estate agents, you cannot expect the first deal to work for you. There are chances that the market flow would either favor the sale or obstruct the sale of your house. And in case, the market is going against you, it might take you several shots to find a potential buyer for you to sell your Houston house; even though you are listing it with an estate agent.

4. You will Pocket all the cash after selling houses in Houston:

Pocketing all the cash is also one of the most common notions among the property sellers. Whether in Houston or in any corner of the world, property-owners believe that they will encash all the profits from the sale; and this is nothing but a common myth!

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Selling a house with the help of an estate agent comes with a pre-decided agent’s fee or commission. Proceeding further with the sale, there will be a closing cost, legal fees, and several others. In case, you too assume that you will pocket the entire profit from the sale of your house, rethink on what you are assuming!

Well, keeping all these assumptions aside, you can also sell your house fast with Realty Simplified, LLC. We buy houses in Houston at the fastest speed under any condition and give away spot offers to the property-owners. Give us a call to know more about how we can solve your problems and get the fastest deal with the maximum returns on selling your house!

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